Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take me to your loins...

Art by Susan Sedon Boulet 
Late afternoon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

A couple of weeks ago my hero, White Fang, a super wolf, and his heroine, Pasha, an Egyptian cat goddess, provided a nice surprise, the beginnings of a love scene. Link: "Mating dance or battle of the sexes?"
This week, Pasha gifted me with her side of their impassioned encounter.
Their story is yet to be fully written, and is titled, WHITE FANG, ACE WOLF REPORTER.
The following is unedited... but I hope you enjoy.


Take me to your loins...

The inferno force of the universe spun through Pasha as she feverishly kissed White Fang, and gently caressed his back with her human claws. She'd known once their hungry passion for each other was loosed, it would burn her. No, firestorm through her soul as if she rose in the ashes of the phoenix -- a ritual she performed every seven years.
Her cat yowled savoring the extreme pleasure as White Fang straightened and drank in the sight of her. The vibrations of his gaze pummeled the swells of her breasts, delicious raw sensations that swirled over clit and wickedly teased her toes.
When White Fang stroked down her arms, then manacled her wrists, Pasha shivered inside. Predictably, her cat purred with fierce delight at his masculine power.
Let him be the victor in this first round of passion between them.
His wolfish kisses fell like a rainstorm on the parched need of her skin, swelling her breasts. Her nipples pushed against the confines of her gown, an ache of bliss all its own.
White Fang's savage need dizzied Pasha, and his canine growl at being denied the taste of her breasts by the gown between them, sent a wild rush of heat that only a woman could feel. For, the man-wolf desired her beyond else.
"Beast," she softly taunted. "What are you going to do to me now?"
His grip tightened on her wrists, a claiming Pasha felt like sparks of flame in her  belly, deep inside her pussy mound. "Your wolf beast," he growled, his lips on her skin, his hot pants tingling the sensitive flesh between her breasts.
"My wolf beast," she sultry-mewed, aware her cat heat saturated the air.
White Fang groaned a sharp growl, then nipped along the upper swell of her breast with his lips. He used his teeth to passionately pull her gown from one shoulder. Then, with the beastly finesse, he jerked the gown off her other shoulder, uncovering her trembling breasts.
His mouth caught hers hard, his kiss utter demand, his wolf lust ravishing her in a manner that shook Pasha to her cat woman core, and even made the goddess wanton.
Desperate for more, Pasha strained against White Fang's hold on her wrists. Raising to her tiptoes, she sensually thrust her sex against the carved bold tower that was his cock.
At the thought of White Fang lunging inside her pussy, taking her, Pasha shuddered, her softer flesh shivering against his super-powered physique. Goddess yes! Every round curve of her adored the pyramid-hard planes and angles of him.
In sacred truth, White Fang was not superior in male form than some of her past lovers. Yet, his complete handsomeness of face and body -- the driving, relentless strength of his muscles now pressed against her -- excited Pasha beyond measure of the starry cosmos.
That alone surprised her, a rarity at this time in her centuries long life. Pasha reveled in the emotion. She basked in the way his mouth covered hers, obviously wanting more of her nipping sultry kisses.
With one hand, White Fang gently yet firmly trapped her wrists behind her back. Bold as a pharaoh, he shoved her closer, forcing her breasts against the muscular shield that was his chest. 

Pasha yielded, mindlessly desiring White Fang's commanding way with her. His deep thorough kiss devoured her lips, even as his other hand squeezed, then caressed her ass.
Bast alive! Pasha would never admit it now, but she already felt like his lust slave.
A warning she ignored light-burst inside her mind. He was to be her love captive, help her defeat the black-hearted ninjas who had murdered her friend. Yet, it was she who succumbed.
"Pasha," he stud-panted against her mouth. His tongue traced her lips, and Pasha flamed with how much he carnally enjoyed the taste and shape of her.
Parting her lips, she sucked his tongue into the hollow of her mouth. After holding his large tongue hostage for moments, and savoring his man wolf taste, Pasha languidly sucked.
Once she gained the upper paw, she rhythmically undulated his tongue.
White Fang clenched her ass possessively, yet didn't resist the erotic rule of her mouth. Instead, he groaned and fused their lips more tightly.
As his cock jutted with more strength against her belly, Pasha sprang upward. Despite the restriction of her gown, she wrapped her legs around his super-strong thighs. Immediately, he roughly stroked her ass, his hand swiftly sliding over the satin fabric.
Their lips tangled and battled for supremacy then. Pasha pyre-blazed inside, her desire fully unleashed as the carnal plundering of her mouth nearly overwhelmed her senses.
"No," she tore her lips from his, an unusual fear slicing up her middle like an enemy's claw.
"Yes," White Fang pursued. His hand stilled and cupped her ass, and he planted a tender kiss on her forehead.
"The depth of my desire--" Pasha panted losing her words, even as her breasts heaved ridiculously fast. "I wasn't prepared. I--"
White Fang touched kisses on her face as if he owned the infiniteness of time. With her sweltering pussy tight against the base of his thick cock, Pasha surrendered. She slightly rocked against him. "Super Wolf," she praised.
His lips trailed along her jaw, a lovely sensual torment. "My beautiful cat woman." White Fang velvety poured his words inside her ear. "You are the temptress I've dreamed about...dreamed about but could never envision as being this desirable, this irresistible..."
His soft desperate groan burned Pasha alive, as if he held her essence within the sacred flame of a temple ceremony. "Words fail," he whispered against her throbbing pulse. 

He pressed his mouth against her pulse point. The long kiss on her neck sang beautifully through Pasha. Ferocious with need, she whispered, "Yes...yes, own me. Take me to your loins."
White Fang's hand deserted her ass, slid over her bared back, then seized the length of her hair. He tugged with lust's frenzy, his lips seeking the taste of her breasts.
Pasha moaned and arched her back, offering him her aching, begging nipples.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Rebecca Gillan said...

Extra spicy this week! Me likes!

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Wooo! Definitely wide awake now. And in need of a cold shower. Hot hot hot!

Savanna Kougar said...

A goddess cat woman cannot be denied!

Savanna Kougar said...

The passion explodes between Pasha and White Fang... I just hope as their author I can do it justice.