Saturday, April 14, 2012

You're What?!

Louie wiped his hands on his apron again. Sweat gathered in the small of his back and threatened to pool down waist. Great, where had his hard-edged resolve gone? Right out the door along with his intentions to tell Bettina no. A groan sounded from the couch taking up the long back wall of his office. Well she lived. Or was that she wasn’t stiff and buried yet? Great, his quirky sense of humor had to resurface.

“Louie,” Bettina groaned, trying to raise her head. Her hands slid down her waist resting on her belly. Small flutters moved beneath her hands. Good Serafina thrived. Wade hated the name. He knew the risk when he declared his right to mate without protection. Men and their inflated egos.

The room spun less the lower Bettina kept her head. If this was three months pregnant, what would nine be like? She’d find out no matter what. Her child lived and would know love. If Wade knew what was good for him, he’d. . .a sound next to her drew her gaze.

Louie knelt beside her. His eyes mirrored her concern. She’d come to the right place. His rat self aside, Louie’s compassion and loyalty made him her number one choice. Now if she could keep her wits about her, Bettina would get out what she’d been trying to say since she’d got here.

Looking beyond Louie, Bettina almost smiled at the sight greeting her. Two huge male hulks stood near the door brandishing meat cleavers. She’d have them before they could use them unless they were shifters. The scents filling her nose as she breathed told her they probably were. Their strong tangy odor said bear and wolf. They didn’t smell like the road kill that guarded Wade. A hint of soap and after-shave worked its way up one nostril. Maybe civilization had taken hold in this place.

Bettina groaned as she worked her way into a reclined position laying back against the arm of the couch. Louie’s gaze remained on her. She’d forgotten what a good man he’d been before she’d turned her back on him in a fit of jealousy. Undoing the past wouldn’t work even if she could do so, too many things influenced fate and what the gods and goddesses had set in motion for each occupant of this phase. Too much was out of her hands and messing with others free will had gotten her into more trouble than she cared to think about. She motioned Louie to her. He leaned forward. Bettina reached out and patted Louie’s cheek.

Louie drew back in surprise. Bettina had just patted his cheek like she cared. Lords and ladies, something wasn’t right. Louie opened his mouth to demand and explanation when Bettina spoke.

“Louie, I need your help.” Louie cleared his throat. Bettina held up her hand. He nodded. She needed to talk. Okay, he’d hear her out.

“I know our past is not one built on friendship. We had a tumultuous love affair in our youth. I loved you with a passion I didn’t and couldn’t understand. Please forgive me for doubting you.” Bettina fell silent. He could feel her stare raking over him as though she watched and waiting for some kind of a sign he’d heard her or was going to do as she asked.

“Why should I?” Louie kept his gaze adverted knowing Bettina’s magic and power went beyond her touch and voice. Energy rippled between them and vanished as she tugged his hand to her, lifting it to her stomach.

“This is why.” Bettina pressed his hand palm down tightly against her. Small movements began, growing the longer he kept his hand there and the warmth from it grew.

Louie raised his head. His eyes meeting Bettina’s full on. He swallowed hard. Yet, no illusion or clouding of his thoughts happened. Vampiress didn’t get pregnant, did they?

Bettina smiled. Serafina moved and announced her presence to her godfather to be. Closing her eyes, Bettina prayed that Louie didn’t say no. Her unborn daughter needed a strong defender and guardian if she was to make it in this world. Wade’s ruthless family would sell her to the highest bidder if they had any say. If Bettina played her cards right, no one but Serafina would decide her future when she reached the age of majority.

“We’ll talk further once I’ve eaten.” Bettina eased into an upright position. Louie scampered away moving toward the meat cleaver duo.

Bettina smiled. Good, Louie trusted his gut and experience. Yes, she’d made the right choice for her daughter’s godfather. Licking her lips, Bettina winked.

“I need some of your steak tartar and believe it or not a tossed green salad. I’ve got a hybrid in here.” Bettina leaned back on the cushions behind her. “Mating with a half human half shape shifter with a vampiress for a mother is making this wee one’s needs unusual to say the best.”


Happy Weekend! Keep on reading and let's see what the next installment of Bettina and Louie's story is. I'm still at RT Booklover's Convention. I'll be back soon. Until then, share a few good books with your spice and loves!



Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, Louie is in for a lot of changes in his rat-chef life.

Pat C. said...

Whoa! Part vampire, part human, part shifter. The best of all possible worlds. Hope Shere Khan doesn't get wind of this.

And Louie, a godfather? Well, he is Italian ...

Savanna Kougar said...

There's a blog flash... Louie as the Godfather... lol...

Pat C. said...

Never mess wit' da Joisey rat.

Savanna Kougar said...