Saturday, February 23, 2013

Squirrel What?!

Gill looked up from the open box sitting on his desk in the mayor's office in downtown Talbot's Peak.  He glanced over his shoulder and back around the room.  Melody had closed the office door as she exited.  Gill leaned back in his chair and snorted.

"Who is the culprit behind this?"  Gill pondered who could be pranking him.  Not that anyone in particular had an inkling that doing so wasn't going to upset him.  His tree group agreed that greased bird feeders was funny until they ended up covered in the gunk from a return prank on them from another tree group.   Gill sat upright as it hit him who could be behind the box and its contents. 

 He plucked the shirt out  of the box and shook it out.  He squinted and pulled the shirt closer.  "Oh holy nuts," he muttered, tossing the shirt aside.  Gill tipped the box upright.  Several more shirts fell out and landed across the desk.  A crumpled sheet of paper stuck out from where it lay between shirts still in the box.  Gill swallowed hard.  What else had Nestor gotten him into?  Hadn't the idiot realized acorn ale and a full moon didn't mix?  Or was this from a poker game that only penny antes were allowed and now pay off was being called in?

Gill smoothed the sheet of paper out on the desk and read the neatly printed message.

Dear Mr Mayor,
Enclosed are the twelve baseball jersey shirts you requested.  Our company appreciates the advertising as well as the community support your office is doing.  May Talbot's Peak win the first shape shifter interspecies league world series!  Please notify us when tryouts and practices start.  Our son and daughter are interested in playing.  It's great that you are leading this effort.

Mack & Maudie Squirrel

Gill shook his head.  Once again he'd stuck his paw in it-this time deeper than he remembered.  Kids!  And sports?!  The closest to sports he got was watching them on television.  Now he had to figure out how to play the game, much less get a team ready to participate.  First he needed to find the money to fund the endeavor.  Who and how much?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like Gill has bitten off another chunk of something.  Let's see where this leads to.  Spring and baseball season are not far off.  As we battle the last weeks of winter, the trees around the Spice Homestead are budding.  Dang though it has been cold inbetween burst of warmth.  Stay safe, warm, and healthy.  Share a good book or two with your Spice and loves as you recreate this weekend.  I know I am!




Pat C. said...

Y'know, I'll bet Damien Hancock would gladly fund a Little Shifters' League ball team, especially if he found out Brandon Wayne was funding one. Now all we need is for Guri or Sanjay to volunteer to coach.

Those poor kids. That field is gonna be like World War III.

Savanna Kougar said...

Or, maybe the kids will bring some harmony, and less bared fangs between enemies.

What about Moony, he's a sports guy werewolf? And the kids, Thor and Loki, could work off some of that youngster energy.

Yeah, the weather has been up and down here. Currently we're buried in a foot and a half of snow.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I saw the squirrel whisperer pic on Facebook and the flash grew out of that.