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Her Almost Nude Vampyre

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Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

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Yep, as sorta promised, my flash scene is continued from last week's flash, Will a nude vampyre do instead?

Part Two ~ Her Almost Nude Vampyre

Why hadn't she scented him before she'd felt his arms around her? Could Zoquevarr somehow conceal his smell from her?

Shaeya had no time to puzzle it out, and her tongue wasn't cooperating. His unholy virile scent seared her down to her very bones, making Shaeya want him in the same insane way she had while in Paris.

"Did we?" she inanely asked because nothing else would emerge from her dry constricted throat.

"Yes, it remains unfinished between us, petite."

Damn, she was starting to pant.

"Do you know?" His voice poured as smooth as cognac into her ear. "I would follow you half-way around the world."

"Just half-way?" she challenged, miffed. Yet she stroked his arms as if they were already lovers.

"You were only half-way," he deliberately teased. With suave audaciousness, he brushed his thumbs along the side swells of her breasts.

"Well, if you're expecting anything, you'll have to do more than just show up with expectations, vampyre."

Despite the fact Shaeya meant her words, the back of her head insisted on nestling against his incredibly strong chest. And, her nose continued to demand she inhale every last drop of his scent.

"Mmm, expectations," he seduced. "How about a late dinner where I will charm you with my latest relic find, and explain why I have moved to this delightful little backwoods berg."

"You moved to Talbot's Peak?" Shaeya spun around as she spoke. A mixture of hope, lightheadedness and wariness roiled inside her head.

With unmistakable passion, Zoquevarr caressed her back as he cradled her chin inside his other hand. His gaze beamed inside her, tingling her nether region from the waist down.

Deliciously mesmerized, Shaeya gave him what he wanted, her gaze -- her attention focused only on him. She had yet to determine the exact color of his eyes, so quickly did they change from forest green to midnight black.

"Your friend, Dante, has provided a home here, and promised full access to the dance floor at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub..."

"In exchange for?" Shaeya asked as he paused, his gaze sweeping over her face.

She knew he possessed a fierce passion for all forms of ballroom dance. They'd spent a dreamy romantic evening exploring several different styles -- and exploring how intimately their bodies fit together.

Shaeya remembered every moment in excruciating detail. And he reminded her in her dreams of him.

"In exchange for certain relics, my petite wolfess, and copies of ancient scrolls currently locked away from prying eyes."

"Prying eyes," she murmured as her hands nearly attacked his chest. "You are a master at going 'where no human has gone before'."

Amusement caused a small smile to curve his too-handsomely carved lips. "Slipping in and out of forbidden vaults is my specialty. Also to mention, my Shaeya, so many believe crypts make excellent hiding places."

"Yes, of course, vampyre. Any scrolls or tablets of merit here? Close to Talbot's Peak?" Shaeya sizzled from that possibility, and from the way he stroked downward, seductively cupping her throat.

"Yes, to speak only truth to you." Zoquevarr drew her closer, and the lance that was his cock pressed against her belly. "However, you will have to unseal my lips with your kisses." His eyes glittered, a stunning brilliance that startled her to stillness. "I am not allowed to divulge the details. Not yet."

"Oh, is that so?" she crooned as she slid her hands upward, claiming the back of his neck. "I suppose Dante swore you to secrecy."

"He did. Why don't I tempt you with the legend behind what I will be seeking for your werewolf friend, while we dine?"

Zoquevarr smoothed his palm up her spine driving her wild with desires that should have remained forbidden to her -- that is, if she owned a lick of sense.

As a princess of her wolven shapeshifter kind, Shaeya would be expected to take a lifetime mate within her pack, or risk being an outcast.

She and Zoquevarr could only be lovers, not mates. Never mates.

Still... what fun was having sense, anyway? "Dinner with you is always exquisite, vampyre, even if you aren't nude... at least, not yet you aren't."

Shaeya flattened her breasts against his chest, sensually rubbing against his white silk dress shirt -- the one that perfectly complimented his charcoal-colored Italian suit. She always felt like such a vixen around him, whether simply playful or eager to know his bed.

"Nude 'comes' later," he bantered, even as his gaze devoured her alive. "Did you know my race of vampyre, while not normally purple, does possess the ability to alter the tone of our skin." He paused, and Shaeya witnessed the tease lighting the depths of his eyes. "Shall I be purple tinted for our first time together?"

"I only want one part of you purple... vampyre." Shaeya subtly undulated against his cock, playing the temptress to what he was, pure, not-to-be-denied temptation.

"I believe you have already achieved that color of purple, my lovely wolf woman."

Zoquevarr speared his fingers into her hair capturing the back of her head. His arm swept around her waist, and he crushed her close. Shaeya had the briefest glimpse of his descending mouth before he divinely yet ruthlessly seized her lips, then ruled.

She adored it. Fisting his dark mane of hair, Shaeya pulled like a wanton, all the while his kiss shattered her insides in the most passionate and give-me-more way.

~ Happy Springtime Shapeshifting ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

"I only want one part of you purple... vampyre." Oooh, Shaeya...you go Princess!!

Great flash, Savanna. :)

Pat C. said...

Whoo -- things are heating up on the vampire/werewolf detente front. Will we get a flashback to Paris?

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, thanks. These two are fun to write.

Savanna Kougar said...

What a good idea, Pat. A flashback to Paris.

Pat C. said...

They'll always have Paris. Here's looking at you, kid.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, they'll always have Paris... but, I think they'll be looking at each other a lot.