Saturday, May 10, 2014


Gill reached for another tissue as his eyes watered.  His nose started twitching again.  He hastily held the two tissues over his nose and mouth. Two loud sneezes followed.  He blew vigorously, tossing the use items in the trash can near his bed.  

On the bedside table, three large bottles sat along with a huge sipper filled with more water than he cared to think about drinking.  Blackie raised her head, blinked her golden eyes, and curled her tail around her.  Gill sniffled, and slid lower in the bed.  Allergies, sinus infection, and orders to stay away from Rattigan’s for a week didn’t bode well for his re-election campaign kick off.  After his Elvis imitation went viral way beyond Talblot’s Peak, loosing didn’t appear to be an option.  

Picking up the thermometer, Gill shook it, squinted to read it.  He slipped it under his tongue and went back to reading the handwritten instructions the vet had left on her hasty visit.  The blue bottle needed taking every 12 hours.  The red every 6 and the clear liquid in the opaque one said two tablespoons at bedtime.  Then there was the aspirin he needed to take to keep his fever under control.  Thank deities, the vet had taken the rectal thermometer with her.  The look on her face when he explained he wasn’t going to take his temperature with that and why had him giggling and coughing so hard he almost wet himself in front of her.  So much for a squirrel’s dignity much less his human counterpart either.

“AAAACCHOO!”  Gill grabbed another tissue cursing in a voice even he didn’t recognize.  Great now laryngitis was setting in.  What the hell had he caught?

Back at Rattagin’s, Louie wiped his brow.  Chills ran up and down his back causing him to draw his sweater tighter around him.  Bettina looked at him shaking her head.  She looked at the bottles lining the counter.  Blue one every 12 hours.  Red one every 6.  And the opaque with the liquid inside two tablespoons each night.  Sneezes echoed off the  kitchen walls.  Bettina pointed to the door separating their living quarters from the restaurant.  Someone else would have to cook tonight and tend bar.  She had a sick wererat to attend to.  Hadley and Ranger were on their way to help out.

Across town, Rachel shook her head as Tyburn began explaining his reasons for giving Louie and Gill his homemade hooch recipes.

“You said get involved.  I studied where I could be useful like you added my job and time should be.” Tyburn leaned against the counter, his hands in his jean’s pockets.

“What makes you think getting half the town drunk on your divinity brews was a good idea?” Rachel drummed her fingers on the table where she sat.  Having a civil conversation was hard when Tyburn smiled smugly.  At least the recipes he’d provided were tame compared to the ones he planned on releasing next.  The ones he now knew he couldn’t let out of his head as no human or shape shifter in this realm could comprehend the intricate math and language they were written in even translated.  Rachel applauded his insight.  Now could she get him to swear a Phoenix oath he wouldn’t translate them further?

“Louie made double his money.  Gill had fun flirting and meeting new women.  Bettina even sang a few songs for Karaoke night.  What harm have I done?”  Tyburn walked over to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down.

Rachel combed her hands through her hair, inhaled, drummed her fingers more, and sighed.  “You’re supposed to be learning how the other half lives.  Seeing how working together and compromising works.”

Tyburn rocked back in his chair, laughing.   “Didn’t you find Louie, Gill, and I doing that?  I don’t get why you’re upset.”

Rachel scowled, pushed back from the table and rose.  She knew better than to take on Tyburn on an empty stomach.  Food and a few more hours sleep might coagulate her thoughts.  Meanwhile there was the bill the new vet in town was sending after making two rather expensive house calls. Two hay-fever stricken shape shifters struck down by a human ailment—a sinus infection and cold together.  What else could Tyburn’s brews release on the Peak?  


Happy Weekend Gang!

Warm weather is upon us.  Rain and thunder too.  Ah spring and summer.  Hard to believe it will be June in a few weeks.  We're doing well here at the Spice Homestead.  Reading and writing in between our day jobs.  

I've got book three of Cascade Bay started.  And a line on book four.  Another menage is planned for book three with book four a bit different spin-Two couples coming together.  While you're planning your summer vacation, remember to take a good book or two with you.  Share them with your loves and spice as you relax and enjoy time away.  I know I will.

Until next week, 


Serena Shay said...

Poor Gil and Louie... That combo is absolute misery, hopefully they come through it quickly. :)

Pat C. said...

Ow. Allergies and sinus headaches. So not fun. Poor guys. I'm assuming Bettina's immune, being undead and all.

At least they didn't go to Lex for a cure. That's like gasoline on a fire.

Looks like Gil's doomed to another term as mayor. Playing the sax on Arsinio clinched the presidency for Clinton. People like their musicians.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Lex's brew just might do the trick to being un-sick real quick.

Get well Gil and Louie! Talbot's Peak needs you.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, lord, yes! Recal thermometers could replace waterboarding as a slightly more human way to humiliate and torture people!