Thursday, February 28, 2013

Before Dante's Inferno, Saving the Gold

Thursday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 
Okay, since I was on an editing roll, this is only the first part of Volcano and Sedona's flash scene -- my hero and heroine in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS.


Before Dante's Inferno, Saving the Gold

Sedona hovered above the enormous stack of gold bars that formed a pyramid. Her angel wings strained to hold her in position.

She still learned how to use them, how to transfer the ethereal energies to keep her manifested wings strong, flapping for long periods. Closing her eyes for moments, she steadied herself -- and lost mental contact with Volcano.

Even now, her carnal cherub spun through the early night sky above her, torpedoing toward the Annunaki transport craft. More crucial right now, though... Sedona cast her inner eye over the hidden cache of gold.

She made certain the mantle of protection she'd created remained unbroken, preventing those who were sometimes called fallen angels from beaming the bars aboard their cloaked craft.

The pirated gold had been stockpiled inside the mountain cavern by one faction of the new world order. As a divine intervention -- a counterstrike against evil -- she and Volcano phased inside the enormous, artificially lit stronghold.

With their combined power they'd battled and defeated two dragon shapeshifter guards, and a squad of super soldiers. Ultimately, with a point of his finger, Volcano delivered them to an inter-dimensional purgatory.


Volcano whirled at quantum speed, each rotation faster than the one before. Too late, the dark ones sensed his presence.

Before he speared into the hyper-grav field of their craft, the crew attempted to streak toward their base on the moon, abandoning their gold prize.

Volcano would have allowed the Annunaki to escape, sealed the gold pyramid inside the sacred ethers, and gone disco dancing with his beloved Sedona -- as they'd planned before this sudden mission.

The dark ones' mistake, dispatching two shadow warriors to kick his cherub butt, and drain his vital force. Angelic elixir energies sold for a premium in the intergalactic marketplace.

As the warriors attacked, Volcano reversed his spin quicker than the blink of an eye. With the density of Earth momentarily cracked open, he seized their snapping whips of energy,

He snaked them back around his foes, disabling their rush to capture him, crush him between their huge forms, then put the black-hole squeeze on him.

Transforming the air around him into a tornadic vortex, Volcano sucked off their remaining energy-force, even as he shot upward.

Righteous satisfaction filled him as he bulleted into the craft's propulsion field, causing it to rock like a ship caught in an ocean superstorm. Once the grav-frequencies were discombobulated, and the craft trembled, Volcano allowed the Annunaki leave.

For a moment, he stayed suspended, watching the disc shudder and limp toward the full moon, the Snow Moon high above.

Sedona. Knowing his beloved woman remained safe, Volcano waited for her to commune with him. As he floated back to Earth, he cleared their path for a return flight to the Interspecies Pleasure Club.

Volcano, you've got them on the run. Okay, not running, but escaping like the snake-bellied cowards they are. Meeting you at the entrance.

Falling now, my angel woman. Into your arms.  

Already his superspeed cycle hummed to life. Yet... How about sky-dancing beneath the Snow Moon before we disco down to the beat?

Before we feel the inferno? At Dante's Inferno... perfect, carnal cherub.  

On wings gleaming with starlight and moonlight, his Sedona ascended toward him, despite her weariness.


~ Have a Magickal Snow Moon Week ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Pat C. said...

Pity they can't teleport some of that gold to a hiding place in Talbot's Peak, for Dante to use in defense of the Peakers. Or can they?

Consider it the cover charge.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, good idea. But Volcano is under Divine mandate, and for now the gold is hidden in an ether pocket outside of time.

Although, if Dante or other on-the-good-side Peakers need a gold bar or two for black market trading, I'll bet Volcano would get the okay.

Plus, maybe, it could be used to back the Talbie. Although, the local currency needs to succeed simply because it's used as a means of keeping commerce going.