Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mink A Predator?

Danny kept his eyes trained on the plush carpet cushioning his knees. The fibers were blue with swirls of purple and white—tranquil. It was like a peaceful sea. Perfect for a relaxing spa experience, but at total odds with the sex that was about to be had just a few feet away.

He still couldn’t believe he was being punished. Being forced to listen while Ma’am and Aussie boy had sex…pffht what kind of punishment was that. It seemed more like a reward to him, but who was he to quibble.

Invisible fingers moved slowly up the small of Danny’s back as he listened while Ma’am spoke to the blue headed bloke from down under.

“Ah, my sweet submissive, you’ve waited so patiently…”

Was she touching him? No! It didn’t matter what she was doing. He didn’t want to know.

“Do you know what happens to submissive little fledglings that follow the rules?”

Ball slapping, painful clamps, caning maybe? Impatience beat at Danny as he waited for the other man to speak. Would he fall into the trap and answer her questions and rack up a punishment or two, or would he wait patiently for permission?

“Such a good boy, Burgess…” Her words were followed up by a shuddered breath indicative of pleasure. It sounded like Aussie boy was on the receiving end of something delicious.

What was she doing? Danny was swamped by the overwhelming desire to raise his head just a little. To see if the something delicious was something he really wanted to do, as well.

“Your nipples are still tight and sporting a lovely red. Someday, I would love to place a pair of sweet and stinging clamps on these beauties. Would you like that?”

Again with the quiet Danny was starting to think was meant to disarm him. Torture him with thought of pleasure.

“You may speak, penguino…”

“Yes Mistress, I would love to wear your clamps.”

“Mmm, purrrrfect.”

Was that a purr—A guttural, back of the throat rumble coming from Ma’am? No, it couldn’t be, birds chirped and squawked. They were there to be eaten by, well, animals like him.

Danny squirmed, widened his legs to release his hardening cock and tender balls from their confines between his thighs. He now knew why this was a punishment.

His traitorous predator brain had taken hold and was gluing a picture in front of his eyes. He was hungry, ravenous and beyond aroused at the thought of sidling between their legs and having his merry way with Penny, no Ma’am—and her big blue penguin, too.


Rebecca Murray said...

Ooo, I think I like Ma'am's plan for teaching the finky mik the difference between an earned punishment and minsless abuse! Awesome flash!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, that is punishment. Danny, may be getting the point, while his cock points.

Yep, awesome flash!

Pat C. said...

Oh Lordy, that was way too short. Who are you punishing, Danny or us?

Serena Shay said...

~smiles~ Thanks ladies. Yep, Danny's learning a few things, for sure. So is Mz Penelope, but that comes later. ;)