Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where did August go?

I remember the first of the month and setting deadlines. Some of the deadlines needed to be reset due to home and work constraints. I've got more of Love's Frenzy to share with you. The story is getting exciting. Mischief is moving along as well. Shape Shifter Blues is well into chapter two and going strong. I'm entering the first 20 pages in a contest. Keep your finger's crossed for me in between reading and writing.

Love's Frenzy

A loud yowl and hiss filled the air. Roberto jumped back, grabbing Maxwell’s arm taking him with him. Long claws swiped at both of them, catching Maxwell’s thigh on Lilly’s second swipe. Blood welled and began running in small streams down Maxwell’s leg.

Maxwell growled, lunging forward his teeth bared, with his claws ready to strike back. Black tuffs of fur appeared up and down his limbs. His incisors lengthened with each hissing yowl.

Lilly jumped back, moving with leaps and bounds across the room toward the doorway leading to the palace’s main corridor. Black and gold molting morphed across her back and lower torso taking on a spotted pattern of various sizes.

Maxwell dove across the bed, rolling as he hit the floor. As he rose, several patches of skin hung from his body showing more fur. His voice grew hoarse with each vocalization. A large black streak appeared down his back. His tail’s appearance indicated full transformation was not far off.

Roberto stepped back unsure how to intercede on either’s behalf. Lilly’s apparent ocelot half was no match for Maxwell’s black jaguar self. Yet as the heir, Roberto needed to remain safe and without harm. Taking on Lilly in ocelot form made more sense than attempt to shift to tackle Maxwell.

“Lilly under the bed now,” Roberto called out, holding up the spread covering the foot of the bed. “Maxwell is too large to follow you.”

A loud yowling hiss split the air, vibrating the walls near them. Roberto could hear voices outside the door and the running steps closing in on their doorway. Turning around, he faced the animal near his back. Maxwell’s black jaguar crouched on the bed, ready to pounce.


Pat C. said...

August, hell. Where did summer go?
As Maxwell gets what's coming to him. Yeah!
Good luck with the contest!

Rebecca Murray said...

I like! As to August, it did go by really fast, didn't it? Two blinks and it was gone...

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, the quickening is quickening. Gorgeous pic!

I hope Lilly is too small. Bad ole Maxwell. I wish I could shift and give him what for... he definitely wouldn't like it.

Good luck in the contest!

Solara said...

Thank you ladies. Chapter one is done with this posting. The story definitely continues. I've begun chapter 2. Oh, Maxwell is getting his comeuppance and the plot thickens. Look forward to posting more perhaps next week.