Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Ready For You!

“Louie, get that rodent out of here,” Bettina hissed. She inhaled shallowly. The blasted fur and dander tickled her nose worse than Wade’s cats. How a vampiress ended up with allergies was beyond her. Her eyes began watering as a small brown body scampered near her foot. His dark brown eyes almost glowed in appreciation as the varmint got closer. “Louie. . .”

Louie’s snort and laugh iced up and down her spine. If that brown rat. . .no squirrel now that she got a better look at him in between blinks filled with tears got one paw on her shoes- - -no she couldn’t do what her instincts wanted. Animals had right just like humans. You never know who might be a human in shifter form. If she could tell them by their onerous smells, but then she’d have to admit she needed a refresher course in biology. Gawk, two hundred years old and she couldn’t pass basic animal husbandry science courses. And with a town full of them- - -screw it. “Louie, control your vermin or he’ll find his nuts up around his neck.”

Bettina drew her foot back hoping the brown fool didn’t call her bluff. Red leather stiletto pumps were a bitch to clean and find. Glancing down, she pulled her foot back further, biting her lip to keep her quelling stomach from spewing its contents out her mouth. Pregnancy sucked when morning sickness hit. Humans had it right when they said puking their guts out made no sense. Except puking blood sent most folks running away rather than offering help.

Louie bent down, grabbing Gill by the scruff of his neck. No need to get either of them shot if he fell under Bettina’s spell. Gill’s hormones ran rampant and without regard when a horny female around. Bettina’s pheromones filled the air from the moment she’d entered the office. Given the full moon and Gill’s recent girlfriend issues, keeping him lucid was another thing all together.

Louie placed Gill on the desk facing away from him. “Bettina, Gill isn’t my vermin. Nor is he expendable. So place your foot back with the other and step back from my desk, thank you.”

Gill’s dazed look and subdued chirps told of his confused state. Louie wanted to send him out of the room but calling in one of his staff and risking them being glamoured wasn’t an option. Louie grabbed Gill, praying the revolver clutched tightly in his paws didn’t go off. Swiftly making his way around his desk, Louie opened the drawer closest to him. A loud slam followed.

Noise sounded from in front of his desk. Louie glanced up. Bettina stood where he had asked her to move to. What the hell was going on? This wasn’t the Bettina he’d heard about. No, this was. . .oh wait, she was fucking with his head to get him to drop his guard. No way honey. I fell for that shit once. Not again, in this lifetime or the next.

“You can stop the games.” Louie moved to the corner of his desk. His teeth grated against each other. Playing nice didn’t work with vampires. He wasn’t going to start the game. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Louie worked Gill’s small revolver into his hand. A bullet or two might not do much damage. He didn’t care if he emptied all six rounds into her if it meant saving himself and all of Talbot’s Peak.

Bettina inhaled deeply. Her head swam and the room swayed rushing up to meet her and back down again. “Louie,” she ground out through clenched teeth. “No game. I need. . .” Her vision blurred and blackness enveloped her.

Louie stared at the scene unfolding before him. His jaw dropped open. Deep in his gut, his human part roared and leapt into action. No man stands by and lets a lady fall. Rushing forward, he hoped that he got to her in time. Seeing Bettina crumple and pass out like a human pushed buttons he’d forgotten he had. Crap, double crap, and holy shit. What had he stepped into now? As he staggered under Bettina’s dead weight, Louie tried to stay upright. If he got to the door and called out, who would come to help?


Happy Weekend! Bettina and Louie's story is interesting. I'm eager to find out what she needs help with and why Louie is the person she's asking to help her. I'm off to Romantic Times Booklovers Convention next week. Stop by Club RT and say hello. Our basket will be available for raffle. Too bad we couldn't get our calendar of our lovely hunks printed in time to be included. We've got books and other goodies for you. I'll be running a raffle for a guest appearance in one of my next books. I'll be signing at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday the 14th. I look forward to meeting many of our fans and readers.

Stay dry, warm or cool depending on your weather. My spice and loves are keeping me busy until I leave. One of my family partners will be attending with me.



Pat C. said...

Poor Gil. He needs to pick his battles better.

Maybe Louie knows Bettina because she's from the Jersey Shore. Is she a guidette?

Truly enjoying the mystery. Oh yeah, and have fun at the con!

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like a vampiress, a rat shifter, and a bespelled squirrel... all in one room. Only in Talbot's Peak?

I'm excited for you about RT. Enjoy to the max!