Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Saturday!!

I've had a week where I'm glad it' s Saturday. Still a lot to do and much to try to find time to fit in. Love's Frenzy next section is not ready yet. Thought I'd share a short story I start on a whim last night. Enjoy Mischief.



Once upon a time never comes. At least in my world it doesn’t. Who am I? Just a crazy half-demon named Mandy. Well crazy is not correct. I act that way to keep most folks at a distance.

Midtown sits in between heaven and hell. I got the job of being gatekeeper for the folks not accepted in either place. Most days and nights things are quiet and eventful. You thought I was going to say uneventful. Come on, you’ve got to be kidding. With bad asses and demi-angels running around, even mixing it up from time to time, how can you expect nothing to happen?

Sid, my boss, keeps tallies on who causes shit the most and runs a side business betting on who will win the next round. He pokes fun at Marc my partner in peacekeeping. Marc keeps looking at me with lovie dovie eyes and the weirdest grin. I give ‘em a wide berth when we’re in the office together. I got enough problems to deal with. I don’t need a virginal angel with teenage sexual angst drooling over me when our shifts over lap.

I began keeping this journal about three months ago when Gregor showed up unannounced. That man can make my hottest fantasies boil over and steam. I never said I disliked sex. I don’t like virgins who can’t tell their prick from a stiff pole. Marc swears he does if I’d just give him a chance. Well, hell ain’t froze yet.

Back to Gregor. He is taller than the six-foot suspect tape we’ve got mounted on the wall. Honey, he could mount me anytime and whoosh---damn I digressed again. Excuse me while I add some ice to my drink and turn up the fan below my desk another notch.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Gregor is a tall lanky damn fine demonic angel. Seems his parents like mine took a running hit at a one night stand and the end results were us. No, I’m not angelic by any fashion. Though I’m told horns still out when I’m horny. Problem is I’m forbidden to fraternize—Sid loves using those collegiate words—with our associates or the people I’m keeping locked up. That’s how Sid describes my job. Me, I make sure none of them get out and keep those out that want to help break in or out. Not an easy job by any means.

Gregor showed up one night late in our spring. Lighting and thunder crossed the sky and rain soaked the few patches of open land we’ve got left. Extreme heat and cold leave us with a only three to four weeks of calm. Dressed in dark jeans that hugged his firm tight ass and a midnight blue t-shirt, he almost blended in with the twilight sky. As he ducked to enter, I noticed two silver white streaks down the back of his shirt. His deep voice and lavender eyes drew my gaze and sent my already dry panties into sopping wet.

I practically creamed myself as he laid his large well-manicured hands on the counter separating us. I got a thing for tall men. Ones that command your attention without saying anything get me the most.

His good evening had me biting my lip to keep from stuttering like a innocent school girl which I haven’t been for eons. Leave it to Marc to waltz his screwball self into me and push me across the counter as though I’m threw myself at Gregor. Not that I hadn’t thought about it.

“Excuse me.” I pushed myself off the counter, reached behind me and pinched Marc’s arm. Sliding my hand down his arm, I gripped his wrist and pulled. “I’ll be right with you.” I practically dragged Marc into the file room.

“What the hell are you doing?” I gritted my teeth to keep from yelling.

Marc stood there dumbfounded, his lips moving but nothing coming out. I hate when he gets awe struck just because I speak to him. Submissives are such a pain. His glasses slid down his nose and fogged up the more he tried to speak. Great, I had to give him the one thing that snapped him out of this state. A friggin’ kiss on the lips!

Remember Lucy from Charlie Brown and when Snoopy kissed her, her tirade about dog germs? I felt like that when I kissed Marc. Hopefully a quick peck on the lips would do it. I didn’t have time to floss, rinse and brush before I got back to tall, dark, and got me steamed back out at the counter.

I leaned in and rapidly brushed my mouth over Marc's. He started stammering and pressing his lips against mine. Little shit tried to french me. I pulled back and slugged him in the gut. Smiling, I said sorry and left him doubled over.

“Thank you for waiting.” I hope I hadn’t purred or sound too perverted. The images running through my mind were kinky enough. Now if I could get Marc replaced by Gregor, I’d be in ecstasy. My cat half wanted to rub up and down his long legs and my lower half wanted to prostrate me in front of him saying go for it.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt something.” Gregor's sneer and wink sent ripples through me. If I kept up this pace, I’d be moaning and cumming from just talking to him. He hadn’t even told me his name.

He leaned on the counter bringing him closer to my level. I moved forward and smiled.

The counter cut into me as I tried to lean forward. Damn being five foot four isn’t great. At least I could look into his lovely eyes and dry out my panties with all the heat my lower half generated.


Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, wow! That was very intriguing. Sounds like the making of a menage?

Pat C. said...

Wait, the angel has glasses? Like Clark Kent? That is so adorable. This sounds like a setup for a great story.

Yeah, being 5'4" isn't so hot, except when you look down. You're closer to the action, as it were.

Savanna Kougar said...

It's been a hot week at Shapeshifters! That's for certain.
Hmmmm... a between heaven and hell menage... course, it could be heaven... it could be hell... at the hotel California... or in Midtown...

Enjoyed it! And the pic is great.

Solara said...

Thank you Ladies. I'm not sure where this one is going except Mandy and Gregor got one hell of silent flirt going on. I've written a bit more on this. For sure it is fun to watch Mandy's reaction to Gregor while keeping Marc in line.