Friday, October 3, 2014

Did I Hear You Correctly?

~So I had a different blog in mind for today that went well with the picture above, but Erol has seen fit to throw that one in the trash.  Such a sweet guy, though I will say he stays true to his dragony self.  Anyway, the pic is far to sexy to get rid of, so Erol will have to just suck it...I'm not changing it!  hehe~

Erol set himself down in the court yard of his home in England.  His passengers had fallen asleep several hours back after oohing and aahing every few seconds at how awesome the sea looked from that height.  He loved that he could give his Fair one such a thrill.

“Are we there yet?” Greely asked between yawns and stretches.

“We are, my love,” he said, flicking the tip of his dragon tongue over her plump, warm cheek. 
“Though your friend seems uninterested in the fact.” He moved his head to the left of Greely and sent a steamy snort over the sleeping rider.

“Son-of-a…hey, are we here?”

“Yep, but it’s dark and kinda hard to see past the hotel there.”  Greeley pointed towards him home. 
“Omygod, Erol, hide or fly away or something, someone might see you…you know as a dragon.”

“It’s okay, love, climb down from there.”  He dropped a wing and placed his head where she could hold on as she disembarked.

“How can it be okay, Erol, I don’t want to see you chased by the pitchfork crowd if you get what I’m saying.”

“Ah, Gree…”

“Not now, Karma, help me convince Erol to escape…oh why did we have to fall asleep…you should have woken us up earlier you big softy…I…”


“What Karma?  What!”

“This isn’t a hotel, hon.  This is a freaking castle.”

“What?!” Greely’s squeak made his heart lighter.

“That’s a castle! Erol, you’ve been holding out on us.  You own a castle, in freaking England! 

“What?!”  His loves squeak got louder and higher. “A castle, really?  Why didn’t you say something?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” he hedged, before shifting into a fully clothed man.

“Hey,” Karma spoke. “I thought the only folks in England to have castles were roy…”

“My Lord, you’ve returned.”

Erol knew the sound of his butler’s voice behind him and inwardly cringed.  He’d missed his chance to enlighten Greely gently.

“OMYGOD you’re a…”

“Duke.”  He finished Karma’s sentence, never once taking his eyes off Greely."
Okay, do my characters care that they are going to kill me?  Does Erol understand that now I need to add more research to my very limited time?  Clearly, no.  Because he waited until now to let me know that he was, gah...A DUKE!  Have Mercy on me, Erol.  Though, I bet you make a right fine member of the ton!  ~sigh~

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  And stay warm.  :)



Savanna Kougar said...

Erol has been holding out on his royal identity, eh??? And he just now informs his author... yeah, I so understand! My heroines and heroes are always doing that, the rascally rogues.

Have fun Greely and Karma... you're gonna love it!

Pat C. said...

Duke Erol? Erol, Duke of Dragons?

It'd be funny if the dragon had knights in his ancestry, and not just as dinner. ("Terrible, having bad blood like that." -- Capt. Kirk to Spock.)

Pat C. said...

Savanna and I are promoting your Liquid Silver books over on Title Magic. Hang in there!

Serena Shay said...

Yeah, Savanna, he's been very naughty and holding out on me! Darn Dragon. Good thing he's still loveable. ;)

Oh, I bet Karma and Greely are going to have a blast! Karma's already whispering in my

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yeah, Duke Erol. It sounds ridiculous. :D The thing is Earl Erol would be even worse...snerk. He does like the whole Lord of the manor thing though. No big surprise there.

Serena Shay said...

OMG...Pat, I hit post before I finished. LMAO...Knights in his ancestry, that would be perfect and also knowing Erol, he probably did have some for dinner! hehe

Also, thank you, ladies from the bottom of my heart, for promoting my Liquid Silver Books. I'm hanging on! :)