Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gobsmacked by allergies

At least I hope it's allergies. There isn't much worse than a summer cold in July. I did write a post but it didn't turn out well. I'll share it next week, when I can look at a computer screen without going cross eyed.

I was going to embed a music video instead, something that kind of embodies what the 4th of July means to me, but apparently, that's also beyond my abilities tonight. Here's the link to it, though.

A little background about me, so you understand it. In my miss spent youth, I was a jarhead. I graduated high school at 17 and royally pissed off my guidance councilor by joining the Marines instead of going to college. I still do not regret that choice.

This song pretty much embodies what those four years ment to be then and still mean to me today. Semper Fi, everyone.

~ Rebecca

Edit: Dayquil has made it possible for me to think today (Thursday), so here's that embeded vid:

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Savanna Kougar said...

Yuck! Sending good healing vibes.