Saturday, October 4, 2014


Gill yawned and stretched as he stood up.  Padding to the bathroom, last night’s dream came roaring back.  He shook his head and kept walking.  Somewhere in his journey, his synoptic brain functions took him back to REM sleep mode.

Chloe stood before him licking her lips.  Her gaze roved lower with every lick.  Gill tried to look down but something blocked his view.  He glanced up.  Chloe’s smile widened.  Her teeth stood out in stark relief to the dark red of her lipstick.  Gill squirmed.  A new vision swept over him.  Scenes from the first sex movie he watched engulfed him.  He took on the role of the man getting laid and sucked.  Every dip of the red-lipped seductress down and over his cock and balls shot shivers of hot volcanic need through him.  He swore his balls swelled every time her tongue laved over them.  Sweat peaked and rolled down his brow.  Two more slurps and he’d. . .

His first shot of jism shot out.  Over his seductress' shoulder and on to the wall behind her.  He blinked, squinted, and blinked again.  The wall was a good ten feet behind her.  He couldn’t shot the far and he dribbled.  Some men boasted about their ability to shoot large copious amounts of come.  Gill enjoyed one hard climax and the lingering effect of the heat rolling up his cock and spilling out.  Yes, so he made a mess.  None of his partners ever complained about his taste.  Sweet and nutty is how Chloe described him.  

Gill snickered, yawning again.  He picked up pace when a loud sound jolted him out of his sleepwalking.  He looked down.  Two peanut shell halves jammed into the space separating his toes. He bent over ready to extract the nuisance when more crunching and crackling sounded.  He quickly up righted and spun around.  More shells crunched beneath his feet.  Blackie came into view gingerly picking her want through the minefield of peanut and other nuts shells that littered the bedroom floor.  Chloe lay sleeping on her back with a large bowl bag of mixed nuts lying on her stomach.  In one hand, lay the nutcrackers.  

Gill swallowed hard, inhaled, and did an about face.  Thank deities above they had hardwood floors. Cleaning up more messes like these if the cravings continued would be easy.  Sleeping in a bed full of nutshell crumbs was another matter. Gill continued to the bathroom knowing this was the first of such craving bouts.  Last night’s sex was hotter than when they first got together.  Did he have the stamina to keep up for the next ten months with whatever else might manifest itself?


Hi Gang!  Short post this week.  I finished up training for a new skill at day job last month.  I'm getting ready for a local readers and bloggers event here in the metro DC area.  I'd love to meet as many of you as can attend.  The luncheon is $25.  Includes food and the chance to meet 40 local romance authors.  I'm one of the 40 attending.  Please see the picture below and sign up if you're interested.  There's still plenty of room

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Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh, Gil is rolling in nutshells and in sexual dynamite clover these days. Go Gil.

Pat C. said...

Maybe Gil should wear slippers or flip-flops or something. Those little sharp shell pieces can be nasty.

Can't help with the dreams, though. That's his problem.