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What Would Be My Dream Valentine's Day?

Apologies, shapeshifter lovers, this is Part 2 of my flash scene, starring my heroine, Szarelle, an unknown type of cat-dog shapeshifter & my two heroes, Daejh and Dryce, who are Lynx shapeshifters, with a few surprising tricks up the sleeves of their winter parkas.

Part 1 was posted on Tuesday, my regular day to blog. Here's the link


What Would Be My Dream Valentine's Day?

"What in the--" Dryce cut the power, and turned his snowmobile so hard, it slid sideways spraying a wall of snow.

Behind him, his brother, Daejh nearly collided into him, but managed to haul his snowmobile up short.

"I see it," Daejh shouted. "What the scat is a force field doing out here?"

"Never been one here before." Dryce planted his legs in the two-foot blanket of snow,  and jerked around.

He stared at what he'd seen with his Lynx vision. The exotic technology glimmered slightly reflecting the dying rays of the sun.

Daejh maneuvered his snowmobile next to Dryce. For several moments their fast breaths clouded the icy air as they studied the frequency mesh that appeared to cover about a quarter of mile like a dome.

"Nope, never before," Daejh agreed in his pondering rumble. "We've been doin' regular runs out in this territory for nine years--watching out for the eco-system."

"This sure isn't eco-friendly." Dryce slitted his eyes, spying a slight variation in the texture of the snow. "Looks like there could be one of those prepper underground pods."

"I'm not scenting anyone but the woman shifter. You?" Daejh asked.

From the corner of his eye, Dryce watched his brother open his parka only enough to draw out his disrupter, as he called the ray-gun like device he'd invented.

"Only the woman." Dryce spoke after he'd painstakingly sniffed the area, well beyond what the force field covered.

"I always count on your nose, bro." Pointing the disrupter, Daejh growled, "Let's see what this baby can do."

Past experience with his brother's James Bond inventions, had Dryce walking the snowmobile backward. "Hope the satellite surveillance grid misses this."

Don't have time to block it out," Daejh snarled with his determination. "She's desperate. I can feel it," he continued, even as he fired a blast.

White plasma sparks exploded outward. Prepared to grab his brother's shoulder, and haul him out of the way, Dryce stilled instead.

A hole formed, and spread slowly, as if the frequency mesh simply melted. Daejh aimed lower, firing a stronger blast.

Again plasma leapt, looking like lightning serpents. As the atmosphere sizzled with ozone, more of the force field collapsed, and faster now.

"That extra high IQ of yours sure is impressive, bro." Dryce spoke as he switched his snowmobile back on, and revved the engine.

"Right behind you," Daejh shouted. "I don't see the underground structure."

Dryce launched through the opening, then quickly picked up speed. Even as twilight fell, his lynx eyesight locked on the pod's location.

The noxious smell of chemicals hit Dryce square in the nostrils as he closed in. Drugs, the heavy duty pharmaceutical kind permeated the immediate area.

But, what the fuck? Dryce didn't scent any contamination of the woman shifter's blood, though.

She smelled pure, and her luscious fragrance beckoned him. The urge to protect the woman, rescue her raged through Dryce, every molecule of him.

He wasn't certain how. But that didn't matter.

Nearly on top of the structure, Dryce skid to a halt.  "Let's start disrupting this damn concrete."


What would be my dream Valentine's Day?
Szarelle chanted to herself, as she drifted into the light trance state that had always been natural to her.

Scenes from prior Valentine's Day celebrations flitted before her mind's eye. A smile curved her lips since most had been -- if not wildly passionate -- a whole lot of lighthearted fun.

No doubt she was girl who loved to dress up and party with friends, or anyone in the mood for a good-time frolic, as she called it -- the caveat being, Szarelle avoided the whole get-drunk, get-drugged scene like the plague.

Concentrating, she imagined herself wearing the flirty, red-as-sin dress she'd purchased shortly before being abducted. When she'd been hiking as her human self on the Ocho Rios Mystic Mountain in Jamaica.

Her creature side adored prowling the trails, as well. Probably why the mad-scientists creeps had discovered her ability to morph.

So, where in the world ... there were so many beautiful romantic places to choose. Although, her sis, who lived in Talbot's Peak -- or shapeshifter-landia -- had become a rabid fan of the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

As often as possible during her ordeal, Szarelle gave life to the various events held at the grand elegant establishment, remembering the way Gayle enthused about them, whenever they talked on a secure phone line. Her sis's encrypted emails had also included descriptions, since photos weren't allowed of the Midnight Stardust.

Envisioning the supperclub's glittery ceiling of stars ... the sparkling red and pink hearts decorating the dining area ... the romantic rose-colored lighting surrounding couples on the dance floor ... Szarelle fantasized about becoming the belle of the Valentine's Day ball.

She danced in the arms of handsome shifters, other sexy supernatural men, and the vampire escorts Dante, the club's owner, kept as part of the supperclub's staff -- according to her sis, that is. The creamy rich dessert she pretended to indulge in, was divine, of course, as were the flutes of rosé wine.

Howling to the gods, hunger tormented her. Even now Szarelle salivated for the foods she missed, what she craved.

While her captors did feed her somewhat nutritionally -- so she'd have enough energy shapeshift -- it was hardly the same.

Jerked out of her fantasy by what sounded like three muffled explosions, Szarelle shot upright. When the sounds stopped, she switched to her animal hearing, not certain if her ears deceived her.

Several moments later, the walls and floor trembled. Szarelle grabbed her knees, curling up in the middle of the bunk.

What the fricking hell? Was this a new tactic by the sicko nerd scientists to trick her into morphing?

If so, she wasn't ... sounds like concrete exploding had Szarelle burying her face between her thighs, becoming more of a ball. Around her, the small enclosure quaked.

Earthquake! she screamed inside her mind.

It took an instant, but her mind clicked on. Escape, she had a freaking chance to escape.

Even though, the pod continued to shake, Szarelle peeked above her knees. Hoping to find a way out of her underground prison, she began searching for cracks.

Instead, a giant spray of gravel shot toward the foot of her bunk. Szarelle scooted back fast.

"She's in here," a male voice boomed.


Daejh lowered his disrupter quick, not wanting to frighten the gorgeous woman huddled against the wall. She stared at him, her sapphire, gold-flecked eyes wide, her lips parted in shock. 

Fast as lightning, her expression changed. She scowled ferocious as a wildcat and a wolf combined. "If you're another bad-guy creep, I'm not shapeshifting no matter--"

Knowing they had to get the hell out of Dodge ... that bad-guy creeps raced toward them, Daejh merged his mind with the spirited woman. He projected who he was as a near-instant download. Then, he flooded her mind with his and Dryce's intention to rescue her.

"Shift!" Dryce yelled. His charge inside the small room shoved Daejh to the side. "It's the only way we can keep you warm enough." 

At the woman's hesitation, Daejh encouraged, "We gotta make a run for it."

A split second later, Daejh watched her decide. Heedless of the hospital-type gown that only partially covered her, the woman morphed like her life depended on it. In a yowling fury, with her fangs and claws bared, she completed her shift.

Stepping in front of him, Dryce opened his arms to the mythically beautiful creature who dropped Daejh's jaw. Graceful as a lioness, she sprang, landing perfectly within his brother's embrace.

"Keep us covered," Dryce shouted over his shoulder, once he'd squeezed past.

Spinning fast, following in Dryce's wake, Daejh knew he wanted nothing more than to do just that. He knew, like he sensed his brother knew, they'd just found their mate.


~ Have a Magickal Valentine's Day ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Yay! Sounds like Szarelle's going to get her Valentine's day after all and with double the sexy rescuing trouble (trouble for her heart that is.) ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Szarelle is being rescued, and about to get a Valentine's Day she'll never forget. ~smiles~