Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On a Mission of Mercy While the Hellephant Rampages

 Mid-July howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, while Ewan is heroically trying to save his damsel in distress, and Talbot's Peak is in the path of the mutant mammoth werewolf's mighty trampling feet... what are our other heroes doing?

On a Mission of Mercy While the Hellephant Rampages

The day before Mammoth-zilla...

About to lift the stein of ale, and enjoy a long draw of the premium brew, Dante paused, then asked, "Gorgio, what can I do for you?"

The goat shapeshifter approached, a nervous smile on his Greek-handsome face. Popular with the lady patrons at the pub, Dante had recently promoted Gorgio to a head server, a raise in pay included, of course.

"Sorry to disturb you, boss. I know you must be busier than–"

"Yeah," Dante interrupted, taking hold of the printed page Gorgio was about to crumple by handling it too much.

"My friends are in danger. Since you don't allow cell phones here..." Gorgio bleated the explanation, even as Dante began reading the intriguing but disturbing news article.

'Werewolf' wreaks havoc on livestock in Central Philippine island

A series of livestock attacks, occurring during the full moon, has Manilla farmers on edge.
 Manila: Bloodsucking creatures are devastating livestock herds in the island of Sibale.

Residents are at a loss over what vicious animal would leave only carcasses of its prey after feasting on them.

An article published recently by the Manila Standard Today said farmers are becoming increasingly fearful of the creature, which strikes when the moon is full, sucks the blood of its prey and tears off the limbs of livestock such as goats.

“It’s a continuing goat massacre happening at the onset of the full moon almost every year since 2012. So far, more than 200 goats had been massacred by this unknown killer,” Sibale Mayor Lemuel Cipriano was quoted as saying by the report.

Locals believe that the culprit was similar to the mythical werewolf, a creature that strikes during the evening and transforms into a four-legged creature. ~gulfnews.com/news/world/philippines/werewolf-wreaks-havoc-on-livestock-in-central-philippine-island-1.1359060~


"Nifty, effing nifty," Dante growled in his *about to shift into a werewolf* voice. He scanned the panel instrumentation of Blade Runner's disc-shaped space craft, then watched the ET rabbit shifter expertly control their descent into the Philippine jungle.

"Damn trippy ride through that dimensional rift... like surfing atop Jello," White Fang gutturally commented, then elbowed Dante.

Dante's super wolf buddy -- technically another ET from a planet ruled by wolf shapeshifters -- pointed to the wide screen above the panel. "Looks like we've been discovered."

An array of formidable, futuristic cannons emerged into view. Perched on a rugged, massive cliff above the towering treetops, the sci fi weapons raised into position, obviously targeting them.

"And a fun time was had by all," Blade Runner drily smirked.

He dived the small craft directly toward the cannons. They picked up speed so fast, Dante could barely make out the approaching landscape with his superior vision.

As laser beams streaked and flashed, Blade Runner zigzagged them through the constant fire like a rabbit evading a predator. In this case though, instead of running, Blade Runner played dodge ball, or dodge-the-laser.

Dante resisted the urge to clutch his stomach. Blade Runner had warned him about the physical effects of flying and maneuvering at supersonic speed. At the same time, he grinned, his wolf fangs scraping the corners of his mouth. Wolf hunting howls, his blood rushed through his veins with the wild-thrill ride.

Quick enough, Blade Runner danced the craft past the long established black-ops base. Slowing, the warrior rabbit shifter dipped them beneath the umbrella of foliage, then sailed a path that would take them straight to the cave lair of the so-called werewolves.

Before boarding the craft, White Fang had flown Super Man style over the island of Sibale. He'd used his incredible powers on the reconnaissance mission, discovering the daytime lair of the five beast men, a race ancient to the Earth.

Problem -- according to the psychic remote viewers in the Peak's Witch Circle -- the bestial predators were being programmed by mad scientists at the secret base. Also, their DNA, and even their seed, was being used to build a legion of monster soldiers.

Within minutes, Blade Runner hovered above the cavern, hidden by a blanketing layer of vines. On screen Dante watched the five, thickly furred bipedals with canine heads awaken, and leap to their feet.

"They've been warned about us," White Fang stated in his warrior voice. "I attempted to mind contact them. It's been blocked by their brain implants."

"Magneto grid around them, too," Blade Runner reported. "My limited weaponry can't penetrate. You're on your own, wolf boys. I'll hold down the fort, as your human counterparts say. Or  more precisely, I'll keep the frequencies now targeting my ship from blowing it into ion particles."

"No choice." The words growled up from Dante's gut. His wolf had sensed the killers unsatiated need for a bloody feeding could only be stopped by death.

With his fur sprouting fast, and his shift to full werewolf accelerating by the moment, Dante focused his altered gaze on the ramp Blade Runner now lowered. Beside him, Dante keenly felt White Fang morph to his wolf form, his force nearly overwhelming.

In sync, and on all fours, they both launched out of the craft. Side by side, he and White Fang raced toward the cavern's small entrance.

As he ran, the bloodthirsty side of Dante exploded, then consumed his very being. He rarely entered this state, but when he did...

He sprang, his jaws snapping around the bipedal werewolf's huge throat. Dante drove his fangs deeper and deeper as they savagely wrestled body to body, claw to slashing claw. All the while, the enormous fangs and claws of another bestial wolf man ripped at his hide.

After several quick rolls, Dante tore out his foe's throat. In the great spray of blood soaking him, he whirled on the beast wolf ruthlessly attacking his flank.

Dante lunged for his enemy's belly, shredding the tough-as-steel hide with ferocious zeal.  Simultaneously, his own hide was being viciously raked off in hunks. He didn't feel a thing, the high surge of adrenalin protecting him as he rapidly tossed large pieces of flesh, seeking access to the beating heart.

With a mighty crunch of his jaws, Dante chomped through bone, and snagged the swiftly pumping heart. He burst it with several quick penetrations of his fangs, then spun toward the remaining bipedal who had a muzzle full of Dante's fur.

White Fang joined the battle, and between the two of them not much remained of the beast wolf's body.

"Time to depart!" Blade Runner hollered from his craft. "Six bogeys bearing down on little ole rabbit me. And someone needs to clean up this mess. Can't let those scientist idjits have any of your genetic material. Right, wolf boys."

Once he and White Fang ran inside and collapsed, Blade Runner lifted off, even as the ramp closed behind them. Dante yielded to the excruciating pain caused by his rapidly healing body. But, howls yeah, it had been one hellishly good fight.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Wait'll he sees what's waiting for him when he gets home. No rest for the weary ...

I wanted to have Dante on site when Mammoth Atcheson lumbers up the road. Will he be back in time?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, especially since Dante is traveling in Blade Runner's small space craft. No problem.

Serena Shay said...

And that is why you just don't cross Dante! hehe :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep. He's got that alpha violent edge when needed. And he's got a huge alphs loving heart.

Rebecca Gillan said...

So Dante is what happens when you piss off an alpha wolf who's already had his fill of assholes who abuse others? I bet THAT wasn't the lesson ol' Damien thought he was teaching his younger son!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Damien wanted another enforcer for his pack-empire. Instead, he got the rebel who is building his own 'help others' empire.