Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special Thursday Blatant Plug Post

They’re here! They’re on Amazon! I’m doing cartwheels and that’s not easy with a computer on my lap! My compilation volume, LOVE ON THE WILD SIDE, and my latest release, BELONGING, are both now available in print at Maybe on the Barnes & Noble site, too; I didn’t check that one. If they carried Siren/BookStrand print books on their store shelves I’d feel more inclined to give them good press.

BELONGING is now out on Kindle at Amazon as well. Yesterday was a banner day for me. If I hadn’t been in the library I probably would have squee’d a lot.

Not to disparage epublishing or ebooks in any way, but I’m old-school enough to prefer print to a screen when it comes to reading. I don’t own a Kindle. I have a couple of books downloaded to the laptop but haven’t read them yet. In my mind, a computer is for writing, checking emails, watching funny videos on YouTube and playing Spider Solitaire when I’m supposed to be working. I’m sure I’ll learn to read on one eventually.

Quick recap: LOVE ON THE WILD SIDE collects my first two shapeshifter novellas, COYOTE MOON and BEST OF BREED, into one book for handy reference. BELONGING is my thinly-disguised Wincest -- I mean, M/M vampire love story. Throw in A LONDON WEREWOLF IN AMERICA and I now have two novels and a collection in print. I’m starting to feel like a real writer.

That leaves only BAD BOYS in e-form. It’s likely to remain that way unless I write a companion novella, or they pair me up with someone else’s orphan M/M story. Any volunteers?

# # #

Here’s a new/old market you might find now fits your leanings: Nocturne Bites, Harlequin’s e-publishing paranormal short story line, is morphing into Nocturne Cravings. The new line has an increased word count, 16K-20K, and they’re looking for an increased heat level. Sounds like they want to cash in on the erotic paranormal market. They’re also holding an online pitch fest in April, exact date to be determined. The discussion, including the new guidelines, can be found at Maybe they might be interested in a couple of hot-blooded shapeshifters. (Probably not Jamie and Lamar; I don’t think Harlequin swings that way quite yet.) I’m thinking about pulling my dragon story out of the closet. If nothing else, it would give me a reason to imagine Vin Diesel naked. Like I really need an excuse for that.


Pat C. said...

I also posted this (minus the market tip) on Title Magic. New goal: learn how to publish two images side by side.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, FABTASTIC!!! I was about to say, hey, promo your print books.

Oh, dragony-good, go for it! The more sexy slithering the better.

I just learned Avon is also jumping into the ebook, POD market in a big way. You can check out the Avon Impulse website.

Pat C. said...

I may just check that out. It wouldn't suprise me if more print pubbers start adding epub departments. Do away with all those pesky advances.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, that's what they're doing, getting rid of advances. I didn't like that model of doing biz as it eventually came about because it didn't serve readers or authors. However, this trend is a double-edged sword, as well. They still aren't paying authors what they are truly worth. IMO.

Serena Shay said...

Hmmm...There is always a reason to imagine Master Vin neeekid!! ~swoon~

Congrats on all the many releases, Pat! Oh yeah, Belonging and those, er, Super boys! Woot!!