Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zaig sauntered into town...

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

I spent most of my writing time today editing HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, and got quite a bit done. I'm about two-thirds finished, and figured I'd better go with the flow while I could. Yeah, especially given all the roadblocks there've been.

Thus, hopefully for your enjoyment, I let the muse run fancy free, and this is the result... so far.


Zaig sauntered into town...

Zaig sauntered into town, his curled tail tight to his back. Given it was nearing midnight and snowflakes pelted him, not many were around to witness his arrival in shapeshifter-landia, otherwise known as Talbot's Peak.

Being a Shiba Inu dog shapeshifter, and only weighing about twenty pounds when soaking wet, Zaig figured he needed a positive male attitude. Oh hell yeah, he heard and smelled the werewolves and the big cat shifters roaming, enjoying the wintery night in the forest close to town.

No need for him to be dinner, though. But he sure could use some dinner. His stomach growled, agreeing.

Where? He couldn't morph to human. His energy had been too doggone depleted.  'Doggone', he was already thinking in the western lingo he'd been studying.

Using the last dregs of his energy, Zaig strutted his stuff, and headed toward the late-night bar with the most enticing scent. He'd escaped from the Billings, Montana animal shifter, just in the nick of time before his balls would have been nicked off.

Ouch-howl! Zaig shivered, remembering.

Sprinting for his life, he'd squeezed through a door that was about to be shut. As the good-hearted humans chased after him, Zaig dodged and darted through traffic.

Running as far and as fast as possible, he'd continued his journey to the Red Silk Garter Saloon. Owned by his jackal shifter buddies, the Old West saloon was one of many bars and businesses located inside Dante's underground complex -- so they'd explained to him.

Even though, Zaig performed card tricks for partying fun and not for profit, Drew and Dune had offered him a position at the saloon. Knowing Zaig's ability to deal was slicker than most card sharks, they'd promised him a good salary, and a place to bed down.

Being at loose ends, and with no prospects... hell-yip, with shapeshifter hunters suddenly on his human tail, Zaig had made a run for it, as his dog self. With the Ninja like bastards shadowing him through four states, he hadn't been able to contact Drew and Dune.

Finally shaking the hunters' dogged pursuit, Zaig had curled up inside a vacant dog house, only to be picked by animal control. He'd been in a dead-tired sleep.

Now, salivating from hunger, Zaig broke into a trot beneath the shop awnings where the snow hadn't accumulated. The fragrance of raw and cooking meat drove him forward.

He hoped someone would have a heart, and feed him at what was obviously a late-night bar. Zaig well knew he looked like an underfed stray. Hell, maybe a pathetic one at that.

If no one offered him a meal, he'd rely on his super quick agility, on his wily skills to steal a bite or two, as much as he could gulp down.

"Omygawd, pup," a woman's concerned voice interrupted his dash for the opening door. "What are you doing out here on this freezing cold night?"

Before he knew it, Zaig had been scooped up -- hugged against a bosom he only wished he could see as his human self. Even through the woman's expensive wool coat, Zaig felt her 'make him drool' shape. 

With his hunger temporarily forgotten, he sniffed her scent -- like a rose warmed by  sunshine, but earth-musky and womanly. She wasn't a shifter, but she wasn't only human either.

"Put that mangy thing down," a man's arrogant, cultured voice commanded.

"I will not."

"You will. Or we're--"

"We've been finished for a long time," she interrupted, her tone like a bitch who'd endured too much, and was making her stand.

"Your father won't be happy, Saffina. We have an agreement."

"I don't give a flying you know what. Right now, I'm going in that bar. By myself. I'm going to make certain this dog is fed. Report that to father for all I care."

With that, Saffina hugged him a bit tighter, and marched toward the door someone from inside was opening for her.



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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Right on, Saffina! Kick that bubba to the curb and take care of the sweet pup's needs. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, it was time to kick that bubba to the curb, alright.

Pat C. said...

Forget the curb! Bite him in the nuts! We needs more heroes willing to do that for their woman.

This story looks like it's going to be fun, bitten nuts or not.

Savanna Kougar said...

When Zaig gets his strength back, a good nut chomping is on his short list.