Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Are Not Alone... Skyflash...

Rabbit Warrior by Tweekt~deviantart.com

Summer-hot howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Gosh, so sorry for the late posting. I just can't get my act together these days. However, I hope the following flash scene, another aerial adventure above the rampaging mutant mammoth-werewolf, is worth the read.

We Are Not Alone... Skyflash...

Blade Runner, the Peak's own extraterrestrial rabbit shifter, carefully maneuvered his small UFO craft, staying close to the top of the mountain. Upon arrival, mere moments ago, he'd activated the sharp spire of granite with a resonance frequency that kept his disc craft hidden. Enemies lurked everywhere in the unfriendly skies, especially the so-called 'visiting' otherworld races.

With Pachyderm-wolfzilla quaking the ground toward Talbot's Peak, Dante had contacted briefly, both of them aware of a galaxy-sized problem unknown to most. So, despite his earthquaking tryst with his fox-fairy lover that had him sleeping like a newborn rabbit, Blade Runner hopped out of bed. In a matter of minutes, he'd booted up his trusty, pie-pan craft, and soared to the best mountaintop vantage point he'd discovered.

"Skyflash," he identified the incoming ET ship. The quick explosion of light faded as fast as it filled the western quadrant of the Montana sky. "Not good," Blade Runner muttered in his lingo. Immediately, he put on his rabbit ears -- the tech from his world that would give him listening access to the crew -- auto-interpreting their language.


"Brother Qiy, the genetically modified mammoth has a most impressive profile. The Earth scientist must be a rogue."

"I see what you mean, Brother Xuon. The beast has certain advantageous capabilities."

"With a few tweaks we would dominate not only sections of Earth, but there are other planet worlds we could trample... hehe... into obedient slaves."

"My thoughts exactly. Do you recall the primordial-stage planet we discovered three-point-five-eight years ago?"

"Yes. I understand. A perfect breeding ground for a pair of weaponized mammoths. The other mutated canine beast riding astride, are his genes useful to us?"

"Perhaps, more than I first realized. He is controlling our future weapon. I will program the retrieval probe to gather both samples."


Knowing he didn't need any more information than what he'd just heard, Blade Runner rapidly punched in his own program to intercept the collection probe, and to take evasive action. No doubt, the Crugriox would attempt to laser-burn the hide off him and his craft, about one-tenth the size of their atmospheric cruiser.

Blade Runner grinned, his own rogue nature coming alive. He lived for these David-Goliath contests, as some humans called them. On screen, he watched the probe, tiny as a sliver of glass, deploy.

He darted out of the resonance field, diving his craft like a bat out of hell, as the saying went. Given timing was crucial, Blade Runner flashed toward the now popularly named Hellephant, whose rampage down the highway was leaving  potholes that could eat a small car.

Within a split second, the Crugriox detected his presence. Invisible to the human eye, beams that would make him invisible sliced through the air toward his craft.

"Yahoo and screw you, wabbit killers." With the skilled swift precision that made him excellent with a rapier, Blade Runner dashed through the pelting rays. "This is one rabbit you won't fry up for dinner."

Not that the Crugriox dined on small mammals, their diet being mostly crustaceans. That hardly mattered in the heat of battle, in gaining his prize -- the probe now aiming for the franken-mammoth's monstrous butt like a hypodermic needle equipped with a nano jet pack.

Blade Runner avoided another blast from the Crugriox ship, this one meant to destabilize his power source and disrupt his craft's flight path. Deploying his own catcher beam as he called it, once the hyperspeed calculations completed, Blade Runner quickly lessened his speed.

In a sweeping arc, he flew about half a mile above the Hellephant and its malformed werewolf rider, who appeared to be clutching some very unlucky woman beneath a hairy brute arm. "Heroes desperately needed," he muttered, hoping Dante and crew were on the case. His aerial rabbit butt was about to be roasted, if the Crugriox had their way.

"Gotcha!" Blade Runner triumphed seconds later. With the gene-collecting probe in containment, he flipped his craft upside down, his magnetic boots holding him in position.

On screen, Blade Runner watched the unsuspecting group gathered below never gaze skyward, except Dante, who gave him a brief salute from astride his ultra-tricked out Harley.

An onslaught of microwaving beams struck the bottom of his craft, as expected. Unexpected, the interior steam-heated quick, even though it was protected by a sheet of specialized foil.

"Defcon one, scramble, scramble," Blade Runner repeated the military mantra, thinking fast. "Time to play tilt-a-whirl."

To save himself and fight another day, he tapped the large gold button. Instantly, the craft spun, righted itself, then zoomed across the sky while wobbling madly.

"Riding the whirlwind." Blade Runner shouted. "Cook me now, shrimp breaths." Even as his head dizzied, and his eyes took turns crossing and uncrossing, Blade Runner pumped his fist.

Minutes passed one click at a time. Then, as if a giant hand reached down, his craft stopped its spin and ascended straight up. The loud buzz signaled Blade Runner he was out of range, or the Crugriox halted their pursuit. A swift glance at the instrument panel, once his gaze steadied enough, had Blade Runner hopping up and down with glee.

His hand flew over the weapons' panel preparing the strike. One sizzle and bang to the power unit of the Crugriox's ship, and they'd be the prey. Blade Runner collected every last ounce of energy from the craft's systems that wouldn't cause him to fall unceremoniously out of the sky.

"Butt-whipping about to take place." Stealthily, Blade Runner positioned himself above the cruiser, now concealed by a large cumulus cloud. Likely, the Crugriox waited for another chance to steal the lab-brewed monster's gene material. Enough to risk an attack.

"Pow, pow..." Blade Runner crooned, and palmed the shoot-to-destroy button. He pushed.

Streaks of red pulsed through the cloud. "Wow! Target is attained... target is attained," Blade Runner celebrated. On screen, he watched the neon stream blast the exterior of the cruiser, then penetrate the power unit.

Wise enough not to push his luck, or his craft, Blade Runner unlocked. Zipping high into the sky, he returned to the mountaintop, and hovered. Just in case...


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Serena Shay said...

Ugh, I'd hate to be in that other craft after the tilt-a-whirl move. hehe

Good thing Blade Runner was there to keep the baddies from getting a DNA sample. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, there's always an angle. And we certainly don't need Hellephants roaming the galaxy.

Pat C. said...

Thank Cas Talbot's Peak has a number of heroes willing to step up to the plate. Even if most of the population doesn't know it.

I'll bet Atcheson's leaving a lot more on the road than potholes. I should write that into the next installment. :)

Rebecca Gillan said...

I had a very nice comment planned. And then I read Pat's comment about mammoth poop. Now, the only thing running through my mind is, "How do you like THEM road apples!"

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, a lot more than potholes... LOL! Plus, how hungry does a monster mammoth get using a all that monster energy to rampage?

Savanna Kougar said...

Someone??? has a dirty job cleaning up those road apples... 'cause you can get DNA from poop... just scientifically saying.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, and the mental image just got worse, 'cause the only way to really get rid of monster DNA is to incinerate it. Does Blade Runner's ship have the ability to fry that much monster poop or is Dante going to have to commandeer the local funeral home's crematorium?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh gawd, the crmatorium... what a mammothly awful job that is! Hmmm... yeah, the laser beams could disintegrate the giant piles of poop.

Pat C. said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "Schitt Creek," doesn't it?

There's enough grass and trees around, I'm sure Atcheson is grazings as he goes.

The most likely scenario would be for the local cops to send out a chain gang to clean up the road. Or Gil might dispatch some Peakers who owe the town some community service. Have Ralph or Mooney broken any laws lately?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, it does!

Good lord, is Mutant Atcheson uprooting whole trees and scarfing them down? Sorta like fueling a steam engine train???

Except that who wants the mammoth-destruction widespread? No more tourism, and lots of other probs... beside, I don't think cleanup would be complete enough to eliminate DNA... like Rebecca says it has to be disintegrated.

And what if the poop itself infects the chain gang...?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Who, Mooney? Father of Loki and Thor? Of course he's broken a law or two lately. The question is, can you prove it.

Rebecca Gillan said...

The Town of Talbot's Peak Vs. The Mutant Chain Gang Helliphant Poop Zombies!

"We gotta get them all know, before they finish transforming!" ~ hysterical scientist that looks remarkably like Matthew Brodrick.

Pat C. said...

We just got next week's theme.

Savanna Kougar said...

The Mutant Chain Gang Helliphant Poop Zombies!

Or... Rise of the Chain Gang Zombies

This would be A sure winner with the Zombi-loving crowd... LOL...

Pat C. said...

Damn! Somebody beat us to it!


Rebecca Gillan said...

Ok, so make it the Mutant Helliphant Pooper Scopper Party. I only thought "zombie" because here latly, all the zombie stories have a contagion that spreads through contact with infected bodily excrement. Actually, considering Talbot's Peak history of things randomly turning into shape shifting horses, this makes perfect sense.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Marissa will be happy; it's not her fault this time!

Savanna Kougar said...

LOL... that pic is too good... but okay, it's not the TP version of a chain gang...

And, yeah1 It's not Marissa's fault however this plays out.