Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Mating dance or battle of the sexes?"

Late afternoon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, this morning my hero, White Fang, a super wolf, and his heroine, Pasha, an Egyptian cat goddess, provided a nice surprise, the beginnings of this love scene. Their story is partly written, and titled, WHITE FANG, ACE WOLF REPORTER... yeah, maybe someday, time will be on my side.

Hope you enjoy...


"Mating dance or battle of the sexes?"

"Pasha." Her name erupted from his lips like the ancient volcano, Vesuvius.
White Fang threaded his fingers through her lush silky hair, and seized the back of her head yet didn't haul Pasha close. The greenfire jewels that were eyes held him in thrall, still brilliant in the dim seductive lighting of his room at the Pleasure Club.
"Beautiful," he softly growled. "How many times have you heard that word?" White Fang taunted a bit, to throw her off balance, to keep her sensual claws from completely hooking him.
White Fang had no desire to be her love-imprisoned slave, as she was capable of magickally forcing upon him. Lykouz, he wanted their passions to be on equal footing -- panting wolf to purring cat.
He wanted them to be lovers.
"Often enough, super wolf," she taunted in return, her voice whispery, and a sexy enticement he barely resisted.
He could have hauled her close, taken Pasha's inviting lips. Instead, White Fang waited, his hunter nature knowing she needed to come into his arms, if he was to gain control over their lovemaking.
"Standoff," he growly murmured, then let his mouth form the smallest grin.
Pasha moved not a muscle, yet her face flared with a supernatural aliveness that transfixed him. "Mating dance or battle of the sexes?" she breathy asked.
White Fang watched her eyelids fall to half-mast, even as her lips curved to match his. "Both," he gutturally barked. "I want both."
As Pasha tilted her chin observing him through her bedroom eyes, volcanic steam poured through White Fang. The ache of need gripped his loins hard, and his cock jerked with a strength that should have torn through his pants.
Adding to is torment, the caress of Pasha's long waving mane teased his fingers, while the flame and golden radiance created a subtle halo around her head.
"Are you so certain you want both?"
Her slow sultry voice razored deliciously over White Fang's skin, and caused his wolf to howl -- a desperate frenzy of howling. His wolf wanted this cat woman with a mating fierceness White Fang had never felt. Even for the woman who was once to be his mate, but who had chosen another days before they were to be royally married.
In this moment, that deep, longtime wound healed over as if miraculously cured. And he hadn't even tasted Pasha's mouth with kisses, with nips, with the sweep of his tongue. That was about to change.
"Yes, Pasha," he answered,
She flinched, and White Fang psi-sensed his powerful affect on her sexual nature.
"Your passion is a cosmic force to be reckoned with," she offered like a gift, a gift from a goddess.
Soon to be his goddess, White Fang decided.
Her gaze flashed with the lightning strength of her ancient Egyptian heritage. No surprise to White Fang. It was a signal Pasha knew the direction of his thoughts.
"Super Wolf," she beckoned and commanded, her tone pure temptress.
Wolfishly smiling within, White Fang enjoyed Pasha's natural haughtiness. To pleasure-torture himself more, he inhaled her rich cinnamon-spice scent, her feline heat for him.
And he waited.
His sentinel standing cock protested blazing need through him. His wolf panted, ready to mount, to possess the cat goddess.
One subtle movement of her mostly bared, beautiful shoulder let White Fang know the instant before Pasha closed the small distance between them. Her hand glided over his shoulder, blasting desire through his veins.
The softness of her belly pressed against his cock, and after an undulation that unleashed his libido, she offered her lips. 

White Fang bent his head seizing her mouth with his. He savored the full shape, the satin texture as his lips roamed hungrily. Pasha matched him taste for wicked taste, kiss for claiming kiss. 
Beyond bearing now, White Fang crushed Pasha against him, one hand still cupping her head, his other arm wound tightly around her. With her hourglass, seductress curves finally his, finally flattened against him, White Fang tightened his hold further. He reveled in the feel of his cat woman, roving his hand over the exposed skin of her back.
The gown she wore became a hindrance and White Fang released the short zipper, feverishly stroking her back while kissing her senseless. Or Pasha kissed him mindless. White Fang wasn't certain which, and didn't damn well care. A magnificent and savage passion owned him.
Pasha moaning-purred against his mouth, then nipped his bottom lip. White Fang tasted the salty tang of blood droplets even as Pasha sensually licked the tiny wound.
Wild with lust, he dropped his head nibbling the sensitive flesh beneath her ear until Pasha surrendered against him. With her fingers like claws, she rapidly swept her hands over his entire back. Her nails lightly caressed, offering no pain.
Pleasure's sweetness spun inside White Fang, and caught him off guard. For a moment. He rumbled an appreciative growl into the shell of her ear, then placed ravenous kisses down her lovely neck.
Then, returning the favor, White Fang lightly bit the tender flesh where Pasha's neck joined her shoulder. His mark, yes, but without breaking her skin.
"White Fang," she called out breathlessly. In the throes of passion, Pasha slipped her arms around his neck, and clung.  
Knowing instinctively this was the time to make his move, White Fang released her. He passionately gripped her shoulders, then stroked over her arms forcing them downward. Once they were against her sides, he captured her wrists.
A seductress beyond compare, his Pasha threw her head back as he straightened. With his gaze, White Fang ravished the bare expanse of creamy golden skin, the gorgeous cleavage above her gown. 
After drinking in the sight as if water had never passed his lips, White Fang dipped his head. He pressed open-mouthed kisses, following the valley between her breasts. Stopped by the gown's clinging fabric, he growled low, and felt the sound thunder through him.
"Beast," Pasha sexually taunted. "What are you going to do to me now?"


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

As long as he isn't faster than a speeding bullet.

Hot stuff! Me likee!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sounds like he escaped to a better fate when he was royally dumped at the alter! Don't worry, super wolf, Pasha will make it all better!

Savanna Kougar said...

lol... no, he's not a speeding bullet lover... despite Pasha's femme fatale seduction.

Savanna Kougar said...

yes, she will make it all *much* better... ~smiles~

Serena Shay said...

Nice! Don't you love it when your characters and/or your muse take the time to provide you with spicy scenes? ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I do! My Muse is generous, thank you to her. I just wish I could keep up. ~grins~