Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Hot's First Review and A New Contest At My Blog

Red Hot by Solara Gordon
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance,
Length: 182 pages


It isn’t the flames or smoke that worry Fire Chief Brent Stephens. What worries him the most is the heat his libido keeps throwing off every time he gets near Bunny Kater.

Bunny’s sworn off firemen, and intimacy—never mind that she’s worn out a vibrator or two along the way—that is, until she meets Brent. Turning forty, coupled with Brent’s presence, awakens her isolated emotions in ways she isn’t expecting. And he’s younger than she is.

Brent is unsure of his growing interest in Bunny. If his overly zealous male ego calms down, he might be able to understand why Bunny affects him like she does. It would help if he could find his lust control switch and turn it down a few degrees, too. Second chances happen once chance at a time, but Brent isn’t even sure they’re going to get a first one.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lea’s Review:

I feel that Red Hott is a story about opening the door to second chances in life. The main characters, Bunny and Brent, have each had a difficult marriage, suffered through horrible circumstances in the deaths of relatives and friends and carried around the emotional baggage associated with those events for many years. Both have reached the point where they want more out of life and, while drawn to one another, realize they must move beyond the fear and bad memories from the past before they can truly commit to something new and wonderful.

I like the character of Brent very much. He is decisive and strong, but willing to be patient and flexible in working out a relationship that will meet Bunny’s needs as well as his own. He has a solid and healthy relationship with his brother and is a caring boss at the fire station. Meanwhile, Bunny seems a bit shallow and indecisive to me. She bounces back and forth from enjoying being sexually bold and dominant to running away and avoiding all contact with Brent for weeks at a time. She is caught in an approach/avoidance mindset that she has a hard time shaking. Kate, Bunny’s daughter, is a delightfully normal teenager, and her insight into the relationship between Bunny and Brent is exactly what one would expect from someone in that age group.

In this book Solara Gordon presents the struggles of two wounded adults making a journey from emotional isolation and being crippled by past experiences toward acceptance, healing and, ultimately, happiness. The journeys is a slow one, two steps forward and one step back, with new obstacles arising at every turn, but the characters are up to the challenge and eventually find their way.

Rated 3 1/2 Ravens by Lea!



Serena Shay said...

Wonderful Review, Solara. Congrats!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, congrats on your wonderful review. And good luck with your contest.

Pat C. said...

Didn't you say somewhere this is your first book? If so, that's a damn fine review for a first novel. Congrats and many sales!