Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time Out for A Well Needed Pause

Happy Weekend Gang!

The weather plus extra hours at the day job have tired the Spice Homestead out.  I'm taking a time out to finish up edits and revisions. 

Hope you enjoy the cover for Tina's Treasures.  As soon as I have a solid release date and approved blurb, I'll post more.  Until then, enjoy the anticipation and the delicious cover artwork.

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

WOW! Provocative and hot in the extreme. And I like the font and coloring for your author name. Cool on cool.

Pat C. said...

Ah, yes. Editing. Always fun. We've got yet another snowstorm headed our way, so now you've got something to do while the snow piles up outside. Enjoy!

Solara said...

Thank you Pat and Savanna!