Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Ground Hog Saw His What!?

Gill shook from head to tail and back.  A full moon and the coldest night combined together had him scampering for the hot tub.  Problem was the hot tub had a thick layer of ice across the top of the cover.  The water below was probably cold enough to freeze a squirrel’s nuts on contact.  And he wasn’t wasting his finding out.   He made a mad dash back toward the house.  Wind swirled around him blustering more than snow and cold.  If he didn’t get inside soon, Gill would be a squirrel icicle.

Gill hit the dog door of the back door off the kitchen.  He slid across the floor, spun around, and slammed into the baseboard near the liquor cabinet.  He grabbed his head and tried to stand.  Not even two foot tall and with one hell of a---a what.  He’d forgotten why he even bothered venturing out of the house.  The frackin’ full moon was supposed to be behind the clouds.  Not the clouds behind it.  As a moonbeam illuminated the window, Gill swallowed hard.  His bourbon and soda sat on the counter calling to him.  A sip would warm his blood and thaw him out.    Way his luck was running, he’d be more pickled than thawed.  Gill backed up looking up and down the counter wondering how he could find a way up.    He backed up further.

Just as he reached the section near the stove a thrust of wind tossed the dog door open blowing snow over the kitchen floor and on top of him.  Gill cussed, chirped, barked, and sneezed.  Forget his drink, the candied pecans he’d gone out on the back porch looking for in the storage cabinet, and most of all forget Rascal’s blasted dog door.  Tomorrow that thing was getting boarded up except for a small opening Gill to go in and out of.  And next full moon, Phil better be on his way out of town running full throttle cuz half of the Peak was gonna be gunning for him.  Early spring bah hum bug!


Happy Weekend Gang!

Hope you are staying warm and inside reading to escape the snow and ice.  The Spice Homestead had our time of cold and snow but not the amounts showing up in the Northeast.  

Its been a crazy week with my auto in the shop needing repairs.  Now that is behind me, let's hope the early spring Phil predicted begins to show up.  Brrr baby its cold outside!

Remember to share not only a good book or two with your loves, but the blankets and body warmth too!




Serena Shay said...

Ah Gil, winter is just pure hell for squirrels and the smaller animals, isn't it. Ooh, maybe the town needs a place for all the non winter enjoying shifters to arboretum of sorts. Trees, ponds and warmth all through the winter months. I smell an executive order in the works! :D

Pat C. said...

I'm betting Dante already has one of those, but one for the "blue collar" shifters might be in order. Does Talbot's Peak have a public rec center? Or maybe the high school has something for its herbivorous students. I'll bet their school dances are something.

Poor Gil! Winter is not kind to the small furry creatures. Maybe that's why most of them hibernate.


Savanna Kougar said...

Fun Gil flash, Solara. Stay warm! Blanket cuddling is always good.

An arboretum, or like a solarium would be a fab place for the Peakers to hang out during winter. Get a good dose of those sunrays.

No, being a wolf and having the great outdoors to run in, and with no current demand, Dante doesn't have an arboretum in his underground Pleasure Club. Although, at the top of Midnight Stardust Supperclub, there is a natural woodland setting to disguise the dome area beneath the stars.

However, I imagine Kitty being a kitty girl would like to have a sunny recreational center in town.

Solara said...

Thanks Serena, Pat, and Savanna! Yeppers Pat what you said. Squirrelcicle. Poor Gill. He wants peace and quiet. Instead he gets pieces of quiet without much lasting side effects.