Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thunderwolf Finds His Angel

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

May you all stay safe and curled-up cozy during the severe storms of 2012.

Thunderwolf Finds His Angel

Thunder boomed overhead, so ominously loud Khyla shot her gaze skyward, and muttered, "Sounds like an enraged cruel god."

Not a drop of rain followed. The clouds remained grayish, and blanketed the Montana sky, but threatened no immediate storm.

With a defiant tilt of her chin, Khyla glared. "I don't care what you say. Why don't you just send tornadoes? A whole pack of them. Oh wait, that might put an end to my miserable life."

Khyla wasn't having a bad day. A bad week, or even a bad month. She was having a bad life. A whole bad lifetime.

"Over sixty effing years of a mostly bad, bad life. And now the whole world has gone wacko, insane... over the damn freaking fucking edge."

Khyla looked downward as she realized what she'd said. "Over the edge." After trekking the back trails, she'd managed to find a waterfall off the beaten track, one that was tall enough -- with enough rushing water. Where she wouldn't be found. At least, not for a long time.

Mesmerized by the cascading crash of water, by nature's beauty... by the sparkling play of light and shadow, by the silvery liquid jewels caught inside the falling water, she didn't move. Why not enjoy, if this was the last day...

"They're fairies. The fae as we call them."

Startled beyond any ability to think, Khyla spun around. Her jaw dropped. Her eyes felt like they widened to saucer-size.

How had this man snuck up on her so easily? She should have heard him moving through the thick brush. Even the narrow trail she'd used had been nearly obscured by Spring's new growth.

Besides, he was no mountain man type... not a park ranger either. No, he appeared to be hiking, or vacationing, given his garb and the light gear he carried.

But, really, over-the-top strange to her, he somewhat, only somewhat, resembled Fabio, the male cover model on bodice ripper romance novels.

Khyla scowled and leaned forward, ready to take a swing at him. "Hey, whoever you are, where did you come from?"

Really, what did she care if was a stone cold killer -- a psycho searching out his next victim? Here was a chance to do the world a favor. Or, she'd simply accomplish her goal in another way. After all, dead was dead.

"The fae enjoy riding down the waterfall inside their bubbles. Weren't you gazing at the glints of light, thinking of them as jewels?"

Well, the last of his words certainly rocked her back on her heels. Was Fabio Jr. some sort of real psychic mind reader?

"Quite poetic. But, I asked you a question." Khyla cocked her head and planted her fists on her hips. Then, she gave him the eye, the eye that demanded he give it up and tell her the truth.

"You don't know who you are." She watched his gaze become speculative. "Do you?"

"Hey, who has those color of eyes?" Khyla took an assertive step forward. "On second thought, maybe I should be asking 'what' you are."

With a grin that was all too self-satisfied, even smug... with eyes that held gales of laughter, he set his pack down. "If you'll allow me to disrobe, I'll show--"

"Don't you dare! I know how to... well, I know... I might be old but I'm not decrepit."

He raised a dark eyebrow, a gold tinted dark eyebrow. "Weren't you about to remove your clothing?"

"Okay," she stormed, because she had been about throw off her clothes, and jump into the waterfall naked, "have it your way. I'll bite. Who are you?"

"Bite," he drawled in a slightly southern accent. "Oh, I do hope you bite."

Mentally thrown off stride by his obvious sexual innuendo, Khyla clamped her jaw shut for an instant, then shouted, "What are you some kind pervert rapist?"

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?" He paused, and Khyla swallowed hard watching him slowly undo the buttons on his khaki shirt. "Actually, I'm a wolf. A. real. live. wolf shapeshifter."

Oh yeah, it so figured with her *if it wasn't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all* life. Oh yeah, here she was trying to end it all, only to be waylaid by Mr. Insanity himself. "What are you going to do? Eat me, big bad wolf?"

He gave her another one of those 'I own the world' grins. "You could say that. In fact, I promise." His gaze gradually lowered to her crotch.

Khyla shivered hot then cold inside. "You can't do that. You're young. I'm old. Okay, I don't exactly feel 'old' in that way... stuck in rocking chair old. But that's not the point..."

Her words failed. His chest gleamed with more solid muscle than she'd ever seen, up close and personal that is.

"One bite and our ages won't matter... Khyla."

"How do you..." Her heart skipped several beats, and she stepped backward fast.

"Careful." His arm snaked out and he captured her forearm. His gaze penetrated hers in a way Khyla had never known -- as if he connected with her because that's all he'd ever desired. "Want to know the name of your future mate?"

Shock chilled her to the bone. Yet his touch, his hold on her arm felt like passion's pure fire.

"Future mate," she garbled out, then weakly pulled against his grip.

"Thunderwolf," he rumbled sexily, and as if she'd said yes to his question.

Her breath whooshed from her lungs. "Thunder," she murmured, once she could breathe again.

"Yes, the thunder you heard showed me your location. The thunder brother is my ally."

"Who -- who are you? Really..." Khyla trembled from head to foot, wildly trembled.

"You could say shaman, high priest, a medicine man for my kind," he paused, his gaze studying her. "One who knows the thoughts of others." Gently, he drew her toward him, and Khyla became overwhelmed by his potent masculine scent. He also smelled deeply of the forest, as if he'd...

"Yes, I've traveled this forest for the past three days to meet with my long lost cousin in Talbot's Peak."

Khyla jerked back, but was steadied by his possessive grip on her arm. "That's the weirdest town I've ever been in. I swear."

"What happened? Were you harmed?"

His concern cut through Khyla like the quick swipe of a knife, and also surprised the living hell out of her. "Nooo... nothing major. I just... just felt like, like prey. At times."


His following smile owned every particle of her. How odd. But then, everything was definitely in the high strangeness category.

"Would you like to know who you are?"

His tone enticed and waves of tingles surged through Khyla. He knew something. That much she acknowledged to herself.

"Who am I?" she dared, her blood sparking through her veins.

"An angel. My angel. And you're about to fall into my arms."

~ Happy Springtime Shapeshifting ~


Savanna Kougar
~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Mmmmmyeah. Fabio all alone and helpless in the woods. Obviously I've been hiking in the wrong places. I'm going right out, strip off all my clothes and find a waterfall. Maybe not in that order.

Hooray for this flash! More sex for old ladies! (Said the old lady as she dropped her drawers.)

Pat C. said...

Love the pic, too.

Savanna Kougar said...

Wouldn't that be a real wish come true if it was simply a matter of finding an out of the way waterfall, and having a hero shapeshifter show up, and then dropping drawers?

Hey, on an off topic, I heard there was some sort of ad/commercial for condoms where they showed senior citizens engaging in ribald behavior.