Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The wide open invitation of the Montana sky... and the resurrected mammoth...

Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in THE FREEDOM HOP. Right now, we authors at ShapeShifter Seductions are choosing our winners.

So, this week I get to tag along for a ride on Pat Cunningham's fabtastic serial flash scene from yesterday, "All Hellephant Breaks Loose" ... don't you just love that title?

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this aerial view...


The wide open invitation of the Montana sky... and the resurrected mammoth...

Was there no place left on Earth where she could roam free, fly the skies without fear?

Of late, Syprelli had grown tired of hiding, of staying concealed in mountain caves while in winged form. Determined to keep the ability to shapeshift -- lost to so many of her kind over the centuries -- she'd searched the world over, finally discovering an enclave of supernatural folks who appeared to live together in some kind of sustainable harmony.

Syprelli stretched her ten-foot scarlet wings and soared. Unfettered, she kicked her back hooves, and stretched her long neck sniffing the great strong winds. The wide open invitation of the Montana sky had been her undoing.

Danger surrounded her, yes. As a winged horse shapeshifter, her kind was always hunted -- the number of enemies incalculable at this point. But with the sun's rays deliciously warming her hide -- the winds caressing her, and whipping through her long mane -- Syprelli chose to ignore reality.

Besides, she did need to investigate the shapeshifter haven town of Talbot's Peak. What superior way than circling from above? 

A shiver of apprehension passed through Syprelli. After all, that had just been her excuse to fly the friendly looking blue, blue skies. Truth was, she should have hoofed into town first.

Relishing her freedom, Syprelli sailed ever higher. Catching a whirlwind created by the sky powers that be, she tightened the arc of her wings, and performed aerial pirouettes.

Enough, she scolded herself. Having flown toward the town, Syprelli glided downward, her wings spread wide, the feather tips fluttering from the wind's friction.

What the... !!! Instinctively, Syprelli braced her hooves trying to come to a screeching halt in the sky. The scene below her, at what appeared to be a mini golf course, was the stuff of nightmares.

If she could believe her horse eyes. Syprelli flapped her wings frantically to keep herself aloft.

Tigers, men changing into tigers, ran in every direction as if demons clung to their tails. Teenagers, their feet apparently glued to the ground by shock, held up their cell phones recording the thundering emergence of... what the --?!

Enormous curled killing tusks, a trunk that could have squeezed a couple of buffalo easily, came into view. The beast, some kind of resurrected mammoth with a stench that would have stopped a stampeding horse herd in their tracks, broke into the open.

Not only that! two half-shifted werewolf creatures rode on its hairy-as-a-bigfoot back. And worse, there was a woman who was obviously being abducted.

Syprelli's heart leaped into her throat and she cringed inside, even as she fought to keep her wings beating swiftly enough. What did she do?

Were there no heroes who would risk life and limb to rescue the woman?

Observing the unleashed Frankenstein-like chaos below, Syprelli somehow managed to stay afloat. As she attempted to figure out a way to save the terrified, clinging woman, she kept circling the mini golf course.

She spotted two men who had their gazes locked on the lumbering progress of the giant, genetically-modified mammoth who sported a wolf's tail. Likely they were canine shifters by their bearing. And, Oh Thank Epona! one of them shot off vibes she recognized. It was his mate who was being carried off.

Stunned again, Syprelli beat her wings furiously, watching as one of the ugly malformed riders sprang up, then leaped so he caught hold of the GMO mammoth's tail. He landed in a dirty-water moat apparently unperturbed by his predicament. That is, until a group of women with iron putters surrounded him.

Hearing brakes scream to a halt, Syprelli spun as quick as she could, being airborn. Human shrieks rent the air. The hellbeast resurrected from an icy grave threatened a tour bus, its trunk slashing the air like a pissed off anaconda.

Before a disaster of movie-biblical proportions happened, the werewolfian rider spurred it past the bus. As the franken-monster mammoth pounded along the pavement, the sound terrifying, cars shook and were lifted off the ground -- as if an earthquake suddenly hit.

Winging a bit higher, Syprelli followed, unable to do anything else. She'd never been an accident gawker... but the woman remained in peril... and wasn't that the highway leading to Talbot's Peak?

She was about find out. Syprelli scanned for the two shifter men she'd observed earlier. They'd launched themselves inside a car. Now they crazily weaved through the stalled traffic, and Syprelli was reminded of a made-for-movie obstacle course.

Her heart sank as she flew above the shifters' speeding car. The sheer horror of what occurred gripped Syprelli out to her very wingtips, and down to the bottom of her hooves. She wondered if Talbot's Peak was about to be demolished -- torn apart and crushed beneath the brute's stomping clawed feet that were the size of ancient Greek columns.

Epona's good grace! She hadn't even had a chance to explore the 'supposed' haven as a new home. And if this was any indication of life there, her search was far from over. Still, she had to help if she could.

As Syprelli flew, she tried to think of ways that would stop the possible, goliath like destruction. If she positioned herself before the mammoth-zilla, distracted it, then winged out of reach... but what would that accomplish, given the rider seemed to be in control.


From high on a mountain perch, the man filmed the flying horse as she cavorted in the skies. He'd been tracking her for the last year, in human form and horse form. Now finally, as her coat blazed a beautiful shade of red beneath the bright sun, he'd been able to capture the not-myth filly in flight.

No one would believe him, of course. Despite his evidence. Photoshop and the tech-wonders of the movie industry had seen to that.

He'd already made his peace with that reality. However, he had other plans. A daring one at that.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Love this, and love that pic! The Mobil signs and their scarlet Pegasus were always my favorites growing up (second place: the Sinclair dino).

Somebody will need to fly to the Turkle homestead to pick up the weapon that finally stops the monster. I was going to use an eagle shifter, but maybe Siprelli would like to volunteer?

Oh, and does she take riders? The hunter handling the grenade launcher could probably get closer from the air.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, as I kid I loved that iconic red Pegasus and I still do... have fridge magnet of it. And yeah, I absolutely loved the dino too!

Of course, Syprelli will volunteer! And yes, she does take riders as long as they can actually ride a flying horse.

Pat C. said...

It's going to be another two weeks or so before the story hits that point. Maybe we can coordinate characters.

Savanna Kougar said...

Sounds fun!

Serena Shay said...

Lovely picture and an excellent description of the mighty mammoth from her skyward vantage point. :)

I hope her stalker has only good intentions, or she finds her mate in Talbot's Peak.

Pat, if you need more winged assistance beyond the lovely and brave Syprelli, I'm sure Erol could be pressed into service and he might do it without requiring something shiny and treasure like. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, good idea about Erol joining in... talk about mythology being busted for those who see the action.

Pat C. said...

And I just got an idea for my Thursday blog post over on TM! Thank you!

Erol and the other aliens/heavily armed Peakites are currently unavailable. Reading comic books does pay off inunexpected ways.

Savanna Kougar said...

Absolutely... lol... you got to be real creative to keep all those storylines happening.