Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of the week and month?!

As my boss talked about end of the month production numbers and start of the new month, I couldn't get this picture off my mind. I also realized we're coming into the last quarter of the year. Have I been that busy or enjoying life that much? Only each of us can decide for our selves.

This week we had a decorate your box contest at work. My boss has something in mind for the boxes ultimately. Each was our own creation. One person did an ATM as I work in financial services industry. Another did a Japanese TV station mascot. We ended up with a flower basket, a suitcase complete with handle and straps along with travel stickers, and my own collage of Halloween stickers and rub on lettering. I love Halloween and paranormal. It won't win any prizes. I had some fun with it.

The one that I loved the most was the dog. One of my coworkers has two dogs. She took their chewed up ripped up toys and dog bed, pulled 'em apart and came up with a dog similar to a stuffed animal. She even got a bark sound button for it. It came with tags, a leash and the cutest spot for suggestions slot--the dog's behind! Talk about creativity.

Our department head is like crap I haven't even done mine yet nor has our boss. Monday is reveal day. I'll let you know next week what we're suppose to do with these blasted things and if there is a prize on the horizon for best box. I know which one I'm voting for and it isn't mine! LOL!

Enjoy the next snippet of Love's Frenzy.

(Love's Frenzy Continued)

“Ooh, my head.” Maxwell tried to grab his head. The slightest sound echoed in his ears and jolted his psyche as if someone beat a drum loudly next to him. Pain raced through his neck and shoulders each time he moved.

Where was he? Cracking open one eye, he quickly shut it. The room swam around him the few seconds he attempted to focus. His stomach and throat warred to empty their contents as fast as he swallowed trying to gulp air simultaneously through his nose. The vile brew pumping in his gut refused to stay put. Turning his head, he vomited splattering himself with each retch.

“Awake finally, I see.” Roberto’s voice reached Maxwell in between groans. Ill, eh? Serves you well.”

Maxwell attempted to prop himself up on his elbows. His hands and arms remained prone at his sides. Tossing his head, wincing at the continued pain, he turned his face toward where he thought the sound came from.

Roberto clenched the bars separating him from Maxwell. Glad for the point of contact, Roberto loosened his grip. Brothers battling against each other served one purpose. The curse won again, etching another notch in destroying their family. When would Maxwell understand ruling didn’t mean power over others? Rulers led and developed their people into loyal citizens, while keeping their individuality strong. A good leader knew his following and how they worked, down to the minutest level. Everyone depended on each other if success was to be theirs. Maxwell sought his own good and the rest be damned.


Pat C. said...

That's it? A hangover is all he gets? I want to see him suffer more. Bad kitty!

Out the dog's behind! Bet I know who the winner is.

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, gorgeous inspiring picture.

Decorate a box day-week... I'd love to see pics of those... lol. Especially Mr. Box Dog, of course. And loving lots of aspects of Halloween, your box.

Maxwell is suffering from the Curse, eh?

Solara said...

Savanna, if I get a chance to take pictures I will. The box dog is so cute. My box is urban grunge when folks ask me my decorating style. My artistic talent lies in writing and crocheting.

Pat, oh the hang over is only part of it. You may have missed the line about Roberto grasping the bars separating them. Maxwell is in deep crap piles. More to come on this. Suffice to say Daddy, the king, is not happy with who Lilly is related to nor Maxwell's attitude. Maxwell's comeuppance is not done with yet and how he got the hang over is to be revealed.

Rebecca Murray said...
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Rebecca Murray said...

Oh man. I told you you were teasing us... You gave the snot his comeuppance and aren't telling us who gave it to him and how! What happened to the little cat who clawed him? Did she go under the bed like Roberto told her to????

Serena Shay said...

Omgosh that dog sounds wonderful! I hope you can get pics. :)

Oooh, Maxie-boy is screwed and caged! muahahaha