Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nothing scarier to a man...

Mid-October howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Finally, after many interruptions the second flash scene is written in my short series of flashes leading up to the Halloween Blog Hop ~ October 27-31. For the setup, and to read the first one, click on the title Time to unmask my inner cat... 


Nothing scarier to a man...

Drawn toward a baby doll costume that was sheer, dove gray in color yet glistened with silvery thread, Sherilyn moved toward it. She fingered the delicate ruffling, trimmed in muted gold.

The feline headdress reminded her of a refined pantheress. Sherilyn lightly stroked the short silky faux fur, a pale silver-gray, and gazed at the fantasy cat's peridot-colored eyes. "Nothing scarier to a man than a woman he finds fabulously sexy."

"Ah... so true," Pasha stepped beside her. "Often a man's libido combats the idea of being captured by the woman he desires as no other."

Sherilyn smiled, recalling her past experiences as a photo pinup model. "You must be like fire, Pasha. The men want to touch, burn themselves in your sexual flames... but are scared of being totally consumed."

"When my power of seduction is... let's say, switched off, men will either leap into the inferno, heedless of being 'totally consumed' or run as if I've suddenly shifted and am the beast cat about to devour them whole."

Sherilyn couldn't help quirking a grin as she faced Pasha. "Did you see a 'barely there' costume to your liking?"

"So many are to my liking. But I believe White Fang must have secretly paid for one he hopes I will wear."

"Oooh, show me," Sherilyn enthused, girly-tingly inside.

"Why don't we simply enjoy the sexy lingerie scenery first, and chat." Pasha offered her arm as if they were best girlfriends.

With their arms linked, she and Pasha strolled, and Sherilyn sizzled deliciously, drinking in the costume zoo featuring sensual felines of every type, spot, glorious color, and stripe. White and orange tigresses, and one that was a soft gray with cobalt blue stripes... seductive leopardesses and jaguars with their beautiful spots... sensual lionesses in varying shades of golden caramel to creamy white to the lavender lioness she'd first spied. Black cats representing several different breeds from panther to the superheroine, catwoman, to the typical Halloween black kitty were available... and so much more feline finery that Sherilyn felt dazzled down to her toes.

"I hope Dante, or whoever is in charge, has catalogued all these fabtastic creations,"  she spoke as they halted beside the table of delicate, pastel colored petit fours.

"I believe so." Pasha nibbled on one, obviously relishing. "However, only on the internal computer system. The pattern maker as White Fang called it." 

"On the open human market these would sell like hotcakes, as Zance is fond of saying. Meow," Sherilyn affected while rolling her hips. "I can't wait to see my Dontoya and Zance in their beast 'barely there' costumes."

"White Fang has been merciless in his teasing of me -- whenever I try to tempt him into revealing the costume he had designed for himself." Pasha laughed in a rolling purr. "I'm not allowed access to his mind either. He is so delightfully wicked at times."

In companionable silence, she and Pasha enjoyed the tiny cake treats, then sipped the fruity cordials. Soon "the question" surfaced like a circling shark. Why trepidation hit over her Ubarion heritage, Sherilyn had to wonder. But dammit, she was just plain spooked.

Still, opportunity kicked her in the shins. "If this is a good time, could you tell me about the Ubarions?" Sherilyn swallowed, not surprised a crow bar seemed to be stuck in her throat.

"Yes," Pasha drawled in a purr, "Your star ancestry. If you will allow, and give me a moment to enter your mind, I will be able to be more specific."

"Sure," Sherilyn agreed, while panic coiled in her belly.

Pasha flashed a small understanding smile. "I promise I'll be gentle," she bantered.

Sherilyn shut her eye having no clue if that was needed. But she was operating on instinct at the moment.

"Done," Pasha announced, a hint of amusement in her tone. "Let's talk while I show you White Fang's idea of an erotic costume." 

"Oooh, I can't resist that invitation. Will he know you know?" Sherilyn asked, super glad for the distraction.

"No doubt he's already purchased it, but wants to know if I'll choose his design. I haven't decided if I will... or I won't."

"Understood," Sherilyn replied, tickled by Pasha's seductive yet contrary tone.

"You know many of your Ubarion powers, or have seen glimpses," Pasha began, linking their arms again. "Why don't I tell you some of their herstory? The Ubarions evolved from a cat creature on a mostly jungle planet. The closest feline kin on Earth would be the Wildcats of Africa. However, the species resembled the gray fantasy cat you were first drawn to, and were elegant in body like the Siamese cat."

"Fascinating," Sherilyn murmured, attempting to connect with her ancestral memories. "They were never shapeshifters, right?"

"No. However, a race of cat-human shapeshifters discovered the planet and kept them as pets. Then the Ubarions were gene-spliced with this race, and became a servant class. In most cases, they were treated in a loving manner, and when their sentience evolved to a certain point -- I believe a matter of two generations -- your ancestors were treated as children, and educated in the knowledge and ways of this race."

Vibrating inside, the way she did when chords of truth were struck, Sherilyn asked, "When you say sentience, do you mean a human type of awareness?"

"Excellent question since all creatures great and small, as they say, possess sentience. Let us say, an expanded awareness of the cosmos that would include the building or constructing of an environment."

"Empire building. For good or ill," Sherilyn mused.

"Yes, the sacred urge can be used to build love-based empires where creativity reigns. Or... "

"What is happening on Earth right now." Sherilyn spoke what Pasha left unsaid, even as the cat goddess paused in her steps.

Sherilyn followed Pasha's gaze, seeing the very skimpy, nail-polish red costume. "Ohmy! Omy effing stars."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Poor men. They don't stand a chance against us, do they? (evil snicker)

Savanna Kougar said...

No... women reign supreme... ~wicked smile~

Rebecca Gillan said...

What? You can't end it with 'oh my' and not tell us more!

Savanna Kougar said...

That's for next week!

Serena Shay said...

Dayum...can't wait to hear more about this costume of Pasha's! And by the sounds of the costumes this is going to be one sexy ball! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Skimpy sexiness covered by elaborate gowns, and beast headdresses. Let the evening of foreplay begin.