Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Revenge Comes In Many Forms

Four years was a long time to sit and plot revenge. Of course, revenge wasn’t the only thing Anoushka dwelt on. Where there was a will there was a way. Anoushka had spent a good portion of her time thinking about how to beat this cursed… curse. Her name meant “one who fulfills her dreams.” Her dreams had changed these past lonely years, but they were still as vivid as ever. She wanted a home. A real one, not some cave on the side of a floating mountain. She wanted cubs to love and cherish. And yes, she also wanted revenge.

To think this nightmare all started with an innocent prank. It wasn’t even her that pulled it, but rather her brother. Bijay was always pulling them. This time, though, his hijinks knocked a baser over and burned a hole in the master’s new carpet. The master decided that Bijay was too valuable to waste on punishment. He declared the she, his only sister, would pay instead. She was banished to this god-forsaken mountain, cursed to remain forever half-shifted.

The master wasn’t as careful with his curse as he should have been, though. Anoushka found a loophole. With the turning of the calendar from the year of the tiger to the year of the rabbit, there had been a brief lull in the magic that held her. She had almost missed the waning of power. But almost was good enough in this case—she had gotten a hasty spell together and called for help. The villagers had no idea why they were compelled to come to the top of this wind-swept mountain. Nor did they know that the mere presence of a mortal would set her free. No, the master hadn’t crafted his curse nearly as well as he thought he had.

They were almost here, no more than an hour away. So the master felt that losing a treasured, if unvalued, family member was a suitable punishment? Good. He had a son that fit that description very nicely. And Anoushka wanted a mate. Sher Khan would rue the day he decided to punish her for another’s transgressions.


Hope you enjoyed that. I didn't start out to write that bit of flash last night but I was playing around with a new plug-in for my 3D program and the picture at the top just sort of emerged. I just knew she had a story that needed to be told!

~ Rebecca


Rebecca Murray said...

Yes! I finally got Blogger to stop reformatting my post!

Serena Shay said...

Yay! I hate when that happens. ;)

Great pic, btw...she sure does have a story to tell and by the sounds of it, it will be moooost interesting! Shere Khan and Guri don't know what's about to hit them...muahahaha

Pat C. said...

Hell yes I like this! You set up the whole story and a fascinating premise in what, under 1000 words? Damn, you're good. We may have found a lead-off "Tales of Talbot's Peak" story.

Savanna Kougar said...

Shere Khan's in trouble now! Anoushka wants revenge. Pasha is after two of his top-valued enforcer Ninjas. The Rat Pack is after the magic tomes. Tongsen wants his due and his tome...White Fang will take him out if necessary... and, who else? I must have forgot someone?

Love the pic and your flash, Rebecca.

Rebecca Murray said...

Lex want's his grandfather's grimore back, too.

Pat C. said...

Brand wants the Tiger Yakuza to pay for the death of his father ... Rakshasi is determined to keep Devon at any cost ... Kali's kicked him out of the bedroom ... I don't think Lamar and Jamie have anything against him, but that could change.

Oh, and Bubba and Billy Bob are out in the woods, drinking beer and shooting at anything that moves ... As long as Shere Khan doesn't make a noise like a deer, he should be okay.

Rebecca Murray said...

LOL! I forgot about Bubba and Billy Bob!

Serena Shay said...

Burgess is here to help Tongson find the tome...once he finishes obeying his peaparrot. ~wink~

Forms said...

Nice story dude with good pic,thanks for posting.