Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bobbie Kat's Letter Home

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FIRST, an announcement, shapeshifter lovers ~ Recently two of our founding members have decided for different reasons to no longer blog regularly at ShapeShifter Seductions. One of them is moving on to other authorly projects and the other author has time constraints. We wish them well in any and all of their endeavors. And, they are most welcome to guest blog, anytime.

On the other paw, we have two new members joining us. When that becomes ‘official’, they will introduce themselves and their writing. I have a delicious feeling you are in for some fabulous, shifter-exciting blogs.

OKAY! Yes, yes, I’m guilty as sin. I’m stealing Pat Cunningham’s blog idea of yesterday. Course, my *shifter’s letter from camp* won’t be in Pat’s humorous league. However, since my mind went blankety-blank and I wasn’t quite up to penning a flash scene for today, I figure why not carry on with this fun summer theme?

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

See, I remembered to call you that instead of... never mind... well, your secret pet names. It’s raining something awful. Like cats and dogs... teehee. The camp counselors got real snarly over stopping our indoor wrestling matches. We were playing WWF, only pretending to be animals, you know like that other name we call it, the Wild Women Felines.

Okay, the curtains did get shredded. We didn’t mean to, though... honest. But, it was soooo much fun for awhile. Our pillows suffered the most. Stuffing flew like fur when... never mind, again. It was sorta like when we play pigball, instead of football in the Fall. We always have the feline team and the canine team after T-dinner, and we all run around chasing each other. You know, hog wild, and whoever carries the ball has to *change*. Like that, except we kept crashing into the walls. Bouncing off them, really.

I guess, the camp counselors heard the thumps. They came in, human fangs bared, and suggested... er, growled like the canine team does whenever they lose a game. Anyway, here I am writing to you, which is a good thing since I haven’t kept up with, what was that word? We use it for Scrabble. Correspondence, yeah, that’s it.

Hunting up dinner has been the most fun, I think. Nope, none of us complain about the food. Oh, they don’t let us roam too far and the real rabbits are off the menu... something about not enough population to go around... but the dinner bell game is like hide and seek, whoever gets to it first, gets the really prime juicy stuff. Lots of yummy buffalo steak this year.

You should see my coat, I mean my hair. Exra shiny ‘cause they’ve been feeding us coconut oil for nutrition and they say it gets rid of those nasty worm thingie parasites. Remember last year I came home with a case of roundworms.

Oh, thanks for sending that old timey record player and the LPs. Usually, before it’s lights out, I’ve been entertaining my cabin mates with that silly song by that old, dead, funny guy, Jonathan Winters... hello mutha, hello fatha, here I am at Camp Granada... we all giggle till we cry, sometimes. I bet you knew too that using your fingernail like a claw works just as well as the needle... big fat wink!

Oh, oh! Picture me bouncing up and down now. They’re bringing out the paint trays... we’re going to learn how to identify each others ‘hand prints’.

Write to you later.

Love, Your daughter,

Bobbie Kat

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Serena Shay said...

Lol...great letter, Savanna. I can only imagine the trouble, er, fun they'll have with those paints! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Pat had a great idea, per usual!

Can you imagine being a camp leader/counselor with little shifters, even if you are a shifter?

Course, a love story could ensue among the adults.

Pat C. said...

Sav, your summer camp sounds a lot more interesting than mine, like the girls are older teens or something ... and that is the most adorable little bobcat ever!

I know there have been romances set at camp; I remember Nora Roberts wrote one, but I can't remember the title. Why not have one for shifters? Kind of like "Meatballs," except Bill Murray turns into a badger or something.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, so too bad we all don't have enough time in the day or it would be fun to write an antho of summer camp shifter stories... for next summer... I bet it would sell!