Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will a nude vampyre do instead?

Howls and yowls for a lovely Easter, shapeshifter lovers.

Since my batteries are running on low this week, here's the first part of my flash scene.

Will a nude vampyre do instead?

"Just in case." Dante gestured with his arm as he gazed at the underground apartments surrounding them from the center of a large octagon.

Sensitive to voices, Shaeya heard the wolfen growl beneath Dante's human tones. "Just in case," she echoed. "Unless there's a huge population surge in Talbot's Peak there should be enough space for everyone."

"Tornado, superstorms, savage winds, a CME from Father Sun, an EMP attack, radiation leaks," Dante listed the various disaster scenarios they'd prepared for, and Shaeya would continue to prepare for as his Prepper Advisor. "You just tell me what more we need, and I'll have the orders placed," he continued.

"I'll get to work on what supplies to increase tomorrow." Tired down to her toes, Shaeya stretched before she thought about it, then yawned. After shaking her head, she placed her focus on the werewolf she'd come to know and love like a brother.

"I've been working you too hard." Dante gave her one of his patented boyish grins.

"Not complaining. The sooner everything is ready, the happier I'll be. Nothing feels right anymore." Shaeya rolled her shoulders to ease her tension and stave off her tiredness, then slowly turned around.

She swept her gaze over the three stories of apartments that looked as if they'd been carved out of red canyon rock, but were made out of a composite rock that was stronger. Shaeya had discovered the secret of the building material while working as an assistant to a rogue archeologist.

"Yeah, that's putting it scat-mildly," Dante growled with alpha authority. "These days, my hackles are raising every hour."

"Mine, too... and all those odd trumpeting sounds around the world... but never mind, that's a discussion for later. Over drinks." Shaeya tossed her waist-length hair as she mentally counted the number of apartments once again. "Hey, I bet we even have enough room for the nude purple fairy."

Dante rumbled a deep laugh at their running joke with each other. "Purple Ass would be damn entertaining on a Saturday night, especially after a brew or two."

Seeing Dante motion for someone to enter the football-field sized octagon, Shaeya moved a few steps away respecting his privacy. Given his business empire, he was always in demand.

Suddenly longing for a breath of freedom, Shaeya walked toward a roomy area meant for children to play in as if they were outside, and a place for adults to play sports like in a park. Of course, it wouldn't be the same, but it would serve. Yes, it would have to.

Halting near a splendid fountain that hadn't been turned on yet, Shaeya rubbed her neck hoping to slow down the fatigue taking over her body. Unbidden, she thought about the welcoming bed waiting for her inside an apartment she'd designed for herself.

She was in the mood to simply crash, and slip into the oblivion of sleep. But that's where she ran into a great big ole problem. Instead of sweet oblivion, she often dreamed of him -- Mr. Tall, Tanned, and Suave..

Likely, he forced his way into many of her dreams just because he could -- because he possessed the psychic ability. Still, Shaeya knew at other times she simply dreamed about him -- a woman craving a man she couldn't have -- which was even more fiercely annoying. She curled her lip in a silent snarl.

The hell of it, Shaeya hadn't even ended up in his bed, seduced and hopefully satisfied. No, he'd played the gentleman, only wining and dining her for an evening out when she'd been in Paris about a year ago -- consulting on ancient artefacts, and picking up a generous paycheck.

To distract herself from dwelling on Mr. Sleep Spoiler, and to amuse herself, Shaeya imagined the Purple Ass streaking through the recreation area. For moments, she entertained herself with the silly fanciful scene, murmuring, "How do you entice a nude purple fairy?"

"Will a nude vampyre do instead?"

Familiar arms wrapped around her from behind, as did Tall, Tanned, and Suave's oh-so memorable baritone voice. Stunned, Shaeya didn't move.

"What are you doing here?" she finally blurted out, all too aware of how his hard sexy body felt against hers.

"Did we not leave things unfinished between us, my lovely Shaeya?"

TO BE CONTINUED... hopefully next week.

~ Happy Easter Shapeshifting ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Ooh, I love the idea of Talbot's Peak having a safe haven from natural and unnatural disasters! Add to that a nude vampyre...well sign me up!! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Underground haven with certain nude benefits... that's the way to go. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

Depends. Is the vampire purple?

Damien, Shere Khan, and Mayor Link all have it wrong. Dante is the true power in Talbot's Peak, and he's the only one looking out for the welfare of the citizens. Damien, if he knew this, would be proud. Vernon Hancock already is.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, ahhh, I'm feeling it for Dante. Yeah, Vernon is working on this project too.

Savanna Kougar said...

No, the vampyre is not purple... although, a certain part of him can turn purple when aroused. And he's excellent at purple prose.

There are various paranormals, some of the fae, have purple or purplish skin.

Pat C. said...

Like fairies? :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, good old-fashioned fairies... well, fairies, anyway... and also the other use for the term, if you include manlove.

Savannah Chase said...

Do you even have to ask? Sounds fantastic.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Savannah, ~grins~ in this case it works to the hero's advantage.