Friday, July 25, 2014

Queen of the World, or Not...

So Erol was none to happy with the picture I used today, but really who could resist the cute little dragon snort above.  My brain is a little singed from all his tantruming.  Who knew dragons could be such drama queens!  hehe



“I did warn you.”

“Really?  Ugh, blaah.  Eeee!” Karma slid from Erol’s lumpy back, choking and spitting before ending up flat on her ass.  “Ow!”  She climbed to her feet, rubbing her sore tush and watched the dragon create an easy slide down his wing for her friend. “You couldn’t have warned me about the bug fest a little sooner?  They’re in my mouth, Gree!  Yuck!”

“Well who knew you’d pull your Titanic impression and go all queen of the world?”

“I was flying, girlfriend, it’s expected.”

“So are the bugs.”

“Touch√©.”  Karma dusted herself off and spit, once again digging deep into her throat and sinuses for a really good wad.  Yeah, she could be as girly as the rest of them, but she had bugs in her mouth.  Bugs!  She shuddered, even as a camel she’d never cared for bugs. Unladylike behavior really was the least of her problems.  “Pharaohs balls, I could use a drink.”


Greely’s squeak stopped her from letting loose with another mouthful and whipped her around.
“What’s wrong?”

The giant dragon dropped his head to bring his large nostrils up close to her face.  “Your Egyptian is showing, Hump Back.”  His humph and snort blew her hair back and smelled like burning everything.

“I am a camel and these bugs are worse than a mouthful of hot sand.”

“But Karma, Pharaohs ba, ah well, you know,” Greely stuttered and blushed, not even saying the word Karma loved to torture her with.

“Balls, Gree.  Or would gonads, testies or nuts be better?  Speaking of, you gonna show us a bit of the dangly bits when you shift, Slimey?”

“Karma Thys!” Greely gasped, making Karma smile.  She placed her hands on her hips and stepped in front of the massive dragon as if to block him from view.  “No, you’ll not see anything as Erol is magick, but you would do well to turn around and give him some privacy.”

“Okay, okay…”  Karma rose her arms in a submissive gesture and turned away from her friend and that pesky dragon.  A grin split her face seeing Greely’s protectiveness and love of Erol.  It was as if she’d finally let go of that ridiculous doomed love business and let hope seep into her heart. 

Love should always win.  A heart so full leaves no room for hate.  She’d heard that somewhere, but actually seeing the sentiment allowed her to understand it on a deeper level.  Now if she could get Slimey there to have some fun she’d consider this job complete.

“So, how far do you figure we are from Sin City?”  It was time to get this party on the road.

“I estimated only about a mile.”  The dragon voice was now back to human as Erol stepped up beside her, Greely’s luggage slung over one shoulder and her friend snuggled up in his arms.

“Oh boy, seriously, you’re being carried the last mile in his human arms as well?”  Karma griped even though she was secretly happy for her friend.  “What about me and my bag?”

“I saw you pack that thing, hon, you’d need a mammoth to carry both it and your gorgeous, long body.”

“Well, of course I would.”  She preened before grabbing the bag and wheeling it along behind her. “To bad I can’t find one back in Talbot’s Peak.”

“Bite your tongue, Karma.  Can you imagine the size of its excrement?”

“Pish on that, I’d be more worried about the size of its dangly…”

“Ladies,” Erol chuffed, clearly, not to thrilled by the turn in the conversation. “Let’s move.”

Karma and Greely looked at one another and laughed as they watched wisps of smoke curl out of Erol’s human nostrils.  “Lighten up, E, this is Vegas baby and the dirty talk has just begun!”

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Uh, oh. With a name like Karma, you'd think she'd know to be careful of what she wishes for! Great post!

Pat C. said...

This dialogue is terrific. And what's Karma ticked about? She's a camel; they're in the desert. Isn't she supposed to carry stuff?

I'll bet Greely didn't mind the bugs at all. In-flight meal?

Ohhhh yeah ... Mammoth Atcheson is a male, isn't he? Let's just say all the hair hides certain things. For the sake of the children.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, there they are off to sin city, and the pleasures thereof... ~envy here~ while back in the Peak piles of mutant mammoth dung are off-gassing...

Say! I wonder if dragonfire can disintegrate said dung???

And yep, so agree. Their dialogue is great, more importantly fun!

And that's what I was thinking about Greely and inflight bug meals.

Serena Shay said...

:D Yeah, Rebecca, you'd think she'd know better, but she's also all about having fun on this trip so...
What's a few bugs...right. ;)

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Pat, she is a camel, but I think she's also a bit spoiled and wants an Erol of her own to carry her. She might get lucky in England. ;)

LOL...yep, Greely does so enjoy the in flight meal. :D

Snerk, even covered I bet it's fearsome!

Serena Shay said...

Hmm, good thought, Savanna, burning up all that dung. Of course, I wonder if that would make is smell a 100 times worse...ugh.

Yep, I too, am envious of Greely and her dragon. A quick trip to Sin City with Alpha Hubby would be awesome. ;D