Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Demon Dog Angel Amongst Us

Pic ~ Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders. He's a look alike of today's hero, Dhraki.

End of May howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

If you're intrigued by the realm of angels and demons, this flash scene might be for you.

The Demon Dog Angel Amongst Us

The Good Lord knew -- as well as Satan, of course -- being a half breed angel and demon dog shifter had its share of gigundis and wacky challenges. Long ago...during the turn of the century...when the world spun like a maddened dervish teetering between great enlightenment or the darkness of war and oppression...Dhraki had gone renegade.

Disgusted down to his demon-angel bones, he'd refused service to the Light Force and the Dark Side. Why waste his eternal life, such as it was...even with the constant, high-strange harshness of it all...on this backwater, prison planet?

Okay-yips...because Dhraki despised lying, including lying to himself, he corrected his own thoughts. Yeah-barks of truth, since the 'age of the garden' when Eve had been cruelly seduced into producing an heir to the dark throne, Earth had been quarantined by the Light Council...the once paradise planet lost.

Yet not lost...even with he unending war in the heavens...the brutal battle between light and dark where nothing was ever resolved...would never be...not until the final hour on the cosmic time clock. And, holy of unholies, that hour could not be foretold.

Unwelcome in his home realms, Dhraki searched for a place to belong. Because, despite his interventions on behalf of those in need, the human world didn't want to know about his existence -- given their religions were not his friend, to put it walking-through-hellfire lightly.

Now, like a tourist, Dhraki strolled the streets of Talbot's Peak, currently filled with the lunch crowd. The small growing town had gained quite the reputation on the underworld-net as a haven for not only shapeshifters but supernatural types like him. Yip-snort, not quite like him -- from the bowels of hell and the glorious on high.

With keen interest, Dhraki scanned the various businesses and shops, and surreptitiously studied those he passed by. His angel side sucked in the kaleidoscopic-colored vibes put off by everyone around him, seen and unseen...while his demon dog side dined on their distinct smells.

Pausing in his stride, Dhraki watched a were-squirrel in human form scamper -- travel bags in hand -- down the steps of the mayor's mansion. After tossing the bags in the back of the car, he hopped inside the passenger seat, as if life itself was about to grab his tail, then devour him whole.

Must be Mayor Gil, Dhraki thought, then shoved his hands deep inside the pockets of khakis. Although, there'd been no info about his animal form on the underworld-net. "Intriguing," Dhraki muttered. "He must have an 'in' with the predators, and the werewolves in charge." 

"New in town?" a feminine voice asked behind him, one that resonated to Dhraki's core.

He knew before spinning around that the woman sensed his angelic side. The sacred fire flowed within her veins as well. And her tantalizing pink-rose scent bloomed around him, pure yet infinitely wise.

Once Dhraki faced her, surprise at her appearance caught him off guard, and he felt his brows raise to the brim of his rakish, down-under hat. That is, until he realized she'd intentionally disguised herself as a middle-aged woman -- non-threatening in the extreme.

Dhraki stuck his hand out in the friendly fashion of humans. "My name is Dhraki. I just got into town and was taking in the sights. You are?"

"You're not here to cause any trouble, are you?" She one-eyed him, and Dhraki witnessed the avenging angel. His demon-dog side almost withered on the spot. 

Almost...he gathered his force, and grinned. "Trouble is my middle name at times," he bantered, hoping that would stop her flame like penetration of him. "No," Dhraki quickly added. "I'm a benign sort. Unless attacked."

She visibly relaxed, obviously hearing the truth of his words. "I'm known as Kimilia here. Kim for short."

The softest hand he'd ever felt met his. And when her grip matched his, sparks leaped up Dhraki's arm. But he didn't release her hand. The demon dog howled with fiery rapture.

"A pleasure to meet you, Kimilia. How long have you been in Talbot's Peak?"

She smiled, merely a small lift of her lips. Yet her features brightened, her beauty exposed for a fraction of time. Dhraki's breath blasted back inside him at the sight.

"I arrived about a year ago," she answered, her riveting silver-lavender eyes still assessing him. "My niece owns the ice cream shop... just two blocks down. We have quite the good business these days." 

Reluctance ripped his inner hide, but Dhraki released her hand. "Too early in the day for ice cream?" he asked, simply to keep her talking with him.

"I was on my way. If you're careful with that demon hellfire of yours, and promise not to melt the ice cream, I'll make you a volcano fudge sundae."

Her singsong voice, her melodic vibe twined around Dhraki and owned him down to his flaming core.

"You know," he murmured, then gave her an audacious doggy wink. "I haven't had a better offer in ages."

In a blink, Kimilia's face transformed to a somberness Dhraki had rarely observed in his long life. "What's wrong?" The question poured out of him.

"Full disclosure," she whispered only for his ears. Kimilia paused, her gaze flashing yet beautifully ephemeral. "I am in need of protection. When I first sensed your frequencies, I thought you might be one of 'his' dark angels on my trail. Or a hellhound who sniffed me out. With the shape of things to come...on Earth, I..."

As gently as he knew how, Dhraki took hold of his angel's arm. He gentlemanly wrapped it around his. "How about that volcano fudge sundae? Then we'll talk. I can be quite the ferocious guard dog."

"You've gone renegade, haven't you?" she softly asked, as they walked side by side.

"Thank God for the renegades," he teased in a low growl.

"Thank God for avenging angels," she returned, her tone solemn, much too solemn.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Oooo ... all sorts of nice ideas in here, and all sorts of fun directions the story can go in. I'm with him: give both sides the finger and head to where the fun is.

By the way, the Apocalypse came and went about four years ago when Sam and Dean threw Lucifer back in the cage. So that's off the table. Somebody should send these guys a note.

Savanna Kougar said...

I-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-n-g... about the Apocalypse... could be other factions still on the loose???

Rebecca Gillan said...

Man, I love your character names!

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I try!

Pat C. said...

Savanna comes up with the best names ever. Did you start out in SF/F too?

Savanna Kougar said...

Not like my heavy, heavy reading of romances -- course, when the paranormal/sf/f romances started filtering out to readers, I read every one I could find. I loved the idea of SF/F but couldn't get past the lack of romance... although, I started reading spy novels early, at 13, James Bond and the spy who came out of the cold... went through a western novel and Sherlock Holmes phase at about eleven... I just love names.

Actually Star Trek and Star Wars were much more of an influence... plus the Arthurian sword movies like LadyHawke...

Sorry, didn't mean to go on... but there ya go...

Rebecca Gillan said...

I totally agree with you about the lack of romance. That's what got me started writing. I was complaining about how they ruined some story or other by not developing the perfectly obvious romance element, when my mom said, "Well, then write the story you do want to read!" I was 17. There has been no going back...

Pat C. said...

It was there, you just had to look for it. I was lucky and found Anne McCaffrey and Marion Z. Bradley (who was writing M/M in the '70s!). Not to mention Marvel Comics, which combined superhero action with soap opera plots. A mutant and an android fall in love and get married? Yeah, they had that.

Savanna Kougar said...

I read some of Anne McCaffrey, but got frustrated with the storyline.

The first black-and-white Super Man TV show, which I loved... then later the first major Super Man movie... and I was hooked on the idea of superheroes and superheroines... my late brother and my other brother had a stash of superhero comics, and talked about them, and I always tried to understand their mindset.

Rebecca, your mom was a wise woman... what set me off on the path of writing to actually publish was when I could no longer find the romance stories I wanted to read.

Rebecca Gillan said...

I was reading Terry Brooks, Robin Hobb, and GRRM back then and man! All those lovely romances just begging to be written... and either weren't or were turned into Greek tradgedies! Either that, or they had a sort of half harted "ta-dah Happy Ending" kind of romance, which I found not all that satisfying.

Savanna Kougar said...

We at SSS will *right* all the wrongs done, all those romances unfulfilled -- or is that unrequited?