Saturday, May 3, 2014

Experience: Lost In Translation

Rachel combed her hands through her hair.  Twice she’d watched the video going viral through Talbot’s Peak.  Each time she froze the frames she closely watched, she enlarged them to be sure what she thought she saw was true.  Exasperated sighs didn’t help and couldn’t begin to describe her feelings and angst.  Anxiety fled hours ago as she replayed her dreams from the night before.  The powers-that-be held up her and Tyburn’s tally sheet.  More hash marks fell in the minus column than in the plus.  Great, longer time together chaperoning each other through learning how to cooperate and work as a team was the parting message she got.  What a hell of a way to wake up the morning after she thought one arrogant stubborn pain-in-the-posterior Phoenix applied his experiences and understanding.  Understanding of what she had yet to figure out.  Gleaming any clearer prospect would take hours. . .maybe days to get at.  “Tyburn,” she yelled.  “Where are you?”

Silence followed by the echo of her yelped question.  Taking one, then another deep breath, Rachel pushed back from her desk and exited her home office.  Catching up on work and taking a few days off sounded wonderful when Gill offered them at the start of the week.

 Telecommuting might have worked out if one flaming idiot hadn’t blundered again.  And deities wondered why she walked---no ran full tilt as fast as she could away from the albatross she now had back around her neck and life.

After searching the house from top to bottom, Rachel angrily grabbed her car keys off the kitchen counter along with her purse.  Tyburn’s hastily scribbled note confirmed her destination—Rattigan’s and one giddy Phoenix.  She had a few feathers to ruffle and pluck. 

In the back room of Rattigan’s, Tyburn wrote in the journal book he held.  “Good temperature near boiling.  Fermentation will begin as the decantation process starts.  Phoenix Gold batch twenty-two started.”  He looked over his shoulder to where Louie and Gill stood side-by-side labeling bottles and counting product before entering data into the laptop next to them.  Two cases of Amber Ale sat on the floor ready to go into the kitchen cooler for storage until they reached proper chilled temperature.  Last night’s receipts were double what the bar normally brought in.  Shifter and human had waited in line to dine and sample the microbrewry’s new offerings.

Out in the dining area, a bell rang.  Louie wiped his hands on his apron, stepping around Gill.  “I hope that’s Marissa from Java Joe’s with our coffee and breakfast order.”  Louie trotted through the kitchen door.

 Gill moved to the deep double sinks close to the dishwasher and started washing his hands. “Marissa makes a mean cheese and veggie omelet.  Her pastries are super delicious.  I bet you will devour two Tyburn.  Come on, let’s go eat.”

Gill passed through the kitchen door with Tyburn hot on his heels.  Half way into dining room, all three stopped, bumping into each other.

 At the end of the bar, Rachel stood.  Her arms tightly folded against her and her eyes glaring.  “Tyburn,” she began, her voice dripping with anger and angst.

Three grown shifters began inching their way back the direction they came.


Happy Weekend Gang!

End of the month, my birthday  and other work related items drew my attention this last week.  Computer complication with setting up DP's new computer have also grabbed a lot of attention from Mage and DP.  Thus need to share computers from time to time.

Well, it looks like Rachel is going to get her turn at educating Tyburn.  This is going to be interesting I bet.

Spring is here.  Rain and storms have touched the land.  I hope you all are safe.  Please donate to help out people in Florida.  My day job has an office there.  It flooded and closed for two days.  Some co-workers lost homes and possessions. 

We here at the Spice Homestead are thankful for our safety and well being.  Stay safe and dry as you share a good book or two with your loves and spice. 

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Hunka hunka burning Phoenix?

Happy birthday!

Savanna Kougar said...

I wonder if Tyburn will ply Rachel with his ale???

Happy Birthday!

Blessings to all in Florida who have been affected. I would caution to give only to local reputable charities. The big charities spend very little helping people. You can look up the numbers.