Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slamming into the wall... and The Intergalactic Chase

Greetings, Shapeshifter lovers, Monday was mind numbingly manic with all the author stuff that got done and had to be done. So, when I finally got to my blog for today... well, crash and smash, I hit the wall.

I had been working on a new scene between Corporal Katta and Prince Zio, my starring couple in TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS. However, this prequel scene is turning out to be richly detailed and much more complex than I originally envisioned. Katta is about to try on some exotic lingerie and Zio is about to catch up with her. He’s been chasing her across the galaxy, the way of his stallion shifter race when they’ve discovered their mate.

Okay, so, I’ll post part of the scene. I’ve got nothing else that’s ready.

Part One ~

The Intergalactic Chase ~ Corporal Kattalonia and Prince Zio

“Asteroid crapola!” Katta muttered. Impatience sliced through her with a viciousness unusual to her. From her intel-alliance with other intergalactic law agencies she knew Zio, the sky horse, as she thought of him, practically stud-nipped at her butt. Once again.

His private vessel was due to dock shortly. True to his equine race’s mating behavior, he’d chased her to every spaceport, his pursuit annoyingly relentless.

Slinging her lightweight travel bag onto her back, Katta entered the stream of disembarking passengers. Distracted with thoughts about how to escape the stud not-of-her-dreams, she remembered to smile at the star cruiser’s steward as if she was merely enjoying her vacation.

The tiger-shift Huugosox man smiled engagingly in return. His direct gaze suggested he found her more enticing than the women ahead of her, now passing through the ship’s opulent-appearing exit.

Yeah, that’s what she so needed, a sex-clawing tiger instead of a wild-to-mount-her-ass stallion.

Not that she blamed the steward. To make herself appear like a fun-girl tourist, Katta had donned her outrageously pink bodysuit, the one that gleamed like water over her curves and served to sexually stun many alien-race men. Always an advantage when it came to protecting herself from numerous enemies, plus the other vermin-like villains she encountered on her assignments.

Resisting the urge to extend her palm and shoot her flame at will, Katta flattened her hand on her thigh. Star hole hell! She hated being in the midst of crowds. Yet, here she was temporarily trapped. Taking deep breaths of the good-quality atmosphere, she moved with the other passengers along the corridor that led to a three-layered complex. Filled with shopping areas and galactic-cuisine eateries, the accommodations also ranged from simple to extravagant.

Katta’s palm itched nastily, ready to fire. Even though the area was spacious, she instinctively wanted to clear a path so she could flame Zio’s ass. Or his front. Whatever she could flash-quick target.

Once she reached the ultra-enormous sphere that was the spaceport complex, she strode onto the center walkway because it cut straight through like a diameter. Briskly moving, Katta scouted for a strategic place to hang out until she could hop onto the space jet she’d chartered. Not available for another quarter of the day.

By now, her stallion shifter pursuer knew the type of places she favored for food, for entertainment, and for gear. Seeing a large selection of possibilities, she ignored the inviting gaze of a Gracc man and leapt onto one of the stairway gliders. Used to various levels of gravity, her body automatically adjusted, and she landed lightly. In no time, she stepped onto the second level. Spotting a lingerie shop that only allowed women inside, she practically jogged toward the entrance.

“Nova-sex wow!” Katta slowly rotated, gaping at the gorgeously presented displays of exotic and beautiful lingerie. From dreamy ethereal to hardcore I-want-it-rough, each collection had its own setting that was mood perfection.

When she noticed how tightly she clutched the strap of her bag, Katta brought it before her and slipped her hand inside the weapon’s pocket. Her tiny pulse pen could blind most races with one strike.


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Serena Shay said...

Oooh, I hope too!! Does Zio find her in the store? Does he make her try on all kinds of sexy lingerie until they both can't stand the strain of arousal any longer and FIREWORKS against the wall of the dressing room then flick their bic(oh wait, that's not done anymore) hehe ;)

Needless to say...I want more!!

Pat C. said...

I want to see the hot pink body suit. And so does Zio, I imagine. Lying in a discarded pile on the floor while he flings her onto the bed ... or vice versa ...

Breathlessly awaiting Part II.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, no! You two have upped the heat level. Of course, I can hear Zio now... in my mind... he's *rearing* to go! And he's got the proverbial bit between his teeth.