Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Witchy Powers ~ Fire at will, stun don’t kill.

Oh, yes, shapeshifter lovers, this blog is still for you. It’s just that my heroine, Kandace or Kandy Apple, as she’s known, is a bonafide witch and on her own in this scene from the latest chapter of my WIP.

You see, her hellhound shifter heroes, Zol and Zin, have captured and tormented a bad guy. Well, it’s crucial they deliver him directly to Hades. Nothing else will do for the sake of justice and the right flow of fate. So, for the time being Zin and Zol are stuck in the Underworld until Hades sends them to the surface.

Oh, they tried to stop her, their one witch, with a telepathic appeal. But could you wait if your sister’s life was on the line?


An *unedited* excerpt from my WIP ~ Kandy Apple for Halloween

All too aware of the Quevj’s trap, Kandace concentrated on summoning forth the power she’d been warned not to use, until this confrontation with her race’s enemy. The trick was to loose it at the right instant, and not let her force rise too swiftly.

“Knock, knock,” she called out, “I’m here. Do you want your painting?”

“You couldn’t have brought it here, bitch, as fast as you arrived,” Nigel nastily roared.

“No, but free my sister and I’ll tell you where it is.”

“No matter, alien witch, I’ll have my new friends do their brand of water boarding.”

“Gurgle, gurgle,” Kandace taunted. Kneeling, she touched her palm to the loft floor and suffused it with her force.

“Daughter of Affrony, your destiny awaits. Come forth. You belong to us.”

Not one centimeter of the warehouse had been left untouched by the ring of Over-Voice woman’s words.

Destiny, smestiny, all I want is my sister back.

Hearing the pound of boots at the far end of the loft where the elevator was located, Kandace rose upwards and opened her hand. “Fire at will, stun don’t kill.”

Spheres of blaze-yellow light the size of golf balls flew from her palm and swarmed like bees toward Nigel’s squad of goons.

“What the fuck!” was repeated several times, followed by the loud slumping thud of bodies.

Listening to Nigel shout orders, Kandace raised her arms in invitation to the Source of All. She clasped her hands shaping them into a wand’s point of contact, and whispered, “O fog of doom and gloom, your presence is sought, make this place a shrouded tomb, for those whose evil souls must be caught.”

Tendrils of mist swirled around her. Pale at first, it darkened and thickened in no time.

Clear as if she’d had her crystal ball, Kandace mind-watched the thirteen Quevj sorceresses attempt to counter her impromptu spell casting. To no avail.

The fog spread, sinuous as a clan of giant serpents. Covering everything, it rolled menacingly, a monstrous black specter from the bowels of hell.

Screams of horror ricocheted throughout the warehouse, as did the sound of racing, tromping feet. Those who could, escaped out the doors, deserting Nigel.

“Daughter of Affrony, if you wish the presence of your sister, you will come to us now, and surrender.”

The Kougar’s news and mews ~

My short story, THE TIGER’S MASQUERADE, has been accepted into the Just Another Paranormal Monday’s Halloween anthology, and will be published by MojoCastle press ~ Cool Orange and Black Jelly Beanies, huh?

If you’d like sneak peak of my cover art for BRANDED BY THE TEXANS, come on by the Title Magic blog ~


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Branded by the Texans ~ Coming in August 2010 from Siren-BookStrand


Serena Shay said...

Sounds like Kandy's going to kick some kidnapper butt. Woot! Go Kandy!

Congrats on the sale of Tiger's Masquerade! lol, now I know what JAPM is...hehhe ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Kandy is doing her witch thing.

JAPM, yeah, those initials really don't work, imo, but that's the way it goes. Course, it's gotten shortened to Paranormal Monday... but, PM probably doesn't work, either... I won't go into what PMS could stand for, other than the obvious... lol...