Friday, April 13, 2012

Crusin' for a Musin'

Happy Friday!  So I thought to try something new this week and invite everyone out there to try along with me.  On Monday's at my personal blog I like to do a Monday Muse.  I grab a picture and allow my muse the freedom to write an opening to it.  She loves it and it ~sometimes~ gets me ready for the week.  So having nothing prepared this week for Shapeshifters I thought I'd give it a try.

Here's the rules:
~There are no rules, just suggestions~

Take a peek at the photo --> write the first thing your muse gives you be it a sentence, blurb or paragraph -->share it with us in the comments.

Bad writing is encouraged because honestly a writers first draft is usually a mess.  In my case, it's generally crap.  LOL  Yes, I admit to bad writing...see that's why we edit, edit, edit.

So join in, have fun and let that muse off his/her leash...unless he/she does better restrained.  ~wink~

Serena's Musing

Her mama was wrong - she had to be, and it was time for Sunset to find out for sure.  Mama's fear of being outed as a long, long lived Saber-Toothed Tiger put a decided crimp in Sunset's love life, that was for sure.  A hundred and fifty years confined to this shack and the surrounding woods was all she could stand.

She gussied up in a skirt filched some sixty years ago from a little miss learning the facts of life down by the pond. The tulle petticoats were old, but she'd cared for them meticulously over the years, waiting for the day she could show them off. The corset top was older yet, probably closer to a hundred or so years old.  She'd nabbed it in the apple grove from a loud, brassy lady showing another quieter female her breasts. The shoes were newer, obtained up on what the sign called Rompers Ridge.  The way Sunset figured, anything ejected from those noxious metal beasts during a lovers tryst was fair game. 

Sunset climbed upon her table and pushed the window open.  She would only be back if she could not find a mate during this next week.  If she did return, it would be to raise her baby saber tooth alone, deep in the woods as it seem to be with her maternal line...

Have a wonderfully wicked weekend and keep your clothes close!



Pat C. said...

Friday night and ready to rumble. Lissa skimmed down her checklist. Makeup, frilly dress, heels, nylons --

She eyed her last pair, with the claw-snags and the runs, and shook her head. Okay, skip the nylons. As long as she was dating a leopard who liked to play rough, she might as well save her money.

Hold on a sec, cowgirl. We can use this.

Lissa dropped the useless nylons and tucked a disposable razor into her purse instead. "You want smooth legs, sonny," she purred, "you can shave 'em yourself. Then I'm using this little baby on your chest. And next week ... " She grinned wickedly. "Binki waxes."

Pat C. said...

I meant "bikini waxes." Crap, ruined the punch line.

Savanna Kougar said...

Binki waxes sounds oh-so more naughty.

Savanna Kougar said...

So, he liked frilly. Well, she could go for that. Girly-sexy was fun for awhile especially if he put the big moves on her, and kissed her again like he'd done last time she ventured in the Ride a Cowboy saloon.

What she wanted from him she wasn't exactly certain. But curiosity drove her with a wicked hand, and she wanted to find out what is would be like to ride him hard and put him away wet. Or, if he rode her to sweet fierce heaven. All this with a feverish desire she'd never known before.

Yet, he was likely a drifter, though a damn well-dressed one. Maybe he was a slick con man, although he hadn't tried to sell anyone anything that she was aware of.

With her little glittery bag swinging, she tripped out to her pickup truck in her new high heels. Time to find out if he was all talk and kiss, and no real down and hot-dirty action.

Serena Shay said...

Nice!! You ladies are awesome, loved both the takes on that picture...

real down and hot-dirty action Dang! Here's to hoping she finds some of that, Savanna! hehe

Pat, I actually read Binki as Bikini the first time...then thought, wait did that say binki...went back to check it out and LMAO! I, too, think it sounds somehow naughtier as Binki. :D

Pat C. said...

Maybe Binki runs the local beauty salon/groomer's. Her waxes are legendary.

Here's to ridin' to sweet fierce heaven!