Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolfish Wardroe Malfunction

Posting a few hours early this week. My knee and ankles are killing me after moving my new living room furnature in and hauling the old stuff out so I'm going to bed early. I know better than to think I will actually get up early enough to post before work in the morning. This is another snippet from my Talot's Peak MS and occures right after last week's snippet. There might be a little something in it for anyone who can guess where Mooney slinks off to!

~ Rebecca


Nick held on to his cheery-editor act until the sheriff was all the way down the street. As soon as the old fossil was out of site, the forced smile turned into a snarl and he began growling.

“Mooney! Get your flee-bitten ass out here!” Not surprisingly, all he got in response was a bit of frantic bumping and a loud thud. Lycan curse that brother of his! Nick stormed around the bank of computers and slammed the door to is office open. And stared in disbelief. How could one wolf, even if it was Mooney, cause this much damage?

His prized antique teacher’s desk was pushed all the way against one wall with nothing left on top and all the drawers pulled out. The floor looked like a paper mache volcano had gone off. Tucked in a back corner, as far from the door as he could get, was Mooney in wolf form, scratching and biting furiously. He really should have listened when Mooney said today would not e a good day to drop by the office. Unfortunately, Nick had wanted a status report about Mooney and Maggie’s ‘date” the day before. Since Maggie wasn’t answering her phone and hadn’t come in that morning, he’d called Mooney and demanded his ne’er-do-well brother come down to the paper.

“Mooney,” Nick growled tightly. “If you just infested my office with flees I’m going to kill you, brother or not.”

“I told you it wasn’t flees, Nick! Sheesh!” Mooney moaned as he set to digging at his ear with a hind foot. “I met that bitch like you said I had to and she gave me mange!”

“Maggie doesn’t have mange,” Nick scoffed in disbelief. He turned his back on Mooney and stormed down the hall to the bathroom, where he kept a supply of essential first aide supplies. He didn’t have anything for mange, but he did keep a stock of itch powder, something that came in handy when Lamar started molting. On his way back to his now wrecked office, he flipped out that crap-ass flip phone he was forced to use after destroying his rand-new nice phone the other day.

“Sam? This is Nick,” he spoke as soon as the other end picked up. “Yeah, I need to get someone down here to decon my office. I had a dog in there with mange. If you can make it in today, I can make it worth your while. You can? Great! See you at three.”

“That’s coming out of your pocket, by the way,” he said to Mooney as he began liberally sprinkling itch powder on Mooney’s mottled, patchy fur.

“What’s coming out of my pocket?” Mooney asked, not stopping his insane scratching.

“Damn it Mooney, stop scratching the powder off! You’re getting it all over me!

“I can’t help it Nick. It’s driving me nuts! So what am I going to have to pay for?”

“The cleaning crew I just called to come decon my office, you moon-struck twit.”

“No way Nick! I told you on the phone I should go nowhere.”

“Well you should have refused harder!”

“That’s not fair Nick. You know I’m not dominant enough to refuse an order from you! And you should make that mangy bitch pay for it. She’s the one that infected me! Why did you insist I hook up with her anyway?”

“Mooney, I didn’t say ‘hook up with her.’ I said meet up with her so she could make sure you had a tux for the society ball next weekend!”

“What? Why would I go to something like that.”

“because you need a girlfriend and she wanted my tickets to the all ad enough to take you with her, that’s why!” Mooney froze, finally stopping his maniacal scratching.

“So you think I’m too big of a looser to get my own she?” he asked, sounding odd.

“Yeah Mooney,” nick agreed. “You need a strong she to keep you under control.”

“Well fuck you, big brother!” Mooney snarled and dashed out of Nick’s office then out the doggie door facing the back alley.

“Shit,” Nick swore. He looked around the disaster zone of his office. That was just great. With nothing else to do, he began reassembling his cherished desk with the care a lover would use on his best she. It had taken six months to talk the previous owner into selling him this beauty. Solid walnut, original finish, made back in 1887 for a school marm who’d lived in Massachusetts. Her husband had hauled the thing all the way here in a covered wagon when they moved west.

“Fine,” Nick said out loud. “If that’s how Mooney wants it to be, he can just find his own female. I’m done with him.”


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

cant wait til the next installment

Rebecca Murray said...

The next one is good! Can you imagine bumping into a mangy talking wolf as you take out the trash?

Serena Shay said...

OMGosh, Mooney messed with Nick's antique wooden desk and is still living??? Clearly he left the rulers alone though...that might have done Nick in for sure! LOL

Great post!

Rebecca Murray said...

Living but dis-owned, yes. That should serve as a warning for anyone who manages to get near Nick's desk in the future!

Pat C. said...

An antique teacher's desk? Nick, you have got one serious fetish.

I'm guessing Mooney slunk over to Marissa's. It wouldn't be hard for a wolf to trail her from the coffee shop. Bet she smells like Espresso and magic.

Lovin' this.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, you just brightened up my day big time, with that installment!

Tei-Fu Lotion by Nature's Way works great on sore joints and muscles.

Rebecca Murray said...

Pat wins! Dang, now I gotta figure out what ta give her other than an "atta girl"...

Pat C. said...

Naked photos of Sam and Dean are always welcome.

Rebecca Murray said...

I don't have any! I wish I did though...

Pat C. said...

I find mine on Photobucket.