Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Love for Valentine's Day

A little something to warm you up for your special Valentine!

Josh pulled back the curtain and sighed.  Cold didn’t need more description than the snow and ice already decorating the horizon.  The warmth of southern California was great.  He loved the surf and sands more than he realized.  Still it was good to be back home. The bar had thrived under Sally and her husband’s care.  More was to come as they opened a second establishment back in California.  That place would be inhabited from time to time as things permitted.  Josh wondered if the managers Anthony had hired would work out.  That was for another time and place.  Anchorage welcomed them home.
“Can’t sleep,” a soft feminine voice whispered in his ear.  Tory was awake.  Anthony’s snores filled the room in between the soft sighs of Tory’s breath warming Josh’s ear.  Her stomach rubbed up against him.  Their daughter would have a brother come fall.  The tyke would be a handful if he turned out to be anything like Azalea.  Their Azzy was a terror when she took off running.  Since she’d learned to walk she’d kept them going.  Now at two, she loved to wrap those whose attention she captured around her little finger.  Even Tongson had taken to her and her him.  Who knew what the future held in store for their little girl.  One day she wouldn’t be small. 
 Josh would worry about that when the day came.  For now he was content.  Anthony had spent more time with him during their sojourn in California.  The vitality of their connection was vibrant and renewed.  What neither of them had known was how strong their link to Tory would grow either. Yes, they’d been a family unit before.  Josh had grown to love Tory.   Now he was in love with her.  In love with her as much as he was with Anthony.  Making love with either of them felt so right.  And their threesome last night. . .
Josh felt himself grow hard as images and feelings from the prior night’s activity swirled back up.  Tory’s soft kiss reminded him of what loving more than one offered him.  The possibilities were endless.  Yes, things were harder than with two.  He smiled as Tory nibbled his neck and ran her hands down his waist toward his growing desire.  His cock seemed to rise as though eager to greet her searching hand and fill it.  Things were also easier with more than two.  Josh jerked his hips as Tory’s hand closed around him.  He bit his lip to keep from groaning too loudly and waking Anthony.  Though Josh doubted Anthony would sleep much longer given how Tory’s hormones were ramping up.  Last night penetrated by both of them, she’d rocked and moaned to several minor orgasms before she’d cried out in two double orgasms back to back.  Thank the gods and goddesses shape shifters could withstand the ardors of strong love making. 
And there was that. . .they made love.  Fucking happened now and then.  It remained fun and hot as well as sweaty.  Sex was a wondrous gift that could lead to tenderness and incredible feelings.  It could also hurt if the participants weren’t careful.  Josh knew that didn’t necessarily mean just physical either.   He’d learned the hard way.  And his heart had survived.  He’d found a place to call home and a family that worked and fit for him.


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