Friday, May 2, 2014

Photo Muse Friday...

Happy Friday!  Busy Friday!

So, believe it or not I'm zeroing in on the end of this semester at school.  Thank God or Lupa or Mother Nature...or whomever you have watching over you.  :)  Yep, this is the start of the final week or more accurately finals week and I've got a bombs worth of papers, presentations and designs that are due.  Overwhelming...yes, but it'll be a serious relief to have it done.

That being said, I've dropped the ball on this weeks post.  Ziva's top ten has been lost to my graphic designs business plan needs for my e-commerce class.  Plus, I found that, interestingly enough, Ziva is much like her author and can't seem to settle on only ten.  So she and I have some work to do.  She has pen and paper and has been instructed to get'er done!

Now, that being said, I didn't want to leave ya'll in the lurch for a post today and Mz. Muse is itchy (she can see the light at the end of the semester tunnel and knows her creativity shall soon return) so how about a Photo Muse Friday?  Check out the picture above and in one or two sentences start a steamy, sexy scene for these two lovers.

Do it on your own or feel free to post it in the comments.  It's good practice and hopefully will stimulate a writing session...or a good time with one you love.  ;)

Have fun!

Here's my sentence...

It was a game they played, erotically charged and enticing...  Who would cave first to the promise of sweaty, energetic love?

Now show me yours...
Have a wonderful, erotically charged, weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, a great two sentences!

She'd dreamed of this moment, luring him into a steamy raw encounter that left them both wanting more. Now his kisses and nips on her neck left her wondering if the rumors were true.

Pat C. said...

"You," Rodrigo's warm breath teased the inside of her ear, "are the most beautiful lingerie model I've ever met."

Stephanie gasped. "Shouldn't I be showing this off for your girlfriend?"

"Look there in the mirror, querida. You already are."

So it's more than two sentences. After seeing Misha in a uniform, who can count?