Friday, August 13, 2010

Have a Good Day ~wink wink~ and Gypsy Wolf

Edmund's Eyes ~whew~

Happy Friday the thirteenth!  Muahahahaha

As I'm not an overly superstitious person, Fri the 13th usually passes me by with a oooh, have a good day, ~wink wink~ reaction. 

I mean, I love black cats with their sleek fur and bright eyes, ladders-well I wouldn't walk underneath one on any other day either...that's just an accident waiting to happen and salt over the shoulder-that's just messy.

Now though, as we scramble to get everything packed for the vacation we leave for tomorrow and the day and evening calls for heavy storms, I have to wonder...  Bad timing or Oooh ah ah ah jinx!

How about you out there, any superstitions you care to share with the group?  Stories of mayhem are encouraged!  And to draw out our followers I make an offer.  For the first non-group member (sorry Savanna, Pat, Rebecca, Francesca and Solara) to leave a comment about today's blog will get their name in an upcoming flash of Gypsy Wolf!

Have a good day ~wink wink~ 
Gypsy Wolf
“Can I tell you your future, sir?” Branwen barely suppressed the illicit suggestion forming on her lips of what she hoped that future would entail.

Naughty, yet beautiful pictures of what they could, and would do together, flashed up at her from the crystal soothsayer’s orb she palmed between both hands. Death, though he may be, she’d bet the release, he could offer her body, would put to shame all of the other bărbaţi, men, she’d ever made love with.

“Watch out, Eddy.”

A stunning young woman moved into the tent, running a hand down his arm and bouncing a hip against his. Accompanying her was a group of gigglers all about the same age. They were flashy in that daddy’s money to the rescue kind of way.

“Gillia,” the warning in Deaths voice shot through Branwen like lightening, warming all of her nooks and crannies.

“Don’t be a bore, Eddy-kins.” Sidling into the chair at the table this, Gillia, leaned forward and tapped her long nail against the, now quiet, orb. “I want my reading.”


Rebecca Murray said...

Superstitions? Here’s a superstition for you: every single time I wear a pair of sandals to the office, I end up either ruining them or making an ass of myself in front of a totally hot guy. Or both. This last time it was both.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, have a great *knock on wood* vacation. Ya know I was never superstitious... until every time I mentioned my critters were okay to someone... well, then one would get sick or have an accident... so, now, I always KNOCK ON WOOD ~ which does seem to work. How? Why? I have no clue other than everything is vibration and that would be creating certain vibrations...

OOOOOH... Gypsy Wolf was just getting killing-hot... interrupted by Miss Privileged. Boo... hiss...

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca... geez, I share your *is it?* pain. Only not with sandals. Before a first date with a guy usually something nasty would happen. Once it was a minor car accident because I pulled out in front of someone. I thought the driver was turning left into the shopping center because their signal light was on... but actually they were turning left at the light... hey, it was my early twenties... and I learned.

Serena Shay said...

Oh Rebecca, grr on those sandals! I think it's time to threaten them with a dye job to some obnoxious color unless they straighten up! hehe

Have a great week!

Serena Shay said...

Savanna, Thanks for the KOW! I actually do that a lot too. No sense tempting fate. :) Maybe you have something there about the vibrations, cause it really does seem to do the trick!

Yep, little missy priv just had to get in the way, sheesh someone needs to spank her! LOL

Have a fabulous week!

Pat C. said...

" ... that daddy's money to the rescue kind of way." What a great line!

My problem's with jobs. In 30-35 years in the work force, I've only had one job that lasted longer than 3 years. I've been laid off at least 5 times, from companies that were going strong until I went to work for them. My last job (not counting the Census, which I knew was temp) was sent to India less than a year after I started. This happens no matter what company, industry or position I end up in. I think it's fate's way of telling me I wasn't meant to work.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I can sympathize. First, no one wanted to hire me because as I was told, paraphrasing here ~ we think you won't stay because you're too smart. (you have to give them your college records)
Well, that could have been true. However, that meant I did retail jobs where the company was desperate to hire anyone at all. Yeah, that was high-paying.
Of course, it could all have been for the best since now companies are leaving like dandelion seeds in the wind... and pensions are going by the wayside. All those folks who worked for that pension... so sad, too bad...
Yeah, fate got me not to work, alright. My health hit the skids and I've never recovered enough to hold any kind of regular job.

I guess we WAS born to be writers.

Rebecca Murray said...

I think you guys are right- you were definitely born to be writers! I managed to get a good job that seems (knock on wood) recession proof, but is just a job. The idea of having to keep working there for the next 20 or 30 years would be horrifying if it weren't for the fact the PEOPLE I work with.

Oh, and by the way? Remember in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Buffy said she wanted to be a "buyer?" I am one. If offered that choice, think long and hard- it ain't glamorous or fun after the first time you get ripped for not being a mind reader...

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, I hope your job is recession proof. *Knock on wood* for you.

That's what made many of the jobs I had bearable, the people I worked with. Plus, I worked in areas I already had an affinity and liking for. And I enjoyed learning more.

I do vaguely remember that about Buffy. Honestly, I always figured my sense of knowing what would sell, or not, would be worth crap... since, yeah I can forecast trends, but what I like is not necessarily what others will like and want... or go ga-ga over. I don't usually get that right.

It really does take a special talent, and sure, everyone is going to get something wrong. To me, that would just go with the territory. But bosses don't often see it that way. I assume.

Rebecca Murray said...

I'd like to say I love buying but I don't. I'm hopping my writing career will do well enough I don't have to stick with it until retirement age. (I'm only 34!) I really look up to you guys that are already living the dream, even if you hadn't planned it that way.