Saturday, July 12, 2014

Talbot's Peak Prepares for Retribution Shapeshifter Style Or Paybacks Ain't Nice Here on the Peak

Gill wondered how many more times he needed to pound on the table before anyone paid attention.  Talk about chaos and shouting.  He glanced around council chambers and sighed.  Not even two weeks into his new term in office and helter-skelter was breaking loose.

“I don’t care about. . .” Vernon McMahon’s words faded as another council member moved between Vernon and Dante.  Over behind them, Louie and his district cohort energetically motioned as they talked.  In the opposite end of the chamber, Rachel along with Tyburn huddled with four to five other members from across town.  Center of the room, the human delegation stood tightly together whispering as they looked up from time to time.

Gill inhaled, swung the gavel upward, and bellowed.  “Enough!!” He rapped on the table hard twice, then yelled again.  “Sit down and come to order.”
Silence took a few moments to flood and wash away the murmurs and whispers until quiet filled the room from floor to ceiling.  Gill swallowed hard as he met each gaze upon him with his own.  Bickering and fighting amongst themselves had to stop.  Vandals, thieves, and infiltrators want to take over.  More importantly, someone wanted them afraid and suspect of each other.  They wanted fear to reign while the perpetrator remained silent and out of sight, unknown—glimpses of his stooges who offered their own description of their boss when questioned didn’t help either.  There was only one way to fight this villain.  Unity and a few well-placed hits of decimation would send them running.
“All right, now that I have your attention, “Gill began.  “Let’s get down to business.”

The scraping of chairs sounded as all present retook their seats.  Quiet regained its priority status as gazes once again fell on Gill.  He swallowed twice, wet his lips, and began calling each council member by name for their vote.  Rachel hastily scribbled each name and vote as she walked toward him.   Her vote along with his would make or break their decision on what came next.

Gill called out the last member’s name.  Rachel recorded their vote.  She slid the pad across the table to him.  Her vote lay halfway down the page.  Gill looked up.  Her gaze met his.  She nodded almost imperceptibly.  He looked away.  His vote mattered regardless of the count on the pad.  A unified Talbot’s Peak wasn’t putting up with shit from anyone or anything-shape shifter or some tinkered with amalgamation.


Happy weekend Gang!

Looks like our serial continues with our Peakites ready to wage all out war if necessary.  A preemptive strike appears to be happening.  Who's heading to the Turkles for the bazooka?

We continue to slowly mend and heal here at the Spice Homestead.  More doctors appointments and follow up are happening.  All is good.  We're making sure good health and balance return to all of us.
Stay safe as these storms pound us.  A new cold wave is going to hit the Mid-Atlantic in the next few days.  Severe weather is predicted.  Get your supplies and home ready.  Be safe!
Keep a few good books close by to share with your loves and spice!  Happy reading everyone!

Until next week,


Savanna Kougar said...

Omy! the Peakites need to stand together in the face of any enemy or infiltrator!

Sending healing vibes to you and yours. And, yeah, gotta prepare for storms.

Pat C. said...

Gil's certainly grown into his role as civic leader. Who'd have thought?

Serena Shay said...

Nothing will stand in the way when the Peakites home is threatened! :) Nice going, Gil.