Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frieda's Fancy

Frieda lowered her forehead to the intricately carved door and pulled in a shuddering breath.  She’d finally gotten up the nerve to talk to Dante about her secret desire to tie another with the soft Shibari ropes she’d been collecting for what seemed like forever. 

He’d taken her seriously, even offered a calming smile at her halting request to find another who enjoyed the art.  It was really too bad that he was off the market, as the naturally hewn strength of his body would make a beautiful canvas for her ropes. 

He’d pledged to find her another with which to play.  On the other side of this door was the fulfillment of that promise and she was terrified to step through.

“No, you have to do this.  You are this close to realizing a dream…no stopping now,” Frieda mumbled into the wood.  How many pep talks had she given herself—hundreds?  Of those, what was the total sum she’d failed to follow through on—about the same number.  She couldn’t fall short this time.

With that thought held firmly in her heart she eased to door open and stepped inside.


Upon first glance the place was dark, almost foreboding, until she spied the blue-haired god perched upon a chair in the middle of the room.  Light shone down on his perfectly formed and tanned body, free from all fabrics and even body hair.  Her ropes would lie perfectly against his skin.

Frieda moved closer, setting her bag on the floor next to his chair.  She reached out to touch the bulging muscle of his chest, but stopped, determined to do this the right way.

“H-hello,” she squeaked, before clearing the frog from her throat and starting again.  “Hello, my name is
Frieda and you are?”

“At your disposal…”

Dear heavens he was gorgeous… she thought as he brought his gaze level with hers.  Dante had indeed provided her with the perfect partner, but she had to do this right. 

“That’s wonderful, but shouldn’t I have your name and safe word before we play…I-I mean, your name and safe word.  Now!  Please…”

“Relax, lovely lady, you are going to do fine,” he whispered, easing her hand between his.  “You can call me Burgess and my safe word is Blue.”

“Okay, thank you.”  She blew out a nervous breath and started again. “Please sit back and we’ll begin.”


Frieda worked for nearly an hour winding the soft, thin ropes around every part of the body before her.  He was perfect.  His arms were bound behind him stretching his chest tight and showing the rest of the ropes she’d wound, down and around, the rest of his body.

He was a beautiful picture, live art constrained for her desire.  Proof of that arousal grew between her legs.  She longed for release, but could not look away from her creation.

Long, soft arms came around her shoulders while a lush feminine body melded its front to her back.  “My Penguino is a delicious sight, fair Frieda.  And as you can see by the joyous look upon his face, you have pleased him well.  Please, allow my mink, Daniel and I to show our appreciation of your art.”

The softest fur she’d ever felt wrapped around her ankle, while the elusive Mistress Penelope slid her hand lower.  She stroked over Frieda’s stomach and headed further south. 

“Yes…” Frieda whispered, finally giving herself over to the pleasure she’d been seeking for oh so long.

May all of your Valentine gifts be wrapped as tightly and deliciously as Frieda's!



Pat C. said...

Ambush! No fair!

Though I doubt if Frieda's complaining ...

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...nope, she's not complaining!

Savanna Kougar said...

Fabulous erotic flash-ing, Serena. And mental images were fab. The Penguino artfully displayed for pleasure.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Yeah, I'd love to have the Penguino displayed for my pleasure. Mmmm