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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Thirty-four

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: This week Zance is enjoying Sherilyn's erotic beauty. 

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Chapter Thirty-four:
Naked, Zance sat on...

Naked, Zance sat on the bedside chair, a comfortable but functional piece of furniture Dontoya often used for late-night reading. Lounging back, he kept a tight grip his ready-to-fire six shooter, as he thought of his cock, right now.

Howling gods, to watch Sherilyn in the throes of passion stirred his innards like a cyclone was entering. Even so, Zance remained alert for anything harmful to his mate's mendin'. His nose told him she healed just fine.

As he watched the way Sherilyn surrendered to Dontoya's fucking rhythm, Zance's shaft throbbed something terrible. In the midmorning light, her erotic beauty was a purely wicked pleasure.

Her skin glistened, all pearly like. Her womanly curves were downright sumptuous, and so pleasing to his hedonistic senses Zance wanted to lick her like the wolf dog he was.

He couldn't wait to feast on his mate's fleshly charms. Zance wanted to put his hands all over her, feeling the shivers and shimmies of her body as he pleasured her, as he took her on the strength of his cock.

Just observing her, Zance knew Sherilyn possessed untapped reservoirs of passion that he and Dontoya would greedily tap into, bring to the surface.


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