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To Capture a Cat Burglar ... The Freedom Hop ... ShapeShifter Seductions Newsletter

Hot July howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

The ShapeShifter Seductions newsletter is almost HOT off the presses. If you haven't signed up, take advantage. This is a jammed packed issue of fun pics -- including Mayor Gil's vacation... new Talbot's Peak flash scenes ... an ultra hot excerpt from "Tina's Treasures" by Solara Gordon ... a profile of Guri Ghan, son of the Zhere Ghan, who runs the Tiger Yakuza in the Peak ... and much more!

Then, join us for THE FREEDOM HOP, beginning July 3rd. Where the sensual fireworks are sure to go off! 

This week, since I want to continue writing the last chapters of my latest WIP, and because I'll be penning a flash scene for the blog hop, here's a little 'desire fireworks' scene I've revised, that was written awhile back, and 'doesn't' take place in our beloved Talbot's Peak. *But it could. ~feline smirk~*


To Capture a Cat Burglar

The instant Sherissy entered the hotel’s sky lounge, Dolan set his gin and tonic down. Surreptitiously, he raked his gaze over the gorgeous woman who had him captured, lock, stock and hard-as-a-rock. The dark ironic joke on him, though, he was supposed to capture her. That is, if he wanted to collect the insanely large private bounty on her.

The big catch, it was only collectible if he could prove Sherissy, aka the Wildcat, had stolen the socialite’s rare gem collection.

From a booth near the back wall, he watched her move toward him, her saunter a unique combination of grace and athleticism. The style of her evening gown enhanced her sleek shape, yet displayed her sensual curves, especially her thighs.

With the utter confidence of a pantheress, she eyed him as he stood to meet her. The smoke-black taffeta of her evening gown subtly glistened in the soft illumination, a perfect foil for the bronze-red shade of her hair and the golden ivory coloring of her skin.

Resisting the urge to finger the blue diamond tucked deep inside his jacket pocket, he didn’t resist lingering his gaze on her face. Intentionally, he let the Wildcat know he found the angular beauty of her feline features utterly enchanting.

“Dolan.” Her throaty voice teased him without mercy. He liked it that way.

Sweeping her palm beneath his lips, Dolan pressed a long kiss in the center, and felt her slight shudder. With his own ardor rising like a tropical heat wave, Dolan straightened, then released her hand. “Sherissy, my stunning beauty.”

“Mmmm... the fireworks have already begun. Good.” Her smoldering gaze traveled the length of his body. Damn, but her most thorough perusal had him standing ‘at attention’.

“There are certainly sparklers in your eyes, darling. Is it the view?” Dolan offered his arm as his wildcat burglar arched her brows.

“Did I notice... a bulge?” She smiled, slow and seductive. “In your jacket pocket?”

The lissome turn of her hips and the swish of her gown as she moved beside him, then took his arm, was a siren song that played him just right. “I need your opinion on a rare gem. My expertise cannot match yours," Dolan countered.

“Why do you say that? As you can see, Dolan.” With a feline’s light step, she twirled before him. “I have worn no jewelry.”

Her fingers, with their sharp, golden-sparkling nails, traced the bare swells of her bosom. He stared at the enticement she offered, then blinked like a fool in love... in his case, a fool in lust... as she pivoted beside him again.

Regaining a small portion of his rational mind, Dolan led her toward the lounge’s exit. “Admit it, darling. I know you advised Countess Ralinskova recently on the purchase of a tiara.”

“Did I?”

Smooth and cool as the ice cubes tinkling in drinks around them, her voice. All while the brush of her thigh against his, despite her gown and his trousers, had Dolan blazing with the need to capture her against him, find her mouth with his, then kiss the beautiful woman senseless.

Instead, he pursued Sherissy with... “I have it from the Countess’s own lips.”

"I look forward to hearing what the Countess has to say," she paused. A sound like a soft purr followed her words, even as Sherissy subtly shifted closer to his side. "Did you record the conversation?"

"Ah, the evidence. Let's say the conversation remains private," Dolan admitted, as he escorted Sherissy within the exclusive elevator that would take them to the suite he’d reserved.

Dolan pressed the button, and as if they were pulled by powerful magnets, he and his cat buglaress faced each another. For an instant, their gazes locked. Her jade green eyes flared reminding him of cat’s eyes in the dark.

“Interesting, indeed, Dolan. Your private words with the Countess.” Sherissy closed the inches between them, smoothing her slender hand up his tie. “I am excited by the very thought of watching fireworks with you tonight. The white-hot explosions. The savage passion of colorful fire against the black velvet night.”

“The celebration of bombs bursting in air. Sound and fury all around us.” Trapping her small hand, Dolan lifted it to his lips. For his own pleasure, he grazed her fingertips -- and the claw-like tips of her nails -- over his lips until the elevator halted.

As the doors whirred open, Sherissy spun from him, lithe as a puma he’d once observed in the wild. The alluring sway of her hips had Dolan gawking like a youth on his first date. Yet, the investigator in him chased after his quarry. “The tiara was once stolen by the cat burglar known as the Wildcat.”

“Is that so?" Twisting at the waist, Sherissy smiled in a manner that beguiled him, tormented his need for her. "I had heard this Wildcat retired from her law-breaking ways. Has she returned to her nefarious profession?”

Hot as the exploding fireworks they were about to watch, Dolan sauntered toward the  woman he wanted to capture beneath him. The woman he wanted exclusively for himself. No other man need apply.

Yeah, he decided, to hell with the damn bounty. But hell, he burned like blazes to know the truth -- had to know. “Let’s find out if the Wildcat has retired.”

“How do we find out?” Sherissy sensually lifted one shoulder, yet her posture was pure taunt.

Dolan palmed the pocket holding the blue diamond. “Aren’t you burning to touch it? To hold it?”

“Am I burning... to hold it?”

Her whisper scorched him. Dolan now stood so close to her, their bodies nearly touched. In the following silence, their breaths rushed together like smoke carried by two separate breezes.

“Tell me the truth, Sherissy.” Taking hold of her hand, Dolan flattened it over the blue diamond. “Don’t you want to see it gleam and sparkle in your palm?”

Dolan waited. The ache threatened to blow him apart, as if he stood inside a fireworks factory about to be struck by lightning.

“Show me. Show me, Dolan.” Stepping back from him, Sherissy held out her cupped hand.

The bitterness of disappointment almost burned him alive. Then, as Dolan drew the blue diamond out of his jacket pocket, the trial by fire flamed through him, and he no longer cared. He realized the truth. All he cared about was her, having her. His Wildcat woman.

Only she wasn’t his. Not yet.

Dolan dropped the gem in her palm. Framed by her lovely hand, it glittered like a piece of summer sky.

As Sherissy held the blue diamond up to her eye, closely examining the interior, the fireworks display lit up the lavishly furnished room. Spectacular flashes of color added to the sheen of her upswept hair, glistened her gown, and reflected from the gem’s faceted surface.

“Magical,” Dolan breathed out. Drawn to her as if she’d cast a gypsy love spell on him, he closed the short distance between them.

“No, it’s not magical. Your blue diamond is flawed. Only a pretty piece... hardly worth a small fortune.” Sherissy pressed it into his palm. “Is that what you wanted to know, Dolan?”

He let the gem fall to the carpet, disturbed because he couldn’t read her emotions. Her eyes shone on him, flawless and enigmatic. “That was only a test, darling.”

“Am I only a test?” Her low sultry voice bewitched him. “Or, more properly spoken, Dolan, am I only one more conquest?”

Answering in the only way he could, Dolan swept her against him, his mysterious cat woman. Swooping toward her lips, Dolan possessed Sherissy's mouth with a long punishing kiss -- born from the primal fires she ignited within him.

Sherissy opened to his raw desire for her like a rosebud about to burst into bloom. Looping her arms around his neck, she surrendered to his kiss, and surrendered her soft svelte body against him.

As Sherissy offered the impassioned fierceness of her kisses, the only fireworks that mattered exploded inside Dolan. 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Whoo! Hot as a sultry July night. Well done!

Especially the banter, and the double entendres. "Are you burning to hold it?" (smirk)

Savanna Kougar said...

That's my cat burglaress... and she has quite a few surprises up her non-existent sleeve.

Serena Shay said...

Rawr... Dolan and Sherissy are definitely an explosive pair. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Fireworks-explosive passion, yep. ~grins~