Friday, October 24, 2014

There's No Such Thing as Ghosts, Baby Believer!

Alec swung his head a full 270 degrees on each side and wished he could eat tootsie pops in his animal form while he watched the desk clerks children play in the leaves on the front lawn.  The sugary goodness was his weakness.

They were a rowdy trio of human ankle biters.  The boys appeared to gang up on the little girl, treating her cruelly, but not ever crossing that unspoken line.  They had to be siblings.  What could they be doing in this mecca of shape shifting flesh?  Were they savvy to the fact that nearly all their neighbors could become vicious animals?

“Is too...” said the sing-songy voice of a little girl.

“No way,” said boy one.

“You’re a baby believer, Rosie.  Just a baby believer.  No way is this place haunted,” said boy two. 
“There is no such thing as ghosts.”

“Hawke is real, Silas,” the little girl called Rosie, cried. “You’ll see…he’s going to come back and take away all your favorite toys and make you go to bed without dinner.”

“You can’t come back if you’re a ghost, Rosie, which means you’re dead.  Dead, dead, dead stupid Fred.”

“Stop it, don’t say that about Hawke,” little Rosie sniffled and sobbed out loud.  “Don’t say that! 
Hawke is going to come back and be my good daddy.”

“Shut up!” “Take that back!” both boys screamed at once, while throwing leaves at their sister.  “Our dad is coming back to get us, not some stupid ghost!”

The little girl ran away in tears while the boys turned on each other and started pushing and shoving.  They laughed as they went down in a pile of dead leaves, uncaring that they’d chased the darling little girl away and brought her to tears.

Alec was glad he’d decided to stay in town seven days ago when his other six compatriots chose to make camp closer to the pleasure club to spy on the mark.  He was the resident geek and needed the juice the hotel offered.  His life was computers and electronics and his babies needed that electrical nectar to live.

It seemed though that he had another task to handle, one that just made itself known down below.  The boys didn’t believe in ghosts now, but by the time Halloween was over, they would.  He’d make sure of it.
Alec, the geeky owl from Pat's Magnificent Seven post awhile back has come to town to play and it looks like he's planning to take care of a little bullying problem while he's at it.

Have a nice weekend!  See you back here next week for our Halloween blog hop!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Nice. Sometimes big brothers need a little comeuppance!

Pat C. said...

Go, Alec! Will mysterious messages start appearing on their computer screens?

Is Alec a barn owl or a snowy owl? I like both!

Okay, that's another name down. So far we've got Irwin the croc, Stefanya the gyrfalcon, and Alec the owl. The others are still open.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Alex, you teach those bullying brothers a real lessons... maybe, they'll even discover ghosties can bite.

Great flash, Serena. I've been wondering about Rosie of late.

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Rebecca, sometimes they do. :D

Serena Shay said...

Hey, how did you know, Pat? ;) Yes, I'm sure there will be some strange messages on computers of some sort. Among other things. hehe

Oh Alec is a snowy owl, with beautiful white feathers...much like the picture, which is the other reason for his love of tech. It's kinda hard to be secretive and hide in the greens and browns of the summer woods when you're this white. Now winter on the other hand... :)

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna. Yep, they'll be learning a lesson they won't soon forget. :)

Sigh, I've been wondering about Rosie as well. I really need to get back to Hawke's story some time soon.