Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blogger ate my post again!!!

So I just popped in to see if I had any comments... and noticed that Blogger ate my post again. It ate my post last week, too. But this week, I'm really annoyed because it was, IMO, a very fine post. And I typed it right on the screen, so I don't have a copy of it ANYWHERE!

And it's 9:30pm, so I don't have time to remember exactly where I wrote, other than it was a funny skit about bubble-headed blonds mistaking a pack of girls singing 99 Red Balloons in German for a rousing swear-word orgy. (Thank Pat for that one!)

so you are going to get pictures. Again. Man, I have got to stop typing my blog posts right into Blogger like this...

But that's ok. It's good to be flexible, right?

I mean, being bound by too many rules can be a bit restrictive...

Um, what was I talking about again?
Never mind. Have a great week!


Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, omygosh! That's terrible. Now I'm dying of curiosity about your post, even though the pics are man-candy yummy.

I NEVER trust blogger with my posts. I gave that up shortly after starting my Kougar Kisses blog because it wiped a couple of them out as I was writing them. Just too heartbreaking.

Pat C. said...

Always glad to be of service when it comes to swearing.

I vote we do a Photo Week. Disable the Safe Search feature on Google and see what, ahem, pops up.

I would never type directly into Blogger except in a dire emergency. I write my blogs on my laptop and then do a cut and paste. When I'm really feeling paranoid I do a longhand draft. Paper may be old school, but it is still your friend.

Serena Shay said...

Grrr to the naughty Blogger!

Buuuutt....those are some darn nice pics! You've made my muse quite happy. :D

Frieda from the doomed love club wants to know if the gentleman from picture number 2 lives in Talbot's Peak or if she needs to consider moving?? hehe

Savannah Chase said...

Those are some hot shots...They must have been too hot for blogger..LOL