Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's How You Know You're a Writer

By Pat Cunningham

This one couldn't wait for Monday, and since Thursdays are usually open ...

On Monday a massive thunderstorm -- wind, rain, lightning, the works -- hit our area. The TV news reported a possible tornado had been spotted and was headed straight for Ephrata. People living in mobile homes were advised to abandon them and find sturdier shelter. Since I live in a mobile home, and the last big wind storm knocked over a tree that missed crushing my bedroom by roughly 5 inches, I decided to take the weatherman's advice.

So I fled into the rain. What did I take along for safekeeping? The printout copy of my latest manuscript. I worked too long and too hard on the damn thing to leave it to the wind. Where did I go for safety? The library. Where else does a booklover go?

I'd say this proves I'm a writer. Though not a very good one: I left the laptop behind. Hey, I wasn't about to risk it getting wet in all that rain, even with a carrier bag.

(For the record, the house was fine when I got back. I lost a 20-year-old clock/radio to a power surge, and lightning fried my phone's answering machine, but that was it. I've got a new answering machine and I'm back in business. Now, if I could just get the elves to edit my stories for me ... )


Rebecca Murray said...

LOL! Glad to hear you came through it safely!

Solara said...

Whoosh Pat! What a scare those can be! Glad all is ok with you and home!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, where are those editing elves. I could so use those critters.

Pat, yep, I'd be grabbing my flashdrives that have everything on them. Glad, all was basically okay. We had a clock radio that got fried a whole bunch of years ago from a lightning strike. And recently a lightning strike fried my phone jack and my modem.