Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear TP Lupa...

Wow, I'm slow as molassas today.  I suspect it's that stress let down.  My whole week has been really the point where I'm behind on everything I have to do.  LOL  I must have needed the break more than I thought.

Anyway, it looks like Nick and Ziva had more to share with us today.  Enjoy!


“How are you doing? Full?” Nick whispered into her ear.

Ziva leaned against Nick’s wide chest and enjoyed each soft, circular rub of his hand over her small baby bump.  The meal he’d made and served to her, finger style, sat happily in her tummy and gave her a case of the sleepy’s.  “Mmmm…”

“I’ll take that as a good sign.”

“You should, Mate,” she murmured from the hazy, warm cocoon his body created around her.

“Is there anything I can get you?” His massage moved slowly from her front, down her sides and around to her already sore back.  If he moved around to her – ding, ding, ding – hips…

“Ah Lupa, that feels sublime.  Who knew pregnancy affected your hips so soon.”

“Elly said her hips hurt right off,” Nick said. “Maybe it’s more common than you think.”

“Your mother-in-law birthed bighorn sheep, I’m thinking that’s probably bigger than a wolf pup…do you think they’re born with their horns?” Ziva shuddered at that thought of that, thankful once again she was wolf. “Ugh.”

“Knowing that brood, they probably were.”

She could feel his grimace without even seeing it, she knew her mate better than he even realized.  Which was why she knew he was angling for something.  Looking at his bare feet she couldn’t wait to test her theory. “Nicky, I want to paint your toenails – cotton candy pink, I think. Whad’ya say?”
He tensed, but didn’t say anything…how far would he go to get what he wanted?

“Sure, where’s the stuf…”

Ziva elbowed him in the gut and pushed up so she could turn and look him in the face.  “You mutt…I don’t want to paint any of your nails, especially pink.  What do you want?”

“Nothing, why would you think I wanted something?”

“Stow the innocent look, Nick.  Steak bites, nice and red, spicy steak fries and not a veggie in sight when you’ve been forcing me to eat them everyday up until now?  Add to that bacon cupcakes for dessert?  You want something…what is it.”

“Hey, I love you, Mate and you’re carrying my young in there.  I want to take care of you.”

Ziva stared him down, not moving her gaze even one iota.

“Geez, Z, I admit nothing, but if you perhaps wanted to help me with some of my work tonight I wouldn’t say no.”

“Ah huh.” Ziva cuddled back into his body and put his hands back to her achy hips. “What’s the work?”


“Special letters?”

“TP Lupa letters.”

She smiled at his hushed response.  He knew how she felt about the TP Lupa column. It was busy work that always ended up with a woman writing it, as if all women gave great advice.  Ziva was determined that in Talbot’s Peak, the advice column would remain the advice of a man, but sometimes he deserved a break.  “I’ll tell you what…”

“You know what, never mind, just rest, Ziva.  I’ll work on them later.”

“I’ll help, lover.” She picked up his hand and kissed the palm. “But with one only.”

“Thank Lupa…” Nick reached under the pillow and produced a letter and handed it to her. “This one…please.”

Dear TP Lupa,
So I surprised the miss’ with a night at the pleasure club, in the jungle room, and she didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.  Now she wants to go back and visit something called the round-up room.  Should I be worried?
Wolfman Hero

“Damn, a surprise stalking through the jungle and now she wants to brand his ass…”

“Right? How the hell do I answer him…I mean, he does something nice for his woman and that’s how she repays him?”

“Why does this sound so familiar?” Ziva bounced the letter against her lip as Nick’s hands once again moved, this time upward towards her enlarged bust.

“Do you remember the last time we were in the jungle room?”

Damn straight she did.  That was a magical night, private in a way the woods around Talbot’s Peak were not. “Oh, oh my Lupa!”

“Already? Ziva you are getting so sensitive…now all it takes is a little attention to the girls.”

“What? No, sorry no, you’ve gotta work harder than that, Nicky.” But not by much, not that she’d admit as much to him. “I remembered why this seems so familiar.  Last week, Penny was at the club and Dante had to get involved in a quarrel.  Apparently, a bunny was screeching at her hubs about being an idiot wolf and scaring the life out of her.  Know where they came out of?”


“Yep.  A good stalking is not such a great fantasy when you’re already prey in your real-life.”

“So how would you answer the idiot?”

Ziva grabbed a pen and that lap board to write out her reply…

Hey Wolfman Zero,
First, don’t moniker yourself with such a self-important title…there’s nothing heroic about stalking prey who is also your wife without permission.  Second, get a good salve, I suggest an aloe gel, ‘cause your ass is hers.  On the upside, the club has some really nice brand tats to choose from.
TP Lupa OUT!

Nick laughed and kissed her neck, going to the exact spot that got her the hottest.  “Are you sure you don’t want this column permanently?  You’re so good at it!”

“Lupa No!”  She snuggled into his kisses and thought about the costume she still had in her closet at the Wilk compound. “Nick, call Dante tomorrow and sign us up for a night in the Jungle room.”

“You can’t shift right now, Baby.”

“No, but would that stop the big bad wolf from going for my basket of goodies?”

“Zeeeee, I’ve got something that’s all the better to eat you with…want a preview?”

Papers flew, plates crashed to the floor and squeals filled the air…
May your basket of goodies be full of good eats!

Have a great weekend!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, man. Don't piss off the missus in TP! Even bunnies and preggnant wolves! Great flash!

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...right? Though Wolfman Hero I suspect must be some relation to Moon Moon. I mean come on, a surprise stalk of a bunny by a wolf...not thinking there, man. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Lovin' the Nick and Ziva! Yeah, not too smart to stalk a bunny wife ... unless she 'wants' it.

The roundup room... lol... where branding is it's own pleasure or your personal private retaliation.

Great answer, Z as TP Lupa.

Serena Shay said...

Yep, the round up room...rumor has it that room is also great for rope play and living out your cattle drive fantasies. ;)

Pat C. said...

Clearly, hubby has forgotten that bunnies have big feet and excellent aim. Maybe he can read the advice column while he's bent over clutching his jewelbox.

I love peeking in on Nick and Ziva's evolving relationship.

Just wish you hadn't mentioned the Roundup Room, though. I was just talking about Toy Story on another site. Now I've got "Woody's Roundup" going through my head and wondering if the Pleasure Club has a Buzz Lightyear room. To infinity and beyond!

Savanna Kougar said...

cattle drive fantasies... omygosh... ropin' and brandi'... and get along little doggies... yeeehaw!

Why not a Buzz Lightyear room... To orgasm infinity and beyond!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...big feet and excellent aim, that is just what Wolfman Zero needs. Maybe he can convince the missus to give him that form of punishment rather than the one she has in mind. :D

Heck yeah a Buzz Lightyear room...I bet whom ever plays in that room has a fondness for BOB's with everlasting motors!

Serena Shay said...

"To orgasm infinity and beyond!" Nice Savanna! Love it!