Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Z'Pasha, Cat Goddess Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter lovers, here it is, the Ides of March. While I’ve never been particularly superstitious about this goodbye-Caesar day... however, with what is currently happening worldwide, I gotta wonder. Cause, it ain’t over, and will only escalate from this point forward.

So, one question becomes, what do I write as an author. Unless, I have a specific inspiration for a story/scene/flash that begs to be penned... do I offer readers something NOT gloomy doomy. Or, do I fantasy-mirror an aspect of reality?

This is a question for me because I have this deep desire to do GOOD for humanity however I am able... so, what is best in this moment? Of course, that could vary for each one of us. Any thoughts on this?

Also, since I’m worn out from a long stressful day, my flash scene will be short, and stars Z’Pasha. Once again, here’s her character bio.

Z’Pasha, granddaughter of the Egyptian goddess, Bastet, lives for the day when she can sink her poisonous claws and fangs into the Tiger Yakuza. Two of their Ninja assassins shredded her human friend’s body so brutally, the murder wasn’t reported in the news. Having tracked the elusive assassins across the globe, Pasha believes she is about to corner and castrate the fiendish tigers in the backwoods of Montana. She just needs a bit of super dog assistance. And she knows how to get it. After all, seduction is second nature, and her feline kind knows every shapeshifter male’s weakness.


Z’Pasha, Cat Goddess Shapeshifter

Z’Pasha raised her arms toward the heavens, an invitation to the magickal forces crackling like erratic electricity around her. In reverence for her night forest surroundings, she slowly spun around, listening to the varied voices of the animals.

She listened to the murmurings and songs of the trees, of every plant within the radius of her energy body. Z’Pasha rejoiced, and the sounds transformed into a kaleidoscope of waving color inside her.

Despite her reason for arriving at the Interspecies Pleasure Club, to avenge the death of her friend, Z’Pasha had developed a fondness for this region on the mother planet, Gaia.

Everything whispered of a time in the ancient past, when the land had been loved and tended to with a devotion that had inspired harmony. Centering herself, Z’Pasha gazed at the stars, jeweled beings who balanced the galactic flow of energies.

She widened her arms in an embrace of the night sky, sending her vibes of love to all of the good-force celestial beings. Their answering rays filled her with knowledge, and expanded her spiritual awareness.

Right now, that was invaluable. Since meeting White Fang, she’d been thrown off balance by the unbound and sensual explosiveness of their passion.

With her ability to focus challenged at times, Z’Pasha relied on her centuries of discipline in the magickal arts. Arms outstretched, she whirled, creating a sphere that was in the world, but not of the world.

Lonely for her longtime companion, Z’Pasha had decided to reunite with her. Currently, Ghelyssia lived in a neighboring realm, safe from the Tiger Yakuza.

Z’Pasha had not wanted her harmed because of the revenge she planned to claw and fang exact. Soon.

Even now, she had the foul tiger shifters targeted, and in her cat-stalking sights. However, her approach remained silent, and patient.

A trap sprung too quickly was a trap not set.

With the large sphere formed, Z’Pasha halted, and closed her eyes. She communed with the One, asking if All was according to divine order. After receiving her answer, a feeling of calm assurance, Z’Pasha turned until she faced the gateway’s shimmer outline.

Practiced in the ancient sorcery rites of Egypt, she intoned a melodic series of sounds. In response, the sealed gateway between the two realms gradually opened.

When the dimensional fabric temporarily dissolved, there was a flash of white, and the sound of dainty hooves. As Ghelyssia galloped through the gateway, stars streamed from her pearlescent horn.

Once the unicorn abruptly stopped in her tracks, Ghelyssia’s pale platinum coat took on the darkness of night and the greens of the forest. She shook her head, and her long mane silkily rippled.

Swishing her tail with elegant attitude, Ghelyssia whirled and walked to Z’Pasha. Finally, you have seen the light, foolish feline woman. You cannot be without me.

“Ghelyssia, my adored one, no, I cannot.”

***Oh, note for Nick, the esteemed alpha werewolf editor of the Gut and Butts Gazette, not only is a unicorn real, but a Loch Ness Monster is in your future since Sivakka, the English Nessie has arrived in Talbot’s Peak.***

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Good question. I've always felt more at ease when making people laugh. Maybe that's how I'm supposed to do good, by providing a break from the doom and gloom. Satire and fantasy are good tools for pointing out the flaws in society and perhaps prodding people to action. Jonathan Swift proved that. So did Rod Serling.

Pasha better be careful or her thirst for revenge may destroy her as well as her targets. It's already jeopardizing a possibly joyful relationship with White Fang. I'm hoping her friend points this out.

You threw in a unicorn just to mess with me, didn't you?

Serena Shay said...

Excellent question, Savanna. How can we help those in desperate need? I've found in far to many disasters of late that I personally don't have the skills(Medical background)to help, I have zippo for money to send and while I do project positive vibes of love and hope, I wish I could do something more concrete.

Perhaps the answer for me is to volunteer, offer my support here at home to free up those in a better capacity, to go where their needed.

Gorgeous unicorn pic! Oh mercy, more trouble on the horizon for Nick. With the way things are going for him, he might just be thinking about heading out or hiding out...wonder if he'll take Zeva with him? lol

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, good thoughts. We all have our different gifts and talents. Maybe, it's the combination that will have the highest affect for good.

Yeah, messing with you, especially since you mentioned Nick believes the Loch Ness monster is a myth. But, I also LOVE unicorns. In Z'Pasha's world there are creatures that are believed to be merely myths. I have a WIP where the hero is a shapeshifting unicorn.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, that's a wonderful way to make a difference. I also think holding onto our humanity in the face of all this, and our ability to love, does make a difference. It's just that you can't necessarily see the immediate results.

Nick, no! Werewolf-man up, and take the world on. But, watch out for unicorns who have a mischievous side. Ghelyssia likes to play the trickster with those who don't believe, and she can play tricks on the mind...make herself look like an illusion, and other tricks.

Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, man. I hope she isn't gpong to steel guri's cookies! That may be the worst revenge she could have on him, me thinks. Great bit of flash!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, naw, no cookie stealing... unless, she can use them to get him to sing like a bird... Guri ain't got the claws or balls to shred her friend.

Pat C. said...

Does your unicorn shapeshifter go after virgins only, or is he equal-opportunity horny? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) I published a fantasy story back in the '80s about a unicorn who drank beer and hung out with a girl who wasn't virginal. He figured since he wasn't a virgin, no reason she had to be.

Guri's not out to shred anybody. I'm beginning to think he's a pacifist. Not a good stand to take in that family.

Savanna Kougar said...

Well, the heroine is a desperately horny virgin, who is being forced to marry a man she doesn't want.

Hey, star Mr. Eighties Unicorn in his own romantic novel with a non-virgin heroine.

Oh, Guri, be careful! Don't let that pacifist cat out of the bag.

Rebecca Murray said...

If the unicorn only goes after virgins, he might find slim pickin's in Talbot's Peak!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Talbot's Peak might not be the best mating ground for a Unicorn... however, like Pat's Unicorn maybe they just want to find the right mate.

Pat C. said...

Guri? Jamie? Comments?

Savanna Kougar said...

Guri? Jamie? Comments?

Okay, I'm lost.

Pat C. said...

Just pointing out there may be a virgin or two in Talbot's Peak, and naming names.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ahhh... I thought that might be the case. Guri, but of course, he hasn't told anyone. And, maybe the shy little librarian, who is new in town.

Rebecca Murray said...

Really? Jamie's still virgin after spending all that time with Lamar???

Pat C. said...

Lamar's still trying to coax him out of the closet.