Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Howls Beneath the Full Pisces Moon

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Howls and Yowls, Shapeshifter lovers. Tonight is the Full Moon in the mystical water sign of Pisces. It’s time to let your precious dreams surface, and to harvest those dreams you can build on. It’s time to make them real. That goes for us authors, especially, because our stories live in the land of make-believe.

Yesterday, on August 23rd, we moved from the sun sign, Leo, and entered the sun sign of Virgo ~ the time of harvest, of preparing for the winter months ~ the time of year when we connect with the land, and our souls cherish the harvested gifts from Mother Earth. Or, think, fresh apple cider. I do!

Omy*howl*goodness, Diana, the moon, has been utterly stunning the past several nights, pale ale golden and bright silvery white, and perfect for the howling wolfess in me [you didn’t know I was actually a werewolf, did you... hehe... okay, half wolf and half big cat... but, that’s our little secret].

Landing back on Earth, on all four paws. Okay, on two feet, the Harvest Moon is perfect for the wolves who live in my writerly imagination as the heroines and heroes in my WIPs. Oh, I so wish I had that pocket of ‘no-time’ where I could go write their stories, and emerge with no time lost. ~ah, wishes~

So, what are your shapeshifters up to? If you’re a reader what do you want shapeshifters to be up to... well, you get the drift of my question. Or, how about? Readers, what would be your dream shapeshifter book?

This past week between all the author-biz stuff, I’ve been writing Sedona and Volcano’s two year anniversary scene as I mentioned in my previous bloggie. I figured if it got finished, I would post it on the blog today. Well, it’s close to being complete... however...

Yep, Pat issued a little Flash challenge yesterday. Here’s one of her openings:

Leah dove through the cave mouth seconds ahead of the downpour. She scooted to the back of the cave and watched the rain slice down. She slid out of her backpack with a muttered curse against the Weather Channel. Might as well get comfortable. From the looks of things she was going to be stuck here a while.

The lump in the corner she’d taken for a rock suddenly stirred and sat up. A huge, dark-furred bear blinked muzzily at her. Leah crammed her fist into her mouth to keep from screaming. She kicked her backpack towards the towering animal. Maybe it would go for the granola bars in the pocket and leave her alone.

The bear blinked again. Suddenly it vanished, replaced by a gigantic man covered in a thick mat of body hair. “Is it spring already?” he mumbled.

Here’s my follow-up Flash:

Did she dare give him an answer? Would that soothe the awakening beast?

With her adrenaline kicking her butt hard and saying get outta here, stupid, Leah decided she’d give diplomacy a try while making her escape. “Uh, no. Sorry to have disturbed your...your sleep. “ Slowly, she inched backwards, heedless of the sharp stones stabbing into her palms. “It is close to Fall...”

“Fall,” he thundered.

Effing crap, was the cave itself shaking?

“I said ‘sorry’. I mean it is raining like cats and...” Her tongue froze, and her body followed, as his eyes gleamed in that movie-monster sort of way. When he trained his gaze on her, then stared like Godzilla, she did the only thing she could in that moment. Leah screamed. Just too bad she wasn’t auditioning for a B movie.

“Damn, woman, you’re worse than any alarm clock I’ve ever heard.” His booming, but cultured voice cut through her hysteria. “Be quiet and I promise not to devour you.”

Had his tone been amused? God, maybe there was some hope...

Next up?

The Kougar’s news and mews ~

DON’T FORGET! This Thursday, the 26th, bestselling author, Keta Diablo, will be joining us to talk about her latest shapeshifter release, WHERE THE RAIN IS MADE. This is a wonderful and riveting interview.
Oh, excitement! I received a newsletter questionnaire from paranormal romance author, Sapphire Phelan ~ SapphirePhelan.com ~ She is one of the short story authors for the Halloween Anthology that will include my story, THE TIGER’S MASQUERADE.
Sapphire is an amazing authoress, as well as a promo go-getter extraordinnaire! She is planning a major promo campaign for the anthology. So, that will be another whirlwind ride!!! A welcome one. The *possible* release date from MojoCastle Press is: October 27, 2010.


Savanna Kougar

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Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ In Print
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ In Print
Branded by the Texans ~ A Siren-BookStrand bestseller
The Tiger’s Masquerade ~ Halloween Anthology story coming from MojoCastle Press


Serena Shay said...

Oh, are you sure he won't devour her? Just a little bit, at least? muahahah

See, now that you've rocked one of Pat's lead ins, I feel compelled, compelled I tell ya to do the same...and I know just the one to play with! hehehe

Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, I like it so far!

Pat C. said...

Fall? Man, did he oversleep! Devouring -- of one form or another -- will definitely be on the menu.

I don't know why, but I feel his name is Spencer.

Serena, I'm looking forward to whatever it is you do with whichever opening you pick. This is turning out to be fun.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... well, there's devouring, and then there's DEVOURING...

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, it is flowing and taking on life of its own!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, Spencer, it is. Spencer, the strange Bear.

Solara said...

You're in good hands at Mojo Castle. I know Sapphire personally as well as the folks at Mojo Castle. Along with Under the Moon who works with them. All great people and definite aces on knowing their stuff. Congrats on the release!
Go get em!

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, thanks! That's good to know! I know Sapphire a bit from Aspen Mountain Press and all the good books and promo-ing she does, but very little about Mojo Castle.