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Summer Solstice Shapeshifting... and other stuff...

Pic from ~ lovepotionperfume.com ~ Anyone tried it? I find the label design alluring.

Yep, good ole Sol has hit that magic point in the heavens known as the Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year on our side of the hemisphere. Kisses to Father Sun! As a kidlet I would always notice Mr. Sun, and in a way I didn’t understand, I would pay homage to the big bright guy. No, I don’t worship a blazing disc. However, the truth is I love the sun. This has been true ever since I can remember.

So far, my first day of summer has been manically busy... but, wowsa, the entire world is manically busy... actually maniacally NUTS! Indeedy, you and I, and the world community are ‘shapeshifting’. The celestial frequencies of Summer Solstice 2010 guarantees a whole lotta ‘shapeshifting’ will be happening. Soon. Including land changes from volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Yep, yowsa! Also, it will only get HOTTER and HEAVIER on the world stage this summer. Plan on doing whatever you can to keep yourself cool while, at the same time, watching your backside. Lots of ‘heavy stuff’ coming down the over-heated pike at this time.

So, how do I keep myself somewhat cool and sane in THESE TIMES? Probably, a silly question, since I’m a writer. But, yes, I write to keep some sense of stability and mental sanity. Okay, yes, I also deliciously escape the realities by penning my stories and flashes. Currently, I am escaping via my edits for BRANDED BY THE TEXANS... and it’s brandin’ time at the ranch... ‘nuf said.

While, so far... I said, so far... and knock on wood... the edits are going swimmingly... just grammar stuff... however, guess what? Even though, my editor is doing a standup exceptional job in some ways, and I really appreciate it!!!... me and the editor disagree in some key ways.

No, I am not adding a whole bunch of ‘thats’. It’s a pace killer. And, it murders the spirit of the story.

No, I am not writing literary fiction THAT must be corrected for every *intentional* grammar mistake I make. I write paranormal erotic romance for a reason... many reasons. I love it. I love the FREEDOM, the ALIVENESS, and I hope readers *EXPERIENCE* the story, not merely read it.

And, yes!!! yes, yes, yes... her breasts lusted... no, my heroine DID NOT lust mentally at that point in the story. I mean, gee, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had certain ‘body parts’ lust while, at the same time, *I* as a woman with my own mind, DID NOT lust. Or, to put it another way... just because my breasts may have lusted for his touch, I, personally, did not lust for him, as a guy I wanted between my thighs.

I mean, in my experience of life, my mind and body do not always agree, and may *want* different things. Heck, if I see some man who I find sexy, but he’s acting like a total jerk... no, I have no desire for him, whatsoever... I don’t feel any desire, even, if a particular part of my anatomy is ‘turned on.’

Actually, I’ve never had an editor who seemed concerned about a body part having a lusty feeling. Add to that, I’ve read science-based articles and listened to science researchers, and also metaphysical notables who support my view of the body, as unto itself, at times. In fact, why bother to have the idea of the mind-body connection? Since, this suggests there is something to connect, your mind and your body.

And what about your shapeshifter heroines and heroes... perhaps, the inner wolfess wants to rip someone’s throat out, yet, her human self knows patience, in this instance, is a virtue. The throat-ripping will occur later.

Or, how about your wolf shifter hero? His human mind is saying ~ Back off. This isn’t an enemy you can defeat. However, his wolf is saying ~ Protect your mate at all costs. If he’s any kind of real hero, he’ll obey his wolf and attack. Not only that, he’ll loose the beast and win because of his love for his mate.

It’s my contention, we human beings are complex in nature, and, thus, our relationships are often complicated. Sometimes, we fall in love. Sometimes, we fall in lust. We are many-faceted in our personalities, in who we are in total.

Not only are we the sum of our life experiences, we are body, mind, heart, soul and spirit... to put it simply. Depending on what is happening, the heroine or hero may be mostly in touch with their animal-body self or they may be in touch with their divine connection to spirit... or a balance of both... like I said ‘complex’.

I know I do my best as a writer to describe where my characters are coming from in each scene, their emotions... why they feel as they do, or why they don’t feel, perhaps because of a past broken heart. And, of course, most importantly, I illuminate THEIR HEARTS to the best of my ability by how I write their love story.

So, what’s your viewpoint on all this?

The Kougar’s news and mews ~

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Rebecca Murray said...

I'm also doing revisions this week. I have a great editor who also likes to ad 'thats' inplace of most commas and every semicolon. What do folks have against semicolons anyway???

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, actually semicolons are great in certain sentences, or to create a certain mood.

I have to admit, I don't care for them in romances, generally. They seem too abrupt for the flow of the story, at times. However, if they're used as they are professionally like a letter, then it works for me. Although, I have seen them used well in romance. Lindsay Townsend accomplished it well.

Pat C. said...

While I've never had lusting breasts, I do have a lusting tongue that's been carrying on a hot-and-heavy affair with chocolate for, oh, about 40 pounds or so. Every couple of weeks it wants to cheat on chocolate with pizza. Fortunately my stomach doesn't lust after pizza as much as it used to (tomato acidity and aging bodies don't go hand in hand) so I'm able to keep my tongue fairly faithful.

Editors and I often clash over ellipses and dashes. "My characters tend to -- " "Speak over each other?" "Stop interrupting, you -- " "Hey, sorry. Jeez Louise ... " This is what my mss. look like when the poor editor gets them. Some day I'll learn to write in complete sentences. I can't promise my characters will speak in sentences, though.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I know what you mean about a love/lust affair with chocolate... lol! Yep, my tongue wants the flavor and the texture, often!

Look, if folks who have gotten heart transplants suddenly have a craving for beer and pizza, oh, and Doritos, which they've never had before and that was true about the donor... well, excuse me, body parts do speak for themselves, at times.

Hey, my characters don't speak in complete sentences... who does in real life? Only, the very rare individual.

Yep, know about the acidity. I suck on Fisherman's lozenges, the original only. Even though, it's for coughing, the natural ingredients work on reflux. Real peppermint oil does, also.

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, I must say I've never had a case of lusting breats that I know of, but dang it sounds delish! I've got a dirty mind and Pat, I hear ya, a lusting tongue(did someone say baked goods?), but alas no naughty ta's, though it's going on my wish list! ;)

I always end up with a grammar mess in my finished ms, thankfully, my CP is a very patient person!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Gee, am I the only one who's ever had lusting breasts?
Dang... maybe it should be a new syndrome... LMS ... or lusting mammary syndrome.

Pat C. said...

Or, if you're a female werewolf,LMMMMMMS.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, howl-yip, yes! Maybe the good werewolf doctor could be of help with this particular *syndrome*.